"Paper Moon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the world of any decent films, many of them - are normal. There are also masterpieces of world importance, ie movies of all time. But rare films really know how to touch, to get every fiber of his soul to feel a single frame to the slightest emotion, sit inside and titles, very sad that the film is over.
film, which I'm going to keep it a little later, has managed for a few minutes ahead of the trio is hot and infinitely my favorite films: willingly gives him a pedestal bortonovsky "Edward Scissorhands", humbly buzzing "Train to Yuma" and in a brighter smile, "Little Miss Sunshine" - hooligan couple of nice man and at least about bayatelnoy girls udelala all that so pyzhilis advertise Hollywood and our producers for all these years.
scam began, and all that was in my mind, it seemed to fly away to another planet. So now I typing this review, I remember that, yeah, the Hollywood writers strike, someone out there has decided to go along the path of GDP, outside - winter, and on the calendar sheet - 2008. Returning from a world where two hundred bucks ceased to be money, turned into a symbol of a strange and beautiful friendship, where a paper moon marks the beginning of the end of loneliness, which is so bright and incredibly badly perceived by the simple, ordinary people, such as cashiers, farmers, policemen, arrogant bootlegger rich ladies, caring aunt, tired mother of many children, a telegraph clerk, Seller of cotton candy, where a smile said to each other more than a hundred words where there is no fate-villains and disgusting villain of time, because they defeated gene -trivial swindlers, who were able to profit cloaked in the mantle of happiness, I was shocked
You too will pass this amazing way of the movie "Brilliant scam":. the way from the grave of the mother of cute young girl with several adult expression rushing up the winding path of the truck with a poorly performing brake. A path that will suit you the director Peter Bogdanovich and his actors - father and daughter -. Ryan and Tatum O'Neal
So our obnoxious Eddie was left without a mother. On its modest funeral arrives at tarahtyaschem and do not think to obey the owner of car old acquaintance - a certain Mose, pretty cute, honest-looking man in a decent suit. Word by word, phrase by phrase, and Mose Eddie agrees to take in the town of St. Joseph, Mo., - to her aunt as deanery, which decided to shift burden Eddie. Pretty soon insightful Eddie realizes that Mose - conman that more kids around the unfortunate widows selling Bible. And Eddie cleverly wedged in stealth Mose ...
This lightweight, everyday, like a pair of eating sandwiches in the morning, the film will have on your wonderful and powerful influence. Black and white, with the music as if from some pleasant zavedenitsa, with camera work, I love to build big plans, tracing, in this way, the complexity of the person of different characters, which we at home do not even notice, even not particularly look into their faces this is one of the most humane and touching film never dissolves in cold air sun ruthless modernity.
Leave no charming wink Ryan O'Neal as Mose, sadly coquetry before the mirror Tatum O'Neal as Eddie, not truthful of the world and condemning vulgarity monologue Madeline Kahn as Trixie Delight dancer nor gruff behavior Randy Quaid in the role of the farmer or the exciting police chase, nor the atmosphere of the provincial American towns ...
Scenario Alvin Sargent teaches us not sparkling originality or scandalous history of friendship two con men, the story valuable, above all, that it all the people - not characters from cardboard, but real people. It is noteworthy that later Sargent wrote the debut film by Robert Redford -. "Ordinary People»
Peter Bogdanovich expressed routine and at the same time the reality of movie characters rather surprising way - not through the details, and in general, that there is for each person. We, as older people brag about their children and grandchildren, as a prostitute, on the stupid joke laughing, enjoying life, being a farmer, spit contempt for the citizens, as decorous people to convince others that their presence will please everyone. There is no "surprisingly realistic special effects", no "philosophical parable" no "subtle irony," no "spicy moments", there remained only the people themselves. Do you believe in everything - in those buildings, those people in those events
know this movie road movie genre ( "road movie") reminded me of a similar genre film, already the modern period -. In 1999 David Lynch took "A Simple story", where a dying old man on the mower cross the States, in order to have time to visit a sick brother. In both films are surprisingly realistic characters. Both movies are fine just that - a reality, and in both films the main characters give viewers understand that the reality is not so gloomy, hopeless, do not need to be afraid of the world, it is necessary - to love him. It seems that Peter Bogdanovich and David Lynch, shooting their films, admitted to all of us in his love and faith in the people. They were not afraid to show us the world - the world of the American West, which they love. And these movies are so similar to the Russian ribbons in them the same simplicity and sincerity, the same ordinary people, in the same province, which we can not live under the yoke of the indifferent city-millionaires. Province killed, and films such as "Brilliant speculators" and "The Straight Story," are
"Brilliant speculators." - a path that proves that life - it's amazing phenomenon when from the sight of someone else's coffin you moved to the winding road ., a full set of puzzles that happy world, whose name - friendship
I love this movie
Dedicated : Baba Kapa, honestly earned the second initiation of the month. .

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