Paris summary Essay

The Paris mysteries is about a young teenager named Tandy Angel discovering the secrets of her family’s past. She lives in Paris with her uncle and brothers, Harry, Hugo, and Matthew(Matty). Harry is her twin and they are very close, while Matthew is older and in the NFL. Hugo is the youngest, and a typical 6 year old. The uncle, Jacob, is the kid’s only guardian because their parents committed suicide a few years back. Their names were Malcolm and Maud. But, Malcolm and Maud had one more kid who isn't even alive at this time. Her name was Katherine. She was killed in a car accident a few years before her parents death. She was on a motorcycle and hit from behind by a truck. She was thrown off the motorcycle and into a gas truck which exploded.

Angel Pharmaceuticals was a family owned company. Uncle Peter and Malcolm ran it and produced a drug that was physically and mentally boosting. Peter tested these drugs on kids who worked for him, and then Malcolm tested newer versions on his own kids, Harry, Hugo, Tandy, Matty and Katherine. The drugs worked and each of his kids were super smart and athletic. After he and his wife’s death the kids were old enough to notice that the drugs were making them feel emotionless and stopped taking them, even though the kids didn’t know who had been giving the drugs to them.

Katherine found out about Angel Pharmaceuticals and who was behind it. Uncle Peter had done multiple illegal things testing the drugs and making them in general, and Katherine knew all this. Peter was at danger as long as Katrine knew what he had done and evidence, the Angel kids, had been left behind. In his mind, he had only one choice; to get rid of the evidence.

Royal Rampling, the father of Tandy’s boyfriend James invested in Angel Pharmaceutical in the past. The company failed after Malcolm’s death and Royal Rampling was left empty handed. Having invested lots of money in the company, wasn’t very happy to not get it back, to say the least. He was out for Peter Angel. James and Tandy have had a large barrier in their relationship; Royal Rampling. He does not want his son to be with an Angel, and tried to keep him from her.


When Tandy is living in Paris, the house she and her siblings are in is her Grandma’s house. It is a very big house, and Tandy hasn’t explored all the nooks and crannies in the house yet since the siblings just recently got there. One day while exploring, she comes across a box with her dead sister, Katherine’s name written on it. Tandy, of course had to open it. In it she finds evidence of Katherine taking the drugs, pictures of her in Paris before the crash, and other items of Katherine’s. It is around this time that Tandy starts to question if Katherine’s death was really an accident and wanted to know more about it.

Tandy found out from that box that there was another person riding on the motorcycle Katherine was on just before her death, her boyfriend. His name was Dominick, and he had survived the crash and was now living in Paris. Tandy found his address and went to talk to him with Harry. Dominick turned out to not be suspicious at all, and was obviously heartbroken at Katherine's death. He confirmed that they had been hit by a truck from behind, and that he never saw it coming or leaving. He also said Peter Angel wrote him a letter stating that he should stay away from Angels and to keep to himself or Peter would have him killed.

Tandy also finds love letters in that box from Peter to Katherine, one of them talking about how it will be a wonderful night in Cape Town tomorrow. But in some pictures of Katherine in Cape Town the night before she died, she was with Dominick. In further research, she finds a picture of Uncle Peter and Royal Rampling at a table eating together. This is proof that Royal Ramping did invest in Angel Pharmaceuticals.

Uncle Jacob saw no point in trying to resist Tandy’s press for more knowledge of her family’s past. So one day he took her to find more information. They came to an old hut at the edge of a forest. Inside the house was an old couple. This couple told Tandy about their three sons. They had worked for Uncle Peter and had been friends with Katherine. One day Uncle Peter told the couple that their son’s had a great opportunity. He could give them the drug, or as he put it, ‘harmless herbal supplements’. The couple was poor, and these drugs could boost their sons to a better lifestyle. Plus, they knew Katherine was taking them and she was just fine. So they said yes, and they started giving their sons the drugs. The three sons began to age rapidly even after they were not fed the pills. The boys quickly withered and died. Angel Pharmaceuticals didn’t do anything and acted like it didn’t happen.

One night, Tandy woke up coughing and sweating. She figured out there was a fire, she tried to get to her siblings room to wake them up, but the fire was too big. She was about to give up when she got picked up and rushed down the stairs right before she passed out. Tandy woke up to find herself in a hospital. She found out nobody was injured, and everyone was living, despite a few burns. She soon comes up with the theory that the fire wasn’t an accident, that someone was trying to kill them because they were getting too close to some secrets in her family’s past.

After this incident, Tandy talked to uncle Jacob, telling him that Paris wasn’t safe for their family. Uncle Jacob was convinced, and booked a flight for them for New York. It would leave in a couple of days.

The next morning, Tandy went for a walk to clear her head when she got attacked. Tandy screamed and kicked wildly, thinking it was a thug sent by Royal Rampling or Peter. But it was a small woman. She tried to calm Tandy and said “Tandy. It’s me! It’s Katherine.” Tandy was totally in shock, and they hugged. Katherine explained that the crash had been no accident. She says that she had been running from Peter, and that one of Peter’s henchmen had been driving the truck that hit her and her boyfriend. Peter wanted her dead because he had told her too much about the drugs when he was drunk. Peter sent another person’s remains to the funeral so he could hunt her in private. But now Peter is after the whole family because they are all evidence of his experiments with the drugs. Then Katherine had to leave, and made Tandy promise not to tell that she was alive, and to not look for her.

The next day Tandy, Harry, Hugo and Uncle Jacob flew to New York. Tandy called C.P., her best friend, to tell that she was in NY also, but got voicemail. Tandy soon found out that James Rampling was also in New York at the moment from a detective Jacob hired to find out this information. Tandy immediately requested to go see him. She didn’t call him she just showed up to his room and knocked. C.P. answered the door, James close behind. Tandy was furious at C.P. for taking James and smacked her in the face. James separated them and tried to explain himself to Tandy. It didn’t work and Tandy left and got back into the car that brought her there.

She cried and cried during the car ride home. She was thinking about a way to get Peter Angel arrested when a black Cadillac Escalade slammed into the side of the car. The Estalade was trying to shove Tandy and Anton(the driver)’s car of the cliff on their right. Soon, there was shots, and Anton and someone in the Escalade were shooting. Then Anton was dead, shot in the head. Tandy tried to steer form the back seat when another car came out from behind the Escalade. Tandy thought this meant she was out numbered, but it didn’t. The newcomer fired at all the Escalade’s wheels and it went into a out of control spin, and crashed with smoke billowing. The newcomers car stopped, as well as Tandy’s, and the newcomer got out. It was the detective, Mr. Kenny Chang. Tandy wanted to know who was in that Escalade, and drove over with Kenny. In the front seat there were two mangled bodies; one of Royal Rampling’s goons, and Royal Rampling himself.

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