"Parasites (2019)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Korean director auteur Mon Jun-ho has finally returned to his homeland. He returned to remove one of the most brilliant of his career films - "parasites" who were awarded the Palme d'Or of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Tired of the Americanized "Through the Snow" and strimingovyh "TAN", Mon Jun-ho like myself returns to the state in which he created the "mother" and "Memories of Murder". All his energy, he sent not to work with the crew and the actors directly, which, in turn, are divided into energy with the audience. Mon Jun-ho is unique in its own originality, it can be called the author of genre cinema, but he does not like to follow the rules of the genre, preferring to deconstruct them, and perverted izvorachivayas with form and content.
«Parasites» Mon Jun-ho do not depart from the usual for the director of the formula - this genre film falling under the genre framework only partially. The film is in the capable hands of director during the entire timing changes from the tragicomedy in the thriller, from his metaphysical narratives and back, looping occurs. As always at the Pont Joon-ho - it is impossible to say what specific genre it works because it creates a movie like it and feels just looking over his laws, deftly mixing them together. Such a method is very risky, but not at Mon Jun-ho, but not in the "parasites", but not a work of art that goes beyond, but who can stop in time at the border, thus preserving the integrity of the design.
plot basis " parasites "although impregnated Korean pure color, but the history is obvious, universal for all peoples and nations. In the center of a two-family plot: poor and rich, each parents of two children. In contrast families built almost the whole picture. The first lives in the basement, struggling every day for survival, with no money, no food, no work, they receive, even without the Internet thanks to the free Wi-Fi point in the city. The second is living in expensive houses, detached from the world, the owners of which nothing does not deny, spending money right and left. A rich life is blind, but enviably elevated position above the rest of the world, poor well - is the existence of wide-eyed cockroach
poor family is slowly but surely penetrate the rich family mansion, forged documents and pretending to be other people.. First the son, not having a proper education, gets a job in a wealthy family repeater English confidently beginning to clear the way for their relatives. The hostess - good, but very naive woman prefers to hire people for recommendations. This also enjoys the poor family of swindlers, beginning to penetrate into the house under the guise of master of art therapy, driver and housekeeper. The desire to survive - whether a crime? Despite which side to look. Poor people simply want to survive and feed each other, only in their struggle they go to all sorts of machinations to wealthy employers fired his driver and housekeeper to their place stood prudently "parasites».
film has consistently and very accurate form, draws parallels with insects, often themselves the characters call each other cockroaches - pests. And a pauper section of the population, as if imitating insects collected in the dark corners of the fetus and consuming leftovers, running up the sides with the first rays of light, hiding the rich owners life. But who in this world is the main parasite - a question that has no answer. Nezryachest rich or poor intake - two sides of the same coin. The "parasite" no good or bad, there are people separated by social strata, but first of all it is real people. People want to live, to enjoy every day, to love and care for the sake of their own selfishness.
man can not even imagine how many insects live with him face to face. The human parasites lacking apartment, the existence of which the owners may not even suspect. And the fact that often in his life a man can never meet in my house with some insects have not yet said that they do not live with him - they are very well hidden. This kind of hide and seek and endless catch-up "Parasites" is and are turning into a tense thriller with events nakradyvayuschimisya at each other, like a snowball. And this snowball increases a mass of tension throughout the film that is closer to the final burst of its own weight, thereby tearing apart the moral spectator.
Mon Jun-ho, as always, picked up different actors, appropriate to their roles. His work with everyone - amazing, and the game of the ensemble - is devastating. Empties thanks to its credibility, because "Parasites" do not create a new world on the screen, they give the viewer to walk on to the real world, unjust and lowlands, which, alas, all people are divided into layers. Social strata, though he gave no sign, while maintaining a proud person, but deep down, one way or another over the years accumulated hatred for each other. Rich despise and can not stand the poor - in the film there is a scene in which the rich family discusses the vile smell of the subway, the smell of poverty. The poor, by contrast, are obsessed with the rich - money, a potential employer, and from there the animal fury enveloping characters
«Parasites" But all the accumulated dirt, sooner or later begin to crawl out on the surface, like a sewage slop, enveloping everything around, like. in film. People in the "parasites" in the truest sense of the word begins to sink in their own excrement, choking own lowlands. The heroes of the picture there is no plan, only a simple goal - to survive and earn more money. My favorite among the people saying: not in money happiness. That's just for the money to buy everything, including happy and long life. Desire gives rise to the pursuit of financial well-being, so the main characters of "parasites" are so obsessed with money, because, like it or not, these papers determine the life of this world.
way or another, but one social class can not exist without the other. "Parasites" - multi-layer film, it can be viewed from different angles, but the interpretation is always the same, immortal and true universality at any time. Mon Jun-ho asks the question, leaving the answers to the audience that after watching just can not throw "parasites" of their heads. This is the rarest form of paintings in the film, representing a memorable kinoopyt that defines an entire era. The new film Mon Jun-ho "Parasites" - a mirror of the contemporary world, a mirror of society, a mirror of social life, the mirror of human nature. This movie is an impartial, movie bold, vivid, cinema present, eternal, and need not be described, it needs to be a spectator, but he needs in this picture.
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