"Parasites (2019)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 2018 the main Cannes prize won picture Hirokazu Koreeda "store thieves." Story of a poor Japanese family, which by all means tries to survive, became a kind of antithesis of the picture Zvyagintsev's "dislike". The picture Koreeda people, despite the difficulties, were full of love for each other that makes them different from jaded life in rich Moscow pictures, but cool movie characters Zvyagintsev.
This year at Cannes was a very busy program. His new paintings presented such masters of cinema like Malik, Jarmusch, Almodóvar, Tarantino. But the jury headed by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu gave the main award of the South Korean film "Parasites" directed by Bong Joon-ho
synopsis is simple:. South Korean family of odd jobs, living in a tiny basement. The situation changes when the eldest son, by the recommendations of a friend, a fake diploma and welcoming arrogance, arranged English language tutor to the family of a businessman. There, in an atmosphere of a luxury home, the hero matures plan how to get out of poverty his family
Reading the synopsis of "parasites" can not help recalling last year's winner:. Asia again, poor family, lies and an attempt to find the money, and, therefore, happiness, because for the lazy poor happiness always lies in money. In this small observation traced interesting trend - Hollywood loves Mexican filmmakers in recent years, Cannes prefer Asian paintings. European and American cinema, apparently waiting for his moment of glory.
tape, declared as a comedy-drama, in fact, is a mix of genres from screwball comedy to a forgotten Kammerspiele. But this seething primordial soup from which apparently soon will arise movies imitators, does not look ridiculous. The film is like a bobsled track, forcing the viewer to go first, then run, and finally drop into a whirlpool of events and simply trot, leaving everything to the will of the director. The viewer is watching with interest for the first resourcefulness of four adults, and then the effects of such lies. Number of laughter in the hall is reduced gradually, the voltage increases. Bong Joon-ho every minute accelerates the sled, and the viewer is already rushing into the unknown, where every minute of it waiting for a new, unpredictable turn
The main idea of ​​the film -. Show social inequality and its consequences - is demonstrated by a comparison of two families, each of which is of four - mother, father, son and daughter. One family is poor, collecting boxes for pizza and not really wanting to strain. The second family is rich, here's husband works hard, earning a lot of money, and the wife is the children and looks great. In one family, the adult son, a clever guy who knows English and dreams to continue his studies at the university. In another family - the son of a small trying to portray a genius, a lover of Indian and abstract drawings. I have daughters. In one family - a beautiful, but stupid, possesses excellent acting ability that allows her to pretend to be different personalities, and the other rich, but not spoiled girl, learn English, and to dream big and light love
Two different families, though. looking at each other as in a mirror the curves, it is the very parasites. For those who are richer, the parasites will always be those who are poorer - of them even comes odor. For those who are poorer, parasites will always be those who are richer because they have everything.
parasitism in this film is shown on a particular level. With the development of the story people are transformed into insects, moving it on all fours, like the worms crawling on the floor. They live in basements and bunkers, behave abnormally, lose their human appearance. They are not afraid of blood and dirt, foul-smelling liquid escaping from the sewer. Those who are below the social ladder are closer to the earth from which we came and to which we go. For them, the process of turning into parasites as natural as resourceful deception or blatant envy.
Parasites and here are the English words appearing in a speech characters, pop-up, as something alien that does not make sense, and without which one can express himself. But these moments when in a sentence, consisting of Korean words, there are English, as well as love for pizza, Indian, wigwams and scouts look like leaking parasitic essence of the original culture of the other foreign. Parasitism -. It is around
This picture is not tied to a place so devoid of color of South Korean culture. It does not show views of Seoul. For the viewer there are two important world - a tiny cellar and a luxury house. In these worlds, and there is development of the plot. This picture is closer to the parable, which can be transferred in the neighborhoods of New York and in the regions of Moscow high-rise buildings.
about this picture is really hard to tell. It has several key turning points that change the plot completely and which can not speak, so as not to spoil the view.
Bong Joon-ho demonstrates that in each of us lives a parasite. This parasite has a different way of expressing: contempt for those who are poorer or envy toward those who are richer. This parasite can remain small, if not to give him the opportunity to grow, and remains virtually invisible to humans, but can grow and overshadow any rudiments of the spiritual in man, turning it into a continuous parasitic creature, for whom killing - this is the only way to deal with his anger on all around, and cowardly flight -. only way to avoid the deserved punishment
In some strange way, "Parasites", as well as last year's winner of Cannes, reminds me of a picture Zvyagintsev's "Elena". In "Elena", which tells about the social inequality of the two families, the main character kills his rich wife and settled in his luxury apartment of his infantile son with his large family. South Korean "parasites" and our "Elena" have in common the desire to grab someone else's luxury territory and quickly turn from "Gopnik" in the "intelligentsia." Endless blind jealousy, do not leave the choice between the "pass and forgive us our happiness" and murder, makes heroes of these two paintings in miserable creatures, which later on in life will be transformed into endless torments of conscience, held in the darkness of his own mind.
If each of us could just walk past, to forgive and be happy for the other, not to interfere, not to lie, not to despise the people turned into parasites would be much less. As you know, bad people are not born. They become. And often engenders in them a society of parasites around
Bong Joon-ho -. One of the most famous Korean directors have not yet having the status of a cult, but it is resistant to moving, he took the unusual and very interesting film, which raises many important issues, that it's difficult with something to compare it. This pattern leads to look at ourselves, to find the parasite and make it obedient to sit inside and do not protrude outward, for any parasite should be hidden in the darkness.
«Envy is the soul, there is concern, arising from the that we desire to have good other people, which we do not think more of us worthy to wield it »
- Gottfried Leibniz

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