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«But mark my words. This war will not go to the border and not in the distant field, and among us, in our homes. Our children will see it with my own eyes and the innocent will die just like all of us »
War -. A simple word of five letters. But how much sorrow, pain, despair and horror it contains a War -. One of the most terrible tragedies of human society, in the war are dying heroes whose exploits credited with underpants, it robs wives - husbands, children - parents and childhood itself. War makes the boys who do not have 10 years, to take up a rifle and shoot at people, it cripples the human soul and psyche and is never ending for someone who had seen it with my own eyes.
So I do not see the movie from the point of view of the American Revolutionary War and American patriotism, which sometimes we, Russian viewers seem too pathetic, and do not pay attention to some historical inaccuracies. It is not a documentary, it is, in essence, the story of one family's life, rock destiny, drawn into the horror -. Family of Benjamin Martin
And here I take my hat off to Mel Gibson. This is the actor who, at least, deserves great respect for viewers. Well done real professional: we see a caring and strict father, loving man, a wise man, a born leader, strategist and commander of the rebel detachment, mercilessly kill the enemy, and in parallel with this, we see the grief-stricken person is lost in life the most precious . Go to Gibson these roles - the role of a patriot of his people, his country and, most importantly, his family Yes, and in general, the cast of the film is wonderful, every character worked out and play your best
.. Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) - peace farmer, single-handedly bringing up seven children after his wife's death. He knows very well that such a military action that is unbridled rage, anger, breaks out, bravery, courage, fanaticism, revenge. He was a hero to his and ruthless killer of enemies. But more than anything, Benjamin would like to forget all this horror, forget it, what makes people the war. He did not want to be a hero, did not want to be a soldier, he wanted to be a good father and to educate their children.
«I'm a father. I can not afford the luxury -. Have principles »
But the war itself breaks into the house of Martin, bringing death, loss and destruction and robbing him the most precious in life. English captain coolly kills one of his sons William
Tevington (Jason Isaacs.) - the exact opposite of the hero Gibson. For him, the end justifies any means. This man, in fact, lost a human face and get real pleasure from other people's misery and abundance of deaths around. It is capable of for the sake of demonstrating its superiority to shoot 15-year-old boy to finish off the wounded, burned civilian homes. Tevington for patriotism hide their own selfish goals. And although the next part of Benjamin Martin in hostilities was originally due to vengeance, it was 1,000 times greater patriot than a cruel, greedy English captain. We have before us two strong, intelligent men: but one of them is a true delight, and the other - disgust. One, in spite of everything, remains a man, and the other - is transformed into an animal
«The Patriot» film in the first place will please fans of battle movie.. Beautiful, true to the spirit of the time, battle scenes. And how clever, original, witty, brash and even Mel Gibson in the image of the rebel unit commander
-. And as long as your people will continue to attack the civilian population, I will be ordering to kill your officers at the beginning of each bout.
- this behavior is not worthy of a gentleman
-. If the conduct of your officers is considered a worthy gentleman, I take it as a compliment The magnificent and most importantly, relevant humor gives the film its own flavor and makes it even more enjoyable viewing.
Roland Emmerich took strong second, a worthy film that, in my opinion, can not pass by any viewer. Already some piece of you, he will still be affected. Despite the fact that the picture of such a terrible tragedy like war, it is quite beautiful and organic. Why are only some landscapes. The film "The Patriot" very difficult, but it does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, it does not look with disgust, his look with delight and admiration. Beautifully conveys the atmosphere of the late 18th century: traditions, behavior, costumes, gorgeous battle scenes In general, all at a high level.. Of course, any deficiencies or inaccuracies can be found in any film, but here, to be honest, do not even want to do that. This movie must be felt, and not waste time looking for mistakes in it. Then the 165 minutes pass by almost unnoticed. There will be everything:. The bitterness and pain of loss, fear, terror, admiration, respect, smiles and tears, victory and defeat
The war is over, "redcoats" will be beaten, but what price will have to pay for it to Benjamin Martin and even thousands of people.
make only the bottom of the retreat. It is not necessary to watch the movie "The Patriot" with the attitude "this is not our war," "Americans once again exalt themselves" and the like. This war, which killed thousands of people, men, women, children. And for every nation, for all the people - it is a tragedy. And the fact that the Americans praise and remember their heroes, that all their films impregnated "mawkish, pathetic patriotism" (as we sometimes like to resent), I would have reacted sooner to the pluses, than minuses.
And God forbid we see war . only in the movies After such films inadvertently come to mind the words of Edward Asadov dedicated to our already war:
Victory Day. And in the fires salute
as if thunder: - remember forever,
What battles every minute,
Yes, every minute
perish ten
How to understand and how to interpret it: Ten strong, vigorous, young,
full of faith, joy and light and live
desperately alive!

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