Part b) starting on a new page in the word doc: Essay

Part B) Starting on a new page in the word doc:

Describe in detail at least 2 "security" issues/challenges that you have encountered. Consider acts perpetrated against you or an organization for whom you worked (consider things like Backdoors, Denial-of-service attack, Direct-access attacks, Eavesdropping, Spoofing, Tampering, Privilege escalation, Phishing, Clickjacking, Social engineering, malware and trojans).

a) Describe the mitigation strategy you used to thwart the attacks, the resources you consulted and the steps you took to put your strategy into practice.

b) Describe how successful you strategy was and what (if anything) you would do differently.

Issue 1) Insufficient testing and updating

In project crowd detection using drone :

This was an IoT based project taken by me during my last year project in my bachelors the main aim of the project was a Technological innovation if a drone which provides an opportunity to more accurately estimate the crowd size and this vehicle will be connected to an application that monitors it through cinematic view and bifurcates into frames . Adding to this, drone will be screening real time crowd and performs like a controller through notifications. In a nutshell, this venture is for crowd surveillance. The main hardware used here was raspberry pi as there are countless advantages of less expensive commodity hardware like raspberry pie which is certainly light enough for a quadcopter that’s is probably carrying a camera which is heavier in weight and compact in size. We can not find a better cheaper device which is well supported and available with platform with similar features but it is an average choice for a long term product.

The main issue I had encountered was that as the Raspberry pi is a single hearted computer, this means if I am going to use it for controlling my drone it will be timesharing between all the other various software program that my flight control board should run such as navigation algorithm through GPS, communication and also mission specific computation for batteries and sensors. As we have chosen the real time project the life of batteries and the hardware should run longer but the issue generated was any time the system starts to reboot as the Pi cannot handle the pressure of the large programs run on that and it gets heated up which was a draw back. Hence there was a issue for insufficient testing and updating .

The solution to this issue was I used the fan on the raspberry pi’s 5V+GND GPIO pins for instant cooling which will let the hardware to work longer as it wont be restarted again and again. And for the more memory storage we used the raspberry pi 3 which has 64 bit processor and also has features like WIFI and Bluetooth so complex programs can also be tested and complied .

Issue 2) Cloud storage

In this modern era numerous number of people are using iPhone, iPad, Mac book ",etc. Hence with growing popularity this powerful tool i.e. cloud will not only helps in storage and computing needs but it also helps in saving thousands of dollars in IT business. As the higher number of people are using and its demand is also increasing this has forced the industry for reasonable and feasible cloud services.

The main issue is Snooping. The files stored on the cloud are most vulnerable for being hacked without security and also there is a major risk for transmitting data on internet as even if the service provider of cloud provides encryption still the files can be hacked on the path to its destination.

The best solution to this snooping issue is the secure connection. The data or file should be sent and retrieve over strong and secure internet connection. This helps from preventing against the third party to see the cloud metadata sharing. The files should be such sent that they are like completely opaque in cloud like no stamps, file name, nothing and should be strongly and efficiently encrypted once it leaves from source till it reaches the destination.

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