"Pay It Forward" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The movie "Pay It Forward" Mimi Leder was the canonical example of the so-called pure drama in 2000, without the various genre of impurities, compositional and stylistic nonsense. The tape will be understood as the academic world and the seller of fast food, because the idea of ​​the film is very simple - by doing good, you can still change the world
What The main character in the picture 11 years. This is an ordinary boy named Trevor McKinney . He lives with his mother Arlene , which has struggled to earn money for the family and overcome addiction to alcohol that remains as a reminder of the shiftless father Trevor. Restrain it turns out, alas, is not always so in any stressful situation Arlene turns the house upside down in search of the coveted nest egg. And in the morning, before school, 11-year-old Trevor throws the empty bottle in the trash.
young Mr. McKinney life radically changes when a new science teacher arrives at his school Eugene Simonel < / i>. All nestled his body scarred from burns, the secret of a man whose appearance no one opens. In the first lesson, the teacher offers an unusual task - to come up with a way to change the world and try to realize his idea. All the students, as well as their many predecessors, reacted to the creation of the concept of peacekeeping as an ordinary school work, and only Trevor McKinney appeared sincere hope just a little to change the harsh reality.
How does the idea of ​​Trevor McKinney
World chelovekolyudey famous for its harshness and cruelty, there is every man for himself and the survival of the fittest, and therefore, it would seem, simple idea of ​​selfless good is regarded as a utopia . Dare to implement it could only child's soul, which has not forgotten how to hope and believe.
Take into account that Trevor McKinney was not a flower of the home greenhouse . Junior McKinney knew firsthand about the life of the mountain, dirt, injustice, desperation, he had to deal with human callousness, cruelty and indifference. For Trevor "pay forward" was not just a nice idea, but rather, the last hope to help their loved ones.
What is the essence of this life-saving card? In fact, fact, everything is simple: people should make good free of three people who are particularly in need of help. Those who did good will automatically become part of the system, he must now provide free support to three other people. Thus, the number 'payers' will increase, proliferate system and good spread. Simply? Yes, easier than you can imagine! However, in the brain of modern man, accustomed rather to dystopia than idyll, then brewing the question "Where is the guarantee that the person who made the gratuitous good will also help three people? After an agreement between the helper and his team is in oral form -. No receipts, no responsibility, no accountability »
To find out, I propose to remember Soviet cartoon" Just like that » (1976, dir. Stella Arakesova), in which the boy gave a sad donkey bouquet of flowers. Donkey immediately brightened up, became to dance, to sing a song, and when on his way met a sad puppy, donkey, did not hesitate to give your gift to him. Puppy in turn peredaril bunch of little bear and bear cub, who had too much generosity did not suffer, he gave met squirrel basket of raspberries. In addition, each of the characters asked invariable question: "It's me? For what? ", And the giver replied," Just so. " Free of the good done to a stranger, so inspiring characters that they have a need to do good to someone else. Perhaps this concept zizhdelas Trevor McKinney, relying on the bright side of the human soul. It is at all, it just need to wake up.
On-screen incarnation
Analyzing self-screen incarnation of stories about the boy Trevor, who wanted to change the world for the better, especially good note composition solution (two storylines, one of which is developed in the recent past, the other - to the present) and an incredible game of the young Haley Joel Osment . Today, even a movie buff is unlikely to go call the latest movies Osment, but even ordinary people know the talented kid from "The Sixth Sense," "Pay It Forward" and other films of the period.
majority of child actors bribe spontaneity, charm, toothless smile, honest little eyes, but to Hayley was always some children are not thoughtful , the boy was able to play a grown-up. For example, in "Pay It Forward" from Haley so many close-ups, with which the young actor handles masterfully. Most impressive, perhaps, to look as young Osment thinks - he is coming out not less eloquently than verbal cues
Summing up
film «Pay It Forward." good, if only because it is not useless. He invites the viewer to speculate on such an important and always relevant category of good. And it offers and does not teach or builds up, leaving the field for reflection and a place for their own opinions.
good acting, literate script, a healthy realism. It is likely that the tape does not come into your "Golden Collection", but certainly not go to the basket and kinoposredstvennosti kinomusora, which has been in vain spent time.
9 out of 10

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