"Parasites (2019)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Class inequality, probably will remain the eternal problem. Like the eternal confrontation between rich and poor, where, and how not only played up. But, as often happens, there will always be someone who can beat something of such things for a long time in a new way, to create something so exciting that find the right words to describe it will be very difficult. One of the most 'of those' turned out to be a Korean master Mon Jun Ho , which after an interesting collaboration with Netflix that ignited in the ' Okchu ', a satirical criticism of the consumer society, has returned home to remove at least a social picture of the bundle. Only because of its undoubtedly great talent Mon Jun Ho could not do anything too ordinary and simple when you can make a truly remarkable.
' Parasites 'really admire presenting his theme, which does not stay in one genre: Ho perfectly replaces hilarious comedy to frightening thriller vkraplonnymi horrornymi elements and even with the inherent Asian beautiful erotic cinema individual scenes, and then also easily passes from the next returning to the laughter to the cord oloy, sad and melancholic human tragedy from various sides: the sad tragedy of unfulfilled plans powerlessness of human nature against nature, or the end to the tragedy of the sad loneliness with a little flame burning dim hope for the future. Actually, it's amazing how many and in which a furious pace, really lively and exciting spirit manages the author put in a little over two hours, when the tape over and over again, minute by minute continues to unwind and surprise, giving even the cleverest viewers all new story vicissitudes. Presents this Mon Jun Ho is not less exciting than spins the story itself: some scenes the music may well cause a storm of applause, and the individual frames, as often happens in Asian cinema, as if created to exist in a frame above the fireplace, so that in the languid evening glances at them and think about something profound.
Fortunately, the reasons for such gatherings Ho will also bring plenty. ' Parasites ', with all its tangible lightness view at all so simple in its essence, the director demonstrating the inherent ability to elegantly and subtly beat pressing human problems. Here are facing two different worlds - rich and poor, where, what is most remarkable, there is clearly bad and definitely a good representative. Here and there, there are living people - two families, loving and caring, but each of them by reason of the provisions formed his worldview: Mr. Kim's family, the poorest class, huddled in a basement apartment, making a living by collecting boxes for pizzas, and the family Mr. Pak, a successful businessman, lost in his same huge modern mansion with all the comforts of life, and even personal servant. For the first daily challenge is urinating on the sidewalk a man, and for the second - another trick of his youngest son. And the situation in which there are heroes, influenced, of course, and the perception of the world as a whole, if the latter people are more naive, simple, since it is nothing to fight for survival with all available means, the first pumped to the max eloquence together to wit, deceive, to live and adapt in just a few seconds, like cockroaches managing to take the necessary and scatter with a lit light in the kitchen. And looking at the first clash of two opposing worlds, it becomes immediately clear: as soon as the cockroach world comes into interaction with the world resources - further their relationship would be impossible to break. If those same 'parasites', Mr. Kim's family becomes, without even noticing, dependent life packs, allowing for long hours under the rainy sky to forget about their plight, plenty attaches dreams. And following the results themselves also closely Paki become addicted to his new friends.
However, again farther inland, the clearer the fact that under one basement level there are always guests and lower level. The same cooped up in four walls and close the same, even more, to a frightening degree, dependent. Some of the lower level of parasites will be sincerely grateful and content with their secret location, and other parasites, the ones with big ambitions, will not be able to put up with crumbling plans. And mix in a bunch of parasites, horses, people and Scouts Indians. Because it is no wonder this strange parasitic symbiosis destroying their entire base, it puts a stop vehicle and dependent and leads to the oppressive and terrifying tragedy that throughout history, form the smallest details: whether it's annoying odor, which suddenly proznal, arrogant phrase not the right time, or violation of the personal boundaries in a conversation about love. Gradually, step by step, approaching the denouement rings stronger and stronger, and its climax under a clear sky there is a lightning strike, is left in disarray. And even in the epilogue, when it seems like Ho , even when everything happened ready to bring the story to a happy end, in fact, only the dots, leaving the audience there, as well as the narrative of heroes, alone in silence with perhaps unrealistic hopes and frightening thoughts about the uncertain future.
' Parasites ', without a doubt, are great and exemplary creation of the brilliant Korean cinema, which continues to win the love of spectators around the world. And after seeing the new tape Mon Jun Ho it is clear that it is all deserved. Striking artwork with fine human nature at its core. His characters, no matter how bad they may seem, are clear and honest, even in their behavior before the audience. And poverty as wealth, is not a vice, a track with good intentions, and so it is clear where the lead is ready for them. Will turn from this path or not with a heavy stone in his hand - it is a question of a different type, but one thing is clear: even parasites can understand and can sympathize with them. After all, we are all people: that in the basements and in expensive mansions. And the difference, ultimately, between us whatsoever.

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