"Parasites (2019)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

On wide screens out the main subject of post-Cannes discussions, film eclipsed its intelligent simplicity magnificent creations no less magnificent Tarantino and Almodovar Jarmusch, a hit that this summer will love if not all, very, very many.
Until May of this, the directors-people from South Korea have never been able to conquer Cannes. In the distant 2004th Palme gave documentaries "Fahrenheit 9/11", leaving out of business crowd favorite "Oldboya" Pak Chan-wook. In 2018th on hand were Lee Chang-dong and "Burning", but the main award to everyone's chagrin went to another Asian masterpiece -. "Shop pilferers" Hirokazu Koreedy
This year, the Côte d'Azur "parachuted" many of those who are rightly called classical modernity. In the main competition were presented paintings pen Almodovar, Quentin Tarantino, Ken Loach, Terrence Malick, the Dardenne brothers. With such competitors a chance to win Mon Jun-ho, to try their hand here two years ago, and even then without much success were slim. But it was in the "parasites" - a satirical drama on the theme of the social stratification of society - the jury could see the future victor
In his new tape Mon Jun-ho tells the story of modern urban life of a family with the surname Kim is quite mediocre, forced to live in squalid basement where. -That on the outskirts of an unnamed metropolis (the viewer, however, it is not difficult to guess that the picture the unfolding events in the turbulent Tokyo). Means to feed a family a bit, and the opportunity to climb from the bottom, to escape from the cellar to the social world, and hence to the material well-being and even less.
Residence protagonists resembles a garbage dump, which had been brought just rubbish. In the evening, under a single window of their shanty close and then defecate the local drunks. Their clothes are literally absorbed odors and nasty stench coming from the dining room next door. The only source of income for them - glue pizza boxes
Amazingly, in this seemingly incompatible with the normal life of the household environment, like tenacious insects have developed an internal immunity, and with it the unique ability to wrap any household turmoil to their advantage.. No money for a home online? Freestuff use the wi-FEMA from a nearby diner! City disinfection service came to the neighbors to poison cockroaches? Open the window a little wider, and let us get rid of these reptiles - zabesplatno! A friend of the eldest son to go abroad and offers to replace his tutor the daughter of a wealthy IT specialist? Moment, only to fake diploma of education with the help of Photoshop and priodenemsya decently!
So the eldest son of Ki-woo, of course, does not know a word in English, introduced in Pakov family that lives in a luxury country house. This design house is a proscenium for the development of the main story line pattern. Here Ki-woo gradually pulls all his "Addams Family": younger sister recommends as an art therapist (whatever that means), the mother parked as servants, a chauffeur for his father Woo Pak-older. As a result, the whole family Kims-parasites quietly taking root in a rich house, and gradually begins to let him in its tenacious roots. In the language of biology, "parasites" deftly clinging to the body of his new "master" in the future to suck out all the vital forces.
To avoid impermissible spoilers about the second act of this breathtaking spectacle keep silent. But rest assured, Mon Jun-ho not from the cohort of directors that give the public all the answers yet to the opening credits. He masterfully leads the unsuspecting viewer on an intricate plot corridors, so that at first smooth and monosyllabic history gradually turns into a multi-layered story of cunning. the director-narrator did not miss the opportunity to show the audience their filigree ability to handle any genre lines. As a result, we face a balanced compilation of the family comedy, psychological thriller, horror, bloody slasher and ironic drama. Cunning mix of theoretically incompatible styles that Pont Joon-ho manages to deftly juggle the delight of the audience, not forgetting about the problems ostrosotsialnye.
glad that Pont Joon-ho did not do from the "parasites" banal exercise in his ability to combine on default incompatible genres, and focused on the study of such issues arhiaktualnyh as tacit class segregation, social stratification, the financial polarization of society, urbanization with a "non-human" face.
subtle sense of modern social and stem ssovy watershed comes from a family that is, in fact, she was on the border, which runs between the rich and the poor, his film Mon Jun-ho boldly states that the impressive technological progress that South Korea was able to achieve over the last twenty years, in a society It formed a huge social chasm. And that gulf is measured not so much a cash equivalent, as a number's value and a set of life principles and moral attitudes.
But it's not scary. According Mon Jun-ho, break out in the "people" to move from one caste to another - more secured and respected - is virtually impossible. The destiny of "parasites" - always be "parasites", the dregs of society, a mediocre product of modern globalization. In this sense, in the picture on some sverhdramatichnoy note played fate Ki-woo, which is more than the rest of his relatives wanted to succeed and become rich, but at the end it turned victim of his own reckless aspirations.
Decision directing ideas Pont Joon-ho helps his commitment to the obsessive symbolism. The picture is literally filled with simple and clear characters, chief among them - the smell. Smell, says Pont Joon-ho - it is like a fingerprint - for each person it unique. And if you were born and grew up in the slums, then someone you do not play - a talented teacher of English or a professional chauffeur, the smell of poverty will always haunt you. It gives a smell in Kim Sr. stranger, a man from another world.
The movement also focuses a powerful philosophy of painting. Vertical movement as an important semantic component of "parasites" opens new doors for the main characters and levels for self-discovery. At first, the characters have to slowly but surely climb the mountain, to break up. At the end of every run without looking back in the opposite direction, in his raw podval.Postoyannye ups characters in the film up the steep stairs and back to help convey to the viewer director's idea that life - is a constant movement
But neither of these genre exercises. a clear allusion to the claim for an Oscar as best foreign film, or persistent commitment is certainly a talented director to symbolism is not enough to "parasites" could turn cinematic river in a new direction, to change the Cinematography s landscape, which for a picture-winner of the Cannes Film Festival - at the moment, the most important event in the world of cinema - a mandatory condition. Otherwise, what is the meaning of all these awards, prizes and Grand Prix?
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