"Pay It Forward" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Mimi Leder, almost from the start of his career as a director began work on television. Before the screens out of her first feature film in 1997, the year ( "The Peacemaker" with George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Alexander our Baluev starring) his biography consisted of a couple of dozen series and paintings for the television show. But only a year later Mimi Leder is back to full meter by removing the picture in the genre of disaster 'Deep Impact' (and there also has been invited to play the ball, but the role he was already very low). The film received good critics, and the audience for the most part satisfied. And then the film could say that Mimi Leder moved out of TV in full-length, because after two years, it again releases a new picture on the theatrical release, which will become her hallmark. This film was the drama 'Pay It Forward'.
this kind, touching and tragic picture was put on the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, which was formed after the whole social movement, the meaning of which is that we need to do three good deeds and pass this the baton to the people whom you helped, too, did three good deeds. Thus emerges a system of good deeds, which is growing exponentially. As planned by Catherine Ryan Hyde, everything started very young boy, Trevor McKinney, which it spodvig his new teacher Eugene Simonet, who told his disciples that they have to figure out how to change the world for the better. Trevor was a very creative boy. First within his 'program' was a young homeless and drug addict. A second man was the own mother, Trevor - Arlene, who can not cope with alcohol dependence, but Trevor sees her happiness is just next to Eugene Simonet. But that is doubtful and indecisive. Yet Trevor decided not to give up. In addition, he has in front of another good deed ...
It should be said that the above described plot covers only a small part of the events that occur in the film 'Pay It Forward'. For a time, until you watch this drama, the time to get almost the entire gamut of emotions, time to smile with emotion, and sometimes horrified by the tragedy of the situation. Yes, and the volume of these emotions is large enough so that it is understandable why this picture is in the Top250 at KP, deservedly so. Even despite the fact that the timing of her little more than two hours, they pass unnoticed, so exciting you film 'Pay It Forward', so it is good and just as complete without templates, interest does not abate, and inside empathize each of the characters in the picture, in the including even the homeless, drug addicts who also have time to only a few scenes to give a sufficiently strong emotions and make itself remembered and after seeing the pictures. And do not be surprised that the 'Pay It Forward' (or 'pay forward') got its movement. Sorry even that to you no one came, and suddenly unselfishly helped and your task would be just that, too, you have to do three good deeds unknown people ... This is a great baton!
Of course, such a range of emotions can it would not get the full, if not for the acting. Young Trevor McKinney played by Haley Joel Osment. He at that time was only a dozen years, but he managed to get a nomination for 'Oscar' (!!!) for his role in the mystical thriller "The Sixth Sense." Boy predicted a tremendous future, but unfortunately, the prophecy has not come true. Yet we about his role in the 'Pay It Forward' and Osment was magnificent worried for him, sorry for him, he wants to help. So the young actor has made sincere feelings to his hero, and this is worth a lot. Play Osment also had two already 'Oscar' artist: Kevin Spacey (Simone) and Helen Hunt (Arlene). They have created wonderful images, so much like real people, in relation to which there are different, sometimes quite polar feeling, but still know that they deserve happiness, and they will get it thanks to one clever and kind boy. By the way, the biological father played himself Jon Bon Jovi, but he let a thousand times an artist with his name clearly hamming Jim Caviezel in the role of homeless drug addict, which I have already mentioned a couple of times.
Of course, the film -dramu 'Pay It Forward' must see everyone, even someone who does not devote a lot of time watching different movies. The thing is that the 'Pay It Forward' carries the idea motivating force that can make our world a better place, but if you are willing to do start up a small, but a good deed three unknown people. Trevor McKinney has appeared clever and brave, but he is still a child, and we think they are adults, so busy that do not have time to do three good deeds? See this wonderful film, have emotions, enjoy a game of acting - 'Pay It Forward' is required to view
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