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Despite the fact that many nations in the world do not like Americans, these people definitely worthy of respect: in fact rarely see, when representatives of very different peoples suddenly come together under one banner, create one nation, create their own country, their own state, which soon became one of the greatest and the most powerful in the world. Americans are very patriotic upbringing characteristic spirit. Despite the relatively short history of the country, Americans are very proud of him. At what point that many nations of the world should take an example.
American film director and actor Mel Gibson, who directed in 1994 one of the great historical epics of all time "Braveheart" probably wanting to personally reveal to the big screen the story of his the country - more precisely, during the struggle for independence, he decided to play a major role in the historical film "The Patriot." The film was directed by Roland Emmerich, on account of which such kinobomby as "Universal Soldier," "Independence Day," "Godzilla," "The Day After Tomorrow" and others. Of course, the audience expected a lot.
plot. USA, 1770 year. The country is stamped in the war for independence. Americans gathered troops of volunteers in order to resist the main enemy of independence - the British. The protagonist, a former soldier, a veteran of the war against the French and Indians, father of seven children of Benjamin Martin initially opposed the war with the British. But when the last of the hand killed his son, Martin, and burning with revenge exhilarated revive patriotism, sent to the front. He soon became one of the leaders of the US Army ...
Nothing like? Yes, we have a clone of the film "Braveheart" - inside and out. That's just like Mini-Me, professor clone Evil from the film "Austin Powers" was the worst of the Dr. Evil, and "The Patriot" was worse than
Naturally, "Patriot" is a historical thriller with sea patriotic pretensions "Braveheart." - how did the Americans covered the history of his own country. That's just turned out they did not really. The duration of the film - 3 hours, a great time during this period, the film can be very boring. But if the creators of "Braveheart" was able to make the 3-hour movie that looked at one go, when you browse "Patriot" yawn after a half-hour show. The reason - insufficient number of actions, as required length film
creators cruelly deceived lovers massive fight scenes -. Them in the film only two, in the middle of the film and at the end of the film. Both are good, put beautiful, realistic and bloody measure, but a second battle is still better - it is epic and bigger. But local fights, describing the guerrilla fighting is not much impressed
In terms of the actor's work deserved praise true only two actors:. Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin (in fact, the actor once again played William Wallace) and Heath Ledger in the role of Gabriel Martin son Benjamin. Writers clearly focused on those characters, placing them on the storyline and showing them the greatest tragedy of the war. By the way, Gabriel greater patriotism than to his father, so it is not clear who is in the film a true patriot son, who volunteered to go to war to fight for his people, or his father, who is pushing for heroic deeds revenge. Still it is possible to praise Jason Isaacs played the main villain, Colonel William Tavingtona.
Americans do not change their traditions to shoot high-quality movies in technical terms. The "Patriot" is all that is necessary: ​​a very high quality image, great camera work and assembly, and of competent special effects. Landscapes in the movie passion as well. The only pity is that the normal composer who would write catchy music for the film did not find.
do not know how the film formed with certainty, but the characters clothing, weapons and everything looks like as suitable.
What else not like in the movie - it was too one-sided image of the British: they are in the movie - complete bastards, without exception, all of them need to soak period. It is already too much. Anglophobia rushing from his all slots. Well, that fiery patriotic speeches a little, and then the film would have lost a lot of his jingoism. I wonder how the British are after Gibson "Braveheart" and "The Patriot"? But the French in the film - the good, help the Americans in their war. Of course, all ends well: Americans win, the USA acquires independence and so on. But in the end I did not like how it all looks corny, saying the country became independent and started a paradise there. After watching the "Patriot" is necessary to see the movie "Gangs of New York" and see how long the United States was still a democracy.
What can be said in general. "Patriot" - a film shot by the Americans, about Americans and for Americans, for the education of his countrymen in the patriotic spirit. The rest of the "Patriot" can be like, and maybe not. Personally, I will say this: watch the film worth it. But I was not on the "Patriot" delighted. Where there is a disc with the movie "Braveheart»?
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