"Pay It Forward" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Try to change the world ... And what happens? It tells about the attempt of the American film directed by Mimi Leder «Pay it forward». On the attempt boy of eleven Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment) to realize the movement of "Pay It Forward". The essence of the motion is to thank the person to provide you with assistance, offering assistance to three other different people. And distributed so that mutual support and kindness throughout the country, and later around the world.
start browsing, you catch yourself thinking that it's just another movie about the imperfection of our world, our society. Another reminder of the need to stand together against the difficulties of life, to support each other. Another theory is very similar to the "six degrees of separation." Yes, the idea is as old as the world: help your neighbor. But in this film it is revealed in a new way, and understand it in the process of viewing, sinking more and more into this story.
gradually opened and the characters of the main characters, each of which has gone through a lot in this life. Including Trevor, independent, thoughtful beyond his years seventh-grader, who is still not a stranger sometimes ordinary child's play. Haley Joel Osment great cope with the role, showing at the same time and childishness, and the seriousness of Trevor. From the film can understand why Trevor had to grow up quickly: his mother, Arlene (Helen Hunt) are dependent on alcohol and odd jobs, paying little attention to his son. But having a strong character, she did change her life for the better, stopping the use of alcohol. It is thanks to Arlene movement "Pay It Forward" is being implemented. And it is through the fate of this heroine is most clearly revealed the idea of ​​the film: helping neighbor, start with yourself. Solve their problems before changing world. And help yourself only you can - the people around them can only serve as additional motivation. Arlene realizes that only she can get rid of alcohol addiction, and, starting with themselves, change lives for the better, not only his family, but also of other strangers. This character can not help but like. Yes, it is often mistaken. Yes, do not always behave properly and correctly. But it works. He is not sitting still. She tries again. Unlike Mr Simonet (Kevin Spacey), a new teacher Trevor. This character causes mixed feelings. On the one hand, it has positioned itself as an intelligent, educated, self-confident person who knows this world. On the other hand, in the course of the film we can see that it is absolutely weak-willed man fixated on his complexes. Involuntarily the question arises, as a man who does not believe in what the world can change, clinging to the last of his usual routine, however, gives the task to the students to think about the idea, the implementation of which is able to change the world? How can he come up with such a task? Perhaps it still lives in the best faith, faith in man. And it was one of his students is able to justify this faith.
disclose the nature of the main characters helps and music of the film. Composer Thomas Newman managed to create music that is not allocated, and even almost not remembered, but that very well in harmony with each scene, completely immersed in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen.
impression of the film is changed several times during the show, and we can not say that the plot is constantly keeps in suspense. Rather, sincere interest in the fate of the characters appear towards the end of the film. And in the final minutes of the film simply can not shed a tear. But then you catch yourself thinking that too theatrical and staged scenes from gathering near the house Trevor crowd carrying candles and flowers.
The main problem of the film is that it does not "cling". Yes, the movie is good, yes, the acting is at a height, yes, music is completely immersed in the atmosphere, yes, the idea is wonderful. But ... the movie ends, and there is no sadness or regret about the fate of the characters. Does not remain in the soul an indelible impression, is not born an overwhelming desire to soon advise it to all your friends and acquaintances, to revise several times.
However, «Pay it forward» motivating. Encourages. Compelled to act. Do not sit still, do not cling to the past, to act, albeit unsuccessfully. Not necessarily at the same time to change the world. The film can serve as an additional motivation and inspiration for those who are already committed to helping his neighbor, who wants to do good deeds, and who need a little push to get going. Skeptics he does not talk sense and not be impressed, but gives hope, because to try, maybe it is worth?

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