"Paths of Glory (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The first "big" film by Stanley Kubrick. Because if earlier "Killer's Kiss" and is very strong in its genre "Murder" was just a good application novice director (of the first short and can not speak), after "Path of Glory" Stanley Kubrick has become a serious magnitude, which in cinematic world have already started to be considered. As you get acquainted with the works of Kubrick's increasingly coming to the confidence of his genius. This is a big word, which can only apply to the read directors in film history of the XX century. But the well-known formula according to which success is only 10 percent talent and 90 percent of employment. So when, of course there is the first condition of the nature of the execution of the second, he was taken with a certain fanaticism, admirable. Perfectionism - probably the key word to describe the entire work of this native of New York
The theme of war is always interested in Kubrick, this is easily seen to anyone, even a cursory acquaintance with his work: the Vietnam War - "Full Metal Jacket" Cold. war - "Dr. Strangelove ..." World - "Paths of glory". Interested in him and the subject of the Second World War and, in particular, the Holocaust (but after the appearance of "Schindler's List," Spielberg such an idea was postponed), and the theme of the Napoleonic Wars (after the failure of similar topics "Waterloo" studio did not take over the funding of this project). On the question of why so interested in the Stanley military theme can bring a lot of answers, but it all comes down roughly to one: people placed in such an extreme and boundary conditions, tend to manifest the true nature of human nature
«Paths of Glory" - a brief. but perhaps the most succinct statement on the theme of the First World War. French-German confrontation came in the "trench" phase where the greatest success of each party in a few months has been the promotion of several hundred meters. Under pressure from the press, but rather under the influence of someone's political whim decided to take the count to today impregnable heights. Already identified specific time reserved awards, gave the order, even counted the loss of interest. The case for small - to do so. And no one, after all, from the idiots with big stars on the shoulder straps are not interested in that adventure something risky, in any case related to the huge loss of life.
minimum number of protagonists. Here and Gen. number 1 "Scarface," whose "idée fixe" major award, and behind it ... yes, yes glory. And the path to her second as close at hand - there for enemy guards so hundreds of innocent lives. Here and general number 2, more influential first, maybe a little less straightforward at first glance, the big good-natured and liberal, but is proving to be no less poddonkom skillfully trudging undercover game with the eternal eye of the press but politicians. Here and a formal meeting of the Tribunal, which is conducted on a previously prepared accusatory patterns - someone's got to answer for the stupidity of those in power - nothing because there is no easier than the pull of each company or platoon one scapegoat but to compensate them all helpless. All of them are hand-drawn rough but vivid strokes Kubrick artist.
Another thing supporting characters, even the extras. Ordinary soldiers - dirty, uneducated, inarticulate, foul language but, more importantly, the desire to live and that life itself. There is only one view of the average, the observer of the trench for the "lifting morale", "chief", says more than half an hour of moral lecturing on the theme of "war - is evil", which is always someone to treat honest people. Nobody wants to die, either by bullets or by the explosion or by the bayonet - it is property rights - the instinct of self-preservation. And sentenced to death in this will never be persuaded any good Father, nor pretentious speech about the honor of the flag, nor the most perfect parade held in honor of your same death.
Like a link between two such different worlds exist Colonel Dax. He would have been happy to accept that higher world, he just accept their rules. But as long as the colonel has at least a grain of conscience, as they had, of course, is, and, not grains, making it unlikely he will. Stunning role of Kirk Douglas, one of the best actors of his generation. His fiery speeches, strong case, reasonable questions and then heading in the right direction and get stuck somewhere in the viscous shell of hardness, formality, indifference and inhumanity shrouded destinations. And yet, Colonel Dax - the one ray of hope in a tough anti-war statement 29-year-old master Kubrick
And, of course, no chance the viewer leaves the final scene.. It is for such scenes, and their presence can be judged on the extent of the "great" of this or that director. In this case it was not necessary to question and seconds. Maestro Stanley hit the nail on the head.
Well, instead of just another outcome of "Bravo!" In Kubrick's piggy bank and the realization that one overlooked masterpiece has become greater.

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