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I was always afraid that my sins would return to visit me, but the price I would not afford it ...
USA. South Carolina. 1776. Over the country breaks the deadly flames of a terrible war. Famed veteran, father of seven children widowhood Benjamin Martin stood aside. Though not for long.
Benjamin perfectly trained in the art of killing. It is no coincidence: the glory of his past feats of arms, mixed with desperate recklessness and a tireless desire to always triumph, walking in front of him. But time does not stand still - a brave captain tired, settled down, folded his arms. Obzavolsya heirs, became a widower, to equip the house, I began to raise a family ... And the wheels of his carriage rolled steadily on the road of life, safely avoiding bumps and cracks. If not for the war.
Like any man of that time, he instilled in his sons and his own sense of patriotism, justice, it is impossible to remain on the sidelines when you need their own country. But it is precisely for this and you have to pay when the eldest son Gabriel (a replica of the young and desperate father) was taken prisoner, and, quite probably because it will move smoothly to the gallows, and his no less selfless brother in cold blood killed steady hand eager for demonstration rages bedgaya Tevingtona. Folding conditions are twisting the hands of the venerable father of the family. He can not stay away from the developing battle, making the eldest son of the company. Military.
By the way, Martin turned from the great commander of the militia. Moreover, he was able to break the stereotypes of the militia as a "good for nothing cripples" on fighters high enough level that can even defeat the army coordinated. A talented fighter, quickly translated to colonel in mind the circumstances, also possessed uncommon acumen and created a level of strategy that was fit to envy.
But any, even the most invincible warrior in the chest beats a human heart that aches for near and dear people. It is not clear when he goes on the attack with an inhuman roar plunges a knife into the heart of the enemy, it is not clear when he looks at the despair of loss, to murdered soldiers who gave their lives for independence. But it is, and it does not leave him for a second. Because somewhere out there waiting for him ... Wait safe and sound.
was not a war in the history of mankind, exactly like the screen version on it, no matter where hatred mixed with love. Exactly as one would not cause the other. There is not a soldier, who was not expected home loving people. There are no such people who do not pray for the war deceased relatives. All tied with red ribbon tight, cut that is not possible ...
-Ubosh me to the end of the war? It looks like you're not the best soldiers ...
You're right. My sons were the best.
And he was secretly proud of them. Proud that I taught them the art of killing, and ... I hated myself for it.
Gabriel was like a father more than saw it. And he fought just as intoxicated by, and loved it just as warmly, and suffered death with the same fierce and savage pain in his chest. But if the father, being older, to curb their emotions, but the young and desperate man finds his death in battle, the battle in a fierce battle of hot blood and raging hatred for their favorite. It is exactly the same fate as Benjamin, being exactly the same ... Patriot.
say that each person is given a cross, which the strength to bear. No more, no less. Cross Benjamin was a heavy burden, almost unbearable. He lost in the battles that do not want to lose, he entered twice in the water, which did not want to come. He stood for his country, but in this fight he has found it? Some loss ...
-Your wife is soon to give birth?
-She gave birth to my son three weeks ago.
How did you call him?
-We call him Gabriel.
rely on the fact that this guy does not disgrace his father.
some people believe that women are paintings containing military battles, with a certain proportion of fear and disinterest. If this is true, then I - an exception to the rule. Scale and entertainment - this is for me. And if it is also a good beat - picture no price
Now I will not draw any parallels with regards to the "Braveheart" and again the image of Mel Gibson's there, I will write only that his talent makes empathize.. Next to it are going through all that, and he was beside him crying when he cries ... One of my favorite actors, one of the most credible and soundly performing its role. His image from start to finish, the picture is only respect and admiration. Absolutely no affectedness or false. More and more acquainted with the activity of the actor, I'm more and more fill of respect for him.
Heath Ledger on the horse both in direct and figurative sense of the word. And if, as they say, this role he was trying to get rid of the plaque "sweetness" of his role, he is clearly achievable. Touches its commitment to the ideals of the graft and full devotion.
impossible to pass by a charismatic villain Joely Richardson, who on their way could turn the anger of absolutely all audiences. Perhaps the whole army hated even less than him.
spectacular, bright film, built on contrasts affecting a number of problems, which are usually made to keep silent.
The last battle from the hands of Benjamin slipped ax and disappeared in the dust of battle. It is unlikely that he will be able to find it ... Is not this the complete symbol of the struggle? Possible
And a reason to wonder. And do you a patriot?

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