English 214 Fall 2014 Turnipseed
Compare/Contrast Genre review Essay
In this unit, we've been working on analyzing texts in various genres. With this project you
will be finding and comparing two or more texts written on the same subject in numerous genres.
The intent behind this essay should allow you to gain a much better comprehension of the significance of genre
and discourse community knowledge to article writers. It'll permit you to better understand the ways
writing differs among genres and invite one to strengthen your abilities writing within the genre of textual
analysis (a form of academic essay).
Locate and save yourself or photocopy at the least two texts on the same topic from different genres (see the
examples passed away down in course). Like, you could discover an article within a scholar ly journal
(whose audience is likely to be knowledgeable inside industry) pertaining to your major or field of great interest and
then find a write-up on a single subject which was written for an over-all audience. Instead, you
could consider an editorial on a political issu e, a government report on issue, and lots of message
board articles or letters to the editor in response on editorial.
After you've got analyzed each text, then compare the texts considering all the four genre
features we have become analyzing wit h sample genres. (Pro tip: Use the heuristic for analyzing genres
we worked on together in course.) Once you have done the genre analysis, consider the manner in which you could
generalize your findings about these genres in a 1400 -1600 word academic essay. Range from the two
articles you might be analyzing and bibliographic citations to these articles within finished project.
Evaluation Criteria:
Your essay should stick to the conventions of an academic essay in humanities, with a clear
focusing thesis inside introduction and supporting points developed in the rest regarding the essay.
The framework will follow a logical thematic development from thesis statement. Paragraphs will
begin with a summarizing topic sentence and transition words or phrases will provide contin uity
between paragraphs (myself, I have a tendency to like them at the end, leading in to the next paragraph, but
sometimes they're more fluid at the start of another paragraph — your call). The conclusion
should summarize key points and point your reader to ward one thing to ponder.
shared with me ( [email protected]
) through Google Drive before course Monday 9/15
(which actually leaves you no excuse to miss course, right?). Guidance for installing and using Goo gle Drive is
posted in week 3 on ilearn.
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