"Pay It Forward" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Teacher. The teacher - an ancient and respected profession, which is not as much work as a calling person. After all, the position of the teacher means that you heart and soul you put into educating the younger generation, to instil in them a love of science, and if lucky, and become the best friend of the students, to which young people go for advice, which is to be afraid or embarrassed to ask my parents. In any case, it should work in theory, but in practice, the teacher - it is gloomy, irritable, withdrawn, and sometimes evil man, which is not something that does not want to become another of his pupils, but he chastises minutes before the bell rings spinogryzov and leave him finally alone. But people that have chosen yourself this profession people is not evil, they just burned himself to the early years of training and not seeing the proper return on young people decide to follow the curriculum and not to allow to depart from her side, all the same, because no one appreciate it. And the hero of our today's story serves a middle-aged teacher who inexplicably manages to combine both a difficult personality, which I mentioned just above. What exactly true, because people are complex creatures, as not cool.
So the hero of our story ... even more a hero, and a catalyst for the story is a middle-aged teacher Mr. Eugene Simonet. A man whose face was covered with scars from burns. Not that they were striking, or were truly nightmarish, but Kevin Spacey hero decided that it's ugly, and if so, then he will never be happy and someone loved, but just could not he, it does not mean that others do not have, and therefore, our hero goes to work as a teacher. A teacher who is trying to interest his students in the world around them and make them believe that they can change the world for the better with the Kevin Spacey character himself does not believe in his words. Interesting symbiosis feel?
And yes, most of the students did not take seriously the words of the strange teacher. Change the world? What nonsense! We are in fact only eleven years old, we can? Better will continue playing football, hide and seek or take your foot grasshoppers. But the majority, this is not all young people and Trevor McKean, who can not boast a happy family, happy life or perceives the teacher's words more than seriously and developing a project, which is called - "Pay It Forward". The essence of the project is simple - to do a good deed to three people who need help, and instead of payment for good deeds to ask these people to do good deeds and three other people. Thus, to do good works, like the waves on the water, we walked across the country and spread throughout the world. A noble goal, that's just whether it will be able to achieve the eleven-year boy who has the most land out from under their feet? Watch and learn.
And yet see what is on that, even though there be a motion picture in the top-250 best movies? Here is an interesting and difficult history, in which there will be a standard Hollywood cliches. Human drama here is not so much a tragic set of circumstances, but rather, it rests in the fact that people think too much and therefore questioned the decisions taken. They reflect on what they think about the surrounding. What will people say they love, and suddenly they say - no? That why try to change something if I am all so happy in his life? And thanks to the characters seem interesting and memorable, and most importantly - real. Not the last role is played and the actors themselves. Kevin Spacey puts his heart and soul in his image, uncertain teacher afraid of change, in this case it is clear that it overcomes the weight of feelings and emotions, but Mr. Simonet is restrained from last forces. Mental struggle is reflected in the actor's face and therefore followed with a sinking heart the fate of the hero Spacey hoping that all it will be good. Haley Joel Osment - a rising Hollywood star and part-time protagonist of the movie plays so sincere and believable as possible. Young talent which though not yet received an Oscar, but I believe that the young man is still to come, and he will achieve his. That other equally talented actors, each of which is able to successfully embody the image of his hero on the screen. But the inner goodness, which is impregnated with the entire movie and makes all to look at what is happening, both beautiful and incredibly touching tale
Instead, the outcome would like to say the following:. Trevor McKean found the concept of the ideal world, which is desperately trying to find heroes Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Bob Hoskins in his films. And the main character of the story offers this concept to you, dear audience by asking one simple question: Are you ready to "pay forward»
8 out of 10?

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