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Patriots. Patriotism. And what is meant by these concepts to you? Patriotism, above all, it is our duty. The country, to family, to himself in the end. To love their country, to defend it, to be responsible for it - here's what meets the requirement of patriotic citizen. To be a patriot -. Our primary duty
'Patriot' includes all of these concepts. This film is about the struggle for freedom of the victims, for the sake of their country, how hard to fight for their rights, for independence. The fact that these dedicated citizens willing to do for the sake of their countrymen for the sake of a quiet life of his family. Although the action picture takes us back centuries, the value of these actions is not reduced. And the urgency is growing
So it turns out that the main character -. Benjamin Martin ( Mel Gibson ) - the father of a large family, is at a crossroads. Pending British troops ready to attack Americans unprotected settlements and invited to stand up for everyone to fight for their independence and freedom. But Martin refused, citing the fact that the education of his children 7x is only on him and he can not leave them, having gone to war. But all priorities Benjamin completely changed after his eyes of his fifteen-year son Tom, so eager to go to war and kill in cold blood 'red coat', represented by William Tavingtona ( Jason Isaacs )
murder scene Tom -. one of the strongest in the 'Patriot'. Distraught father picks up on the fly almost lifeless body of her son, innocent little kids standing on the sidelines, with horror and fear, watched the scene and the background of this tragic scene are cold and unfeeling 'redcoats', from which comes only cruelty and heartlessness.
But not only that overshadows the daily lives of the Martin family. Gabriel - the eldest son Benjamin is in custody of the British. This becomes the last straw Mel hero. The feeling of indifference in this war no longer gives him no rest. Collecting children and leaving his home, he went to the battalion Harry Burwell ( Chris Cooper ), especially with the desire to avenge his family.
The film hits its plausibility and purity. Scenes tactical battles evoke positive reviews. I liked how the creators and actors worked for his father's scenes with children. In the beginning we see the carefree life of the family, where all get along with each other and do not foresee the impending danger, Benjamin Martin - an example of a noble father, loving and taking care of each of his child. But soon, the family is divided and 10-12letnim Martin have mercilessly shoot British soldiers. Such moments, wade chills. . First and foremost, of course, because the actors play
Particular attention should eldest son Benjamin - Gabriel - by Heath Ledger . Brave, quick-tempered, brave, honorable man - the son of his father. Gabriel was among the first is to protect the homeland. A sense of love and duty to motivate his deeds which he does on the field of battle deadly. Relationship Gabriela and Benjamin are interesting stage in the course of the film. Initially, this boldness in the words of the hero of Heath, and for a lack of respect for his father's indifference to the war. Then they gradually begin to rally because of the general misery. I think Benjamin, looking at his son, recognized himself in his youth. Gabriel, on the contrary did not want to take these similarities, in fact, deep down, he honored his father and admired him, loving sincere, excessive love, which can only love the elder son.
Struggling for life, liberty, independence, rights, the protagonists made their way in for a decent human life. While Martina set a goal - with vengeance, the highest value for the characters was not a victory at all costs, and try not to lose the true face even after such terrible events as the loss of a son, a brother. Cohesion and friendships, family relationships have helped them in this. To me, the actors have shown the commitment to the highest score. From my side nothing but praise and applause.
P.S. I would like to mention that it 'Patriot' helped me to fully consider in Heath Ledger's incredible talent and endless dedication of his work. This admiration and desire to make a low bow to his work. He once said: 'When I die, my money, I will no longer need. My movies will live - for people to judge how I was a man. I just want to remain a subject of interest. ' There is no doubt that his talent surpassed disparate definition 'subject of interest'. Hit - Actor from God. And 'Patriot' is one of the many that evidence. Do not empty three o'clock in your life.

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