Parenting Styles and Effective Parenting Essay

The behavior of parenting is dependant on two aspects: parental control and parental warmth (Darling & Steinberg, 1993). Parental control is whereby moms and dads control their children’s behavior by incredibly controlling them or by setting flexible demands and rules. On the other hand, parental heat is whereby parents reveal acceptance and react to the behavior of their children appropriately. When both of these areas of parenting are put together, they offer increase to permissive moms and dads, respected moms and dads, and authoritarian moms and dads.

The authoritarian type of parenting involves showing little warmth to your young ones and very managing their behavior. This kind of parenting encompasses strict code of control, it's punitive, restrictive, and emphasizes in the significance of kids to follow along with just what the moms and dad state. However, permissive parenting shows heat towards their adolescents, however, quite undemanding. This as a type of parenting permits parents to provide into their children’s demands as way of expressing their like to them (Darling & Steinberg, 1993). Authoritative sort of parenting engages making use of their kiddies, on the other hand, provides good logic behind why guidelines should really be followed, makes use of reinforcement versus punishments, and discusses freely with their kiddies. Inside type of parenting, the moms and dad acts as an indicator of authority.

My moms and dads utilized authoritative style of parenting and discipline to bring me up. As a result, this design has influenced and influenced my entire life in a number of means. For instance, due to the encouraging and nurturing environment that parenting design offered, it aided to boost my confidence and self-esteem. Secondly, respected parenting has enabled me personally to manage my feelings, become persistence, and boosted my levels of optimism. Thirdly, my social competent, being accountable, and being separate can be due to being raised by company, loving, and respected moms and dads. This parenting design has aided me to achieve good grades within my schoolwork. It has in addition ready me for the future by imparting good abilities and practices. My moms and dads had been additionally fast to praise me once I did well in school. This provided me with the morale boost I needed to work also harder. Actually, Failure has become related to neglecting to strive and never inability. Indeed, this form of parenting has played an optimistic role within my life.

After reading the investigation on different types of parenting, I would personally choose an identical approach as employed by my parents on my children. It is because authoritative type of parenting has many mental benefits to a child in comparison to other methods. Based on Darling and Steinberg (1993), authoritarian type of parenting can to bring about a young child becoming rebellious or higher dependent on their parents. In most cases, when kids defy the directions from their parents, they are often shamed, punished, or insulted. In authoritarian parenting design, the parents choose what is advantageous to kids. As such, the youngsters have no input regarding what they would like. Again, in authoritarian design, parents have a tendency to reject children the opportunity to enjoy most of the things that they love. This always creates a friction involving the parents and kids. Alternatively, permissive form of parenting may result in insufficient self-control by a kid. For that reason, authoritative form of parenting is the greatest solution to raise my kiddies.


Darling, N., & Steinberg, L. (1993). Parenting style as context: An integrative model. Psychological bulletin, 113(3), 487.

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