"Pearl Harbor" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are so many historical events that will forever remain in the memory of people. That allows you to shoot movies on them. "Titanic" is just the tip of the iceberg. Films about these or other military events, have always been very relevant. They are nice to those that give the viewer a sense of pride and patriotism for their country. The Soviet Union gave rise to a wave of similar pictures. When as Americans lacked one. "Pearl Harbor" again to combine the best action director modern Michael Bay and one of the most commercially successful producers Jerry Bruckheimer . What they did? Many rebuked film in an excessive amount of pathos, gloss and patriotism. Although what to expect from the American tape? Michael as a true patriot, made a film a memorial, which opened it with the other hand. It is this tape, Michael has shown itself not only as directed Action. But also as a director quite dramatic and meaningful films. Of course, the impressive scale of the incredible paintings. Numerous military equipment of the time, the costumes and scenery, easy to immerse the viewer in a while. A gorgeous visuals from the Industrial Light And Magic and studios Stan Winston, perfectly realized on screen entertainment component of the tape. Not seen in the films Bay action elements impossible. Here especially. Michael here tried their best, and the whole film rests on the classic manifestation of the spectacle. Mass destruction, bombings, shootings, car chases and more that really captures the spirit and not just makes pick your jaw off the floor. A number of action related to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which is worth. To remove such an epic movie, perhaps a dream of any director and Michael then managed to fame. And happy that his film is very saturated with dramatic and emotional side. Oddly enough, the whole movie in the viewer seething emotions. Worth seeing scenes bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the heart bleeds and can not stinted on the tears. As actually in the final picture. Which reflects the Bay with a very unexpected source and completely changes the content of the picture. Michael took no ordinary popcorn movie. But something much more. Tribute in every scene, all three hours of screen time, are easy to keep a continuous dynamic picture and fully depriving the viewer to notice gaps and sagging of the tape. And filmed really nice. If the clip. A scene in which Japanese bombers fly over the baseball field, perhaps the most beautiful and stylish scene tape, which you can enjoy forever.
bombing of Pearl Harbor, the biggest tragedy in US history. Killed 2403 people and injured more than 1,178 people. Remove and write a script for a tape would be duty for any patriot of his country. Kojima then become Randall Wallace, who has repeatedly demonstrated his patriotism in the film. In the picture a lot of historical inaccuracies and fabrications. What is quite sharply separates from the original event. But it is commendable that the creators have retained the maximum number of events and disclosed the main essence of the tape. This is not a film about how America was bombed and revenge. This is a film about love, which developed against the background of the tragedy. About this crumbs and male friendship. About honor and duty, which is committed and brave people sacrificed their lives. All this passed in the picture as much as possible and adequately encouraged by the fact that the Japanese have identified here is not complete scoundrels. I believe that there are no good or bad in the war. All sides committed terrible things. As demonstrated in the way the creators have tried to elevate the Japanese action with numerous inserts about their motives. The story itself has turned sufficiently dynamic to 3:00 screen time. He manages to reveal a great deal and very surprised not stupid plot. Yes, he too patriotic and pathetic. But this picture is probably valid only for the benefit of, and that is what reveals the character of each tape in all its glory. Transforming it into a hero, as required by this strip. Scene with President Roosevelt's speech has become perhaps the most powerful and very spectacular scene tape. Actually like all tape contents, in the second half of the tape, which develops the tape with a richer side in terms of genres.
cast is really impressive. Michael has attracted a huge number of film stars. Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett are equally good. We played very emotionally. That went so patriotic pathos and tape for the benefit of the audience, and deprive the opportunity to blame their game in theatricality. Particularly Affleck, which forms went perfectly. Kate Beckinsale here is incredibly good. She managed to convey the drama and the drama that was inherent to the acting of that era. And watch her emotions without showing its really difficult. Cuba Gooding Junior greatly departed from the comic roles and myself pleasantly surprised. Especially in the second half of the tape. Where he failed to disclose fully all facet of his acting talent. Jon Voight and the play was not necessary. He is perfectly suited for the image of President Roosevelt, who was given his incredibly easy. Which will completely erase the face of the game and reality. Alec Baldwin is simply magnificent. His charisma and charming game, made him a hero of one of the most exciting bands. Next allocate one or will not. The film starring such stars as Dan Aykroyd, Tom Sizemore, Michael Shannon, Ewen Bremner, Jaime King, Jennifer Garner, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Colm Feore, Uilem Fichtner and many others. Most importantly, each of the actors played really well and so vividly that was remembered on equal footing with the rest of the cast. Regardless of how long it flashed on the screen.
No one else besides Hans Zimmer, probably would not have coped with such a difficult job. Hans is incredibly brilliant and talented composer who manages to absolutely everything and listening to this job, you really understand it. Because, Hans has created a comprehensive rich music. Hans has created an incredibly dynamic and epic music, perfectly adapted oriental motifs and sound, I created a heartbreaking and incredibly beautiful overture. Taken together, it creates an image of a very rich music that went completely around the contents of the tape and has enriched it. Making it more emotional, intense and in many respects, it was she and manage emotions viewer. Balabolit no longer useful. Only after listening to the work itself, you will find everything that can not be expressed in words.
It is very American, very patriotic and pretentious tape. But despite this, very spectacular, dramatic and incredibly rich epic tape. This three-hour epic, which is required for your view. And if you criticize him or accept as it is, it's already your conscience.
10 of 10

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