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The story describes the lives of American families during the Anglo-American War of 1812-1815 years on the territory of the emerging states of America. War close to home. Men go to war, and women and children are waiting for their homes, constantly risking to run into unwanted guests in the form of soldiers of the British Army. Among other families highlighted one in which there is no mother, where his father (veteran) raises 6 children. Further, all of the events revolve around the members of this family
The story is very consistent, in general, tend to historical paintings, ie to tend to important thing in such cases -... It does not explicitly misquote real historical events, but at the same time it is important not to overdo it with plausibility and an abundance of military terms, so as not to plunge the audience into a dream. With this task the writers coped with a bang: the political clarification as much as you need to understand exactly what is happening now
However, apart from this, in this film is quite qualitatively disclosed virtually every character, from the main character and ending with a slave. who became a member of the resistance group. Stories of each character does not seem to side and unimportant, for every hero wants to survive, and in the course of the story becomes interesting, that it is waiting for a particular character. This effect is usually the norm in the series, in the feature film is quite rare.
This effect is not least made possible thanks to the excellent play of actors, not only performers of the main and supporting roles, but literally every game of the actors that have replicas in film. And sycophant-servant of General Kornouolisa by Dexter Fletcher (man nicknamed "Soap" from "Lock, Stock and 2 barrel), and the crazy lady in the scene ship explosion of ammunition in the midst of a secular evening at the residence of General Kornuolisa, all the actors playing quality, thanks what emotional state and stress were on the ball throughout the film.
We can not separately identified by Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson - this is a very rare representative of the employees of cinema, it is both as a top actor, and not less than the top-end director that says a minimum of outstanding talent, and a maximum of genius. This picture Mel Gibson presented at its best. In his every word and glance there is power, charisma and sensuality. His play is the cherry on the cake of this picture, due to her film stated in the minds of the audience as the film the highest grade. This effect is distinguished by the great actors from merely good
visuals, costumes, scenery -. All this at a sufficient level so as not to spoil the overall impression of the picture, but at the same time, they are not at the main advantages
picture film. like the works of Leo Tolstoy, describes and discloses a variety of themes and problematics.
Showed horror of war on the part of ordinary citizens, the war is not somewhere in the desert or in the sea, and right next to your house, when you can not safely sleep, when at any moment can happen entirely ie anything. And at such a time it is becoming ever more clear that the family is the most important thing, and even the most important principles of life that people change after the plant family, when they begin to love truly, when we feel responsible for the favorite. Lost selfishness, excessive bragging, you can feel the essence of life, you begin to appreciate life in principle.
shown that young people often perceive the war as an adventure and do not realize that in fact it destroys everything around the phenomenon, although to a greater extent, this course true for those times when military operations have not been described, as at present, for example.
shown how to be an American hero. Many children, war hero, who settled down and became wiser. It is a living person, it overwhelm doubt he fears for their loved ones, but at a difficult moment in the dark ages, for the sake of his family and, therefore, his homeland, he is ready to go back into operation and lead into battle.
also have many other pretty well disclosed the fact:
- the absurdity of this war between the one and the same people (British) on the example of a defector Wilkins
- ambiguous perception of slavery as an example of relations Occam and Dan Scott
- boy growing up.. the example of the younger sons of the protagonist
-. opportunity to find love again, even after heavy losses the satellite of your life, the example of relations Aunt Charlotte and Benjamin Martin
-. boundless human cruelty on the example of Colonel Tavingtona in a chic version of Jason Isaac (as for me this is his best role)
-. the importance of faith in his work as an example of the image for Colonel Martin's resistance army soldiers (an extreme manifestation of the image - is a tale of a ghost that alone killed 20 soldiers redcoats, by the way is really cool action scenes)
-. the magic of an innocent young love on the example of Gabri relations La Martina and Ann Howard
-. frequent predominance of pride above all else in the actions of people on the example of General Kornuolisa
-. clumsiness of military tactics of the time on the example of the battle, that the father and son Martina watched from the window of an abandoned house This is a very cool family film, an amicable typically American, which will satisfy the widest possible audience.
9 out of 10

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