"Paper Moon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Cigarette and radio broadcasting transmission medium degree of immorality were the best of friends young Eddie, while her unfortunate mother spent her nights in bars and sunrises met in more and more new beds. Days, alike as two peas, I was no rush and no carrying no worries. However, there was a risk of losing even these small delights of life after our heroine was left completely alone. At the funeral, the memorial crowd, among the young ladies of respectable age, strangely wormed someone Mose Prey. The fact that he knew the deceased, did not require evidence (few men did not manage it, "meet" in a small town), but the fact that his chin - one to one like Eddie navol cemetery onlookers on strange thoughts. Mose finally knocked down by the fact that that the only one who cares about the life of the baby - Aunt Billy, lives in the state where he was headed originally. Excuses not to place in the hands of a swindler, it seems all a servant of God falls, our heroine, which is somewhere far away waiting for a warm bed and a piece of cake. Vyproshennye blackmail $ 200 Mom killers relative Eddie are a good consolation for a born loner until such time as the precocious smyshlonaya girl does not need them back and refuses to go to my aunt. With an estimated dad in the midst of plains and steppes is much more interesting than sitting at the piano in a cozy house. There are in fact even smoke will not give ...
The seventies were the time when the world is literally breathed cinema. New trends, new fashions, new names. Among those kinolihoradka swept truly turned out to be Peter Bogdanovich, who succeeded in the late sixties to the profession of criticism directed. Whether native chair somehow suddenly became scarce, or light bulbs dimmed, or maybe just tired of charlatans in the industry - it is unknown to science. Success in the new path does not take long. Being a fan of the "old" school, Peter began to create, year after year, alternating between black and white films with color. We have to admit that from the classical era former critic took all the best. His sixth film, "Paper Moon," is steeped in love for the black-and-white film and in it you can vaguely see a representative of the seventies. Specific installation, plenty of close-ups and a lot of irony on life itself - the people in the cinemas clearly remembered his prolonged foggy haze youth. Jazz soundtrack is like clicking your fingers painted in the minds of the audience the days of the Great Depression. And, despite the fact that since the movie rental has passed more than 40 years, there is no doubt that it will be of interest not only of our cinephiles, but the next few generations. A simple story told ordinary language, if the bike around the campfire, takes not only mentally and references to the classics. If you ever are wondering, "What is cinema?" - the view "Paper Moon" will help you to answer it with a much higher probability than the same operation with any representative of the industry today, completely drowned in the prequels and sequels. Bogdanovich's film reveals the soul and its heroes, and gazers at the screen penetrates into every nerve of the body, fills the atmosphere, without resorting to the mass action and supereffektnym twist. Is not it because of this we love movies?
Like any road movie, our characters in search of easy money romp from town to town, meeting along the way and not very good people, but in the center of the story at all times remain themselves. Two heroes, two destinies, two personalities. Mose - the poor man, son of a gun, nothing Skopje and nazhivshy, without a residence permit and permanent residence, but with the charm on a scale alendelonov 9 out of 10. And Eddie - a nine princess with bottomless eyes, a finger in her mouth no luggage. In order to evaluate the adaptation of this duo to different life situations difficult to choose the scale, however, ensure that they have become empty / fattening the pockets through the development of the plot - it is very entertaining. In this case, the film is not broken down into episodes, and each of casual acquaintances in the script takes a strictly designated location. Traditional same genre questions (Why he took her with him What is the probability that he is really her father What awaits them at the end of -??? Broken trough, or the golden coast) does not seem to be rhetorical. And in general, what kind of rhetoric can be discussed when the two heroes of the time, the history of time to change your life pier several times, first to appeal to morality and appear actually other people in the final. Yes, it is - the same crook, and scoundrel. Yes, it's still difficult teenager with yellowed by cigarette smoke teeth. But the concept of "happiness" and "well-being" changed for both of them beyond recognition. Changing and life itself. From this point of view the final, which Bogdanovich decided to leave the "open", the best solution seems yesterday debutant profession.
Laughter through tears and tears through laughter. Having time for half an hour with the odd lift weight everyday and varying degrees of philosophic questions in the concept of a truly "road" movie director finally svol all crazy and have not made it clear what we saw: a brutal drama about how a girl lost her mother and I went on an inclined into bad company, or tragicomedy about how difficult it was during the Great depression to earn (and most importantly - save) $ 200. But what we do know is the fact that the pope and daughter duo in real life gets in the whole and within the black-and-white rectangular image, as if the actors do not have in front of us. So be sure to treat yourself to these fast food, is equipped with a vinaigrette of genres, hurricane acting work and seasoned with love for cinema. Generation dystopia and comics - I'm talking to you! Not proshlyapte Masterpiece, very beg you.

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