"Paper Moon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To start with a little story about how I learned about this wonderful comedy.
few weeks ago I decided to revise become a cult film Luc Besson "Leon" and see whether changed my attitude towards him since the first show, which was about 12 years old ago, and that it is necessary now is a movie looks quite nice thanks to excellent game Natalie Portman and Jean Reno, but of course I noticed a few logical flaws are not noticed before. For example, I do not understand why adoptive parents of Matilda had to take her from the orphanage? To be honest this act does not make sense and logical explanation, because the practical meaning of this act is not clear to me, and do not produce the adoptive parents experience spiritually advanced people who can take the girl out of the shelter for the nobility. The second drawback of the film is over-fanciful caricature chief of the city police and part of the main villain of the film by Gary Oldman. If not for these two drawbacks, I would put 10, that no matter what a magnificent drama about how the two met a stranger to this world of loneliness. And so I had to turn down the estimate by one ball.
Well, I'm a little distracted, let's go back to the main stories of the Lord. When I put the rating of "Leon" to "kinopoisk" my mind caught on the review of Sergei Kudryavtsev, in which the "Leon" was compared with "Paper Moon" and the comparison was not in favor of the former. I wanted to understand immediately see "Paper Moon" and find out what the little girls get an Oscar? (If anyone knows Tatum. O'Neill is the young actress who received an Oscar in the history of the award). It turned out that for the cause. Perhaps the "Paper Moon," the most brilliant and ironic comedy that I've seen in my life. Its main advantage in addition to the brilliant acting duo Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal (who are in the life of a father and daughter) absolutely no vulgarity because in my opinion aerobatics in humor is a joke, so that you can put in front of TV a child of seven or fear for his moral education. Unfortunately, with our TV screens in the main show humor based on the stupidity and vulgarity, and is designed primarily for individuals for whom the only book in my life was the primer, and the major blockbuster film by Timur Bekmambetov and directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. At best, we have KVN with its mediocre jokes mainly based on this political situation. But the more valuable as time passes such brilliant comedies like "Paper Moon", because after thirty-five years since the premiere is safe to say we face a classic American comedy. After watching I'm very sorry that at the moment you can not buy a license DVD with this film, because he went out and sold out long ago. The desire to buy a license DVD to me is an indication that the film I truly liked and I would like to have it in their collection (for example, the film "In the hands of God," I would have bought, and for four hundred, subject to availability of dubbing and English tracks, as well as two versions of the film director and producer, both on the original DVD, but, alas, alas ...).
but I digress again and now I will try to outline to tell you what the movie at the same time, trying not to reveal the most interesting moments and chips.
film begins as the main first hero Mose Prey coming to the funeral of his old friend and her friends mourners pushes his daughter died and the girl asked to divert to another city to the deceased's sister. Between times it turns out that the girl, whose name is very similar to Eddie Mose chin, and could very well be his daughter. Eddie gets into the car to svomu possible father and a great road movie begins, I would not like to dwell on the story, because if I describe it in detail, it significantly marred the pleasure of those who want to see this movie because of my post. Let me just say that fraud in this film are great and cause a smile on his face, and in the mind of the excitement of a great notion. I will say that Eddie brilliantly to get rid of "rival" in the face of a very frivolous person, which Mose inadvertently vtyurilsya. Just to say that our heroes will meet with the sheriff of the state and the loss of everything they had.
And I liked the spectacular finale, when I watched it I was in a fit of boisterous laughter beat his fist on the table and thought, "Well, Eddie're cool . »
And after watching this film, I realized one thing; If you take off a really good movie time will be no power over him. Perhaps it is somewhat banal idea, but before I did not come across as bright thirty-five years ago movies.
And let this film now kinopoisk only 126 golocov, and because of the small number of votes, he can not enter into the TOP 250 is not hurt again in a couple of years to include a computer or DVD player can be (if fetch disk) and again to enjoy this for a really funny and a good story.
PSA my score of 10 out of 10 as you probably already understand, because this is the first comedy pleasant sensations from which I did not pass the second day .

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