Peak Cultism: The Bitcoin Core Bubble Essay

Over the past three years of deception, censorship and overall market manipulation, Bitcoin Core (BTC) maximalists who are also now referred to as supremacists have built up a giant market share. This wasn’t by accident, as it’s been an overall huge campaign similar to presidential-style politics to gain control and exploit Bitcoin in their favor.

There have been many big catalysts over the years that have contributed to this. But weirdly enough, in just the past several weeks I’ve noticed huge events that leads me to believe we are in top inflation mode of the BTC bubble – and I don’t mean Bitcoin – I’m talking about Bitcoin Core supremacy and cultism. This is going to end badly for them.

Most recently, these events that have taken us to peak cultism makes me think this is the top are:

Blockstream spent $5.2 million in BTC to a fraud company Halong Miners to buy a bunch of mining equipment when BTC was at it’s all time high prices in early 2018. They are now operating at a significant loss. To date publicly their only business model has been selling hats and stickers.

BTC transaction fees peaked at $55 USD per transaction and Greg Maxwell said literally he is celebrating by “popping champaign”.

Tether which is owned by Bitfinex who works closely with Adam Back and Greg Maxwell (Blockstream) continues to print massive amounts of money to help prop up the prices of BTC.

BTC supremacists are still shilling Lightning Network for years now, saying it will be ready in “18 months.” (it’s not even close)

Video of Samson Mow running away from Roger Ver when asked to debate him because he cannot debate the truth.

CoinsBank cruise where Jimmy Song was to debate Roger Ver and runs off stage when he realized he cannot debate the truth.

The Bitcoin Core inflation and DOS bug that was found by a Bitcoin Cash developer, which could have brought down the entire BTC network if exploited and sat there for two years after being introduced into Bitcoin Core by a Blockstream co-founder and employee (at the time).

Because of the bug, Bitcoin Core is requiring everyone to update (fork) their software so they are no longer vulnerable.

All these HODL conference pictures show massive extremism and a complete bubble that these people are living in, completely unaware of reality.

The B Foundation (Bitcoin Foundation) that was just formed by a bunch of scammers and supremacists to bring back another foundation in order to centralize Bitcoin Core (BTC) further.

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