Passenger Satisfaction Of Singapore Airlines Essay


Investigate satisfaction of passengers using Singapore airlines – about their personal experience with the journey and other aspects.


Rationale for the research design

The research design includes the research philosophy, research approach, research design, method, and investigation. Research philosophy includes positivism, realism, and interpretivism. This current study will take positivism philosophy. Positivism philosophy focuses on the collection of scientific data. Factual knowledge is the main part of positivism philosophy (Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015). By using this philosophy the researcher will be able to gain data through observation and measurement. However, during the use of positivism philosophy, there are some limitations while collecting data. By using positivism philosophy the researcher will be able to carry out a quantifiable observation and statistical analysis. On the other hand, this current study is based on the deductive approach.

Creation of the hypothesis is the major aspect of deductive approach (Choy, 2014). Deductive approach is useful to evaluate the relationship between the variables and the concepts (Mackey & Gass, 2015). Therefore, the deductive approach helps the researcher to generalize the current research findings. In this current research study, the descriptive design will be used as the research design. Descriptive research design includes a set of research objectives and research questions. Therefore, the research problem is clearly defined by the descriptive design. This current study deals with the passenger’s satisfaction in Singapore Airline, which can be analyzed by using this research design. In this current study quantitative process will be used to collect primary data. To conduct the quantitative process market survey will be carried out in this research method.

Discussion of specific research methodology

This current study includes both primary and secondary research methods. Primary method includes quantitative process. To conduct the quantitative process a market survey will be taken to gather feedback from the customers of Singapore Airline. This survey will be helpful to measure the satisfaction level of the passengers in Singapore Airline, which is the primary question of this research study. Survey will help the researcher to identify the areas that are required to improve to enhance the customer satisfaction level in this organization. Hence, survey will enable the researcher to meet the primary and secondary questions of this current study. Survey is an effective method to get real-time data during the investigation (Lewis, 2015). By analyzing the customer feedbacks the Singapore Airline will be able to make necessary changes to improve the level of customer satisfaction. This also meets the research objective as from the current feedbacks this organization will be able to find out the way to improve the customer satisfaction in their organization. Questionnaires will be provided via online to gather the feedback from the customers of Singapore Airline.

Secondary research is also important besides the primary research as it provides authentic evidence regarding an issue to the researcher (Flick, 2015). In this study, secondary research will be conducted during the literature review. Census report, academic journals, authentic websites, and books will be used to collect data on customer satisfaction level in Singapore Airport. Hence, both the secondary sources and primary sources are valuable to meet the research objectives and questions

Rationale for the research methodology

Primary method will be used in this current study, which is helpful to gain realistic data. However, during the collection of primary data survey questionnaires will be provided to the candidates to understand their perspectives. However, often the candidates provide diplomatic answers, which can hamper the data collection process. The main reason of primary research is to obtain real-time data as real-time data gives the current status of an organization in the market (Silverman, 2016). For Singapore Airline survey will be helpful to understand the current satisfaction level of the passengers as well as their concerns regarding the service. On the other hand, the main reason of the secondary data collection is to review the previous status of the Singapore airline industry and current views regarding the service. This information will be collected through the authentic websites and the journals. By using the marginal probability in payoff matrix information will be collected from the census report.

Discussion of the key consideration of the research methodology

After conducting the entire methodology the research will be concerned about the process of publication. One of the major considerations is the protection of data that needs to follow during the primary research (Panneerselvam, 2014). However, the researcher has to keep confidentiality while gathering data through survey. For this purpose Data Protection Act needs to be followed. Therefore, the researcher has no right to force the candidates to involve in the survey. The personal data of the candidates should be protected. No personal questions can be generated during the survey. These elements should be considered during the conduction of primary research methodology. On the other hand, in the context of secondary research the data cannot be manipulated and proper citation should be done properly. The data needs to represent in its original process.

Discussion of the information that needs to collect by the market research agencies

This current research is based on the investigation of passenger satisfaction level in Singapore Airline. Hence, the market research agency needs to collect the feedback from the passengers regarding the current service process of this organization. Therefore, the major loopholes of the current system will be collected to identify the gap of the service. The disadvantages of the current system in Singapore Airline needs to evaluated to take proper action against these issues. The market agency will collect the information regarding the pricing strategy, quality and boundaries of the Singapore Airline as these are the major concerns of the passengers. On the other hand, the current expectation of the customers from the Singapore Airline will be identified by this agency. The primary data will be represented and analyzed by using graphs, charts, and table. The secondary data will be represented by using proper citation. Critical evaluation will be made during the analysis of the secondary data in this current research study. Finally, it has been found that for the current research both primary and secondary sources will be helpful to analyze the current issues and to develop suitable recommendations to mitigate such issues.


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