Paintings houses and decoration, giving life to our home. Essay

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Paintings houses and decoration are details that in more than one occasion have given us headaches. The selection of the right color for our interiors is very important. It could be said that it is one of the most important aspects when we transform our house. The truth is that a simple change of painting transforms everything.Paintings houses and decorated in details

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The sense of renewal is immense even if no big changes are made. Therefore it is advisable when we want to change everything in an economical way. The selection of tones will be in accordance with the style of our decoration. We must ensure that the final result is consistent with all the spaces.House paints and color solutions

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It must be taken into account that it looks harmonious with the furniture. It is also important to have clear measurements of the spaces to be painted. For dark rooms dark colors should be avoided. They contribute to that everything looks very reduced so let's leave these tones for wider spaces. On the other hand there are influences that colors can cause in our mood.Light colors for living room

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Especially for spaces like the bathroom and the bedrooms. The psychology of color can be useful to help us make a decision. With these studies we can focus on a specific range. This way we will win in time and we will be able to make an accurate decision. One of the tones that are popular is yellow like the orange when we try to paint houses and decoration.Contrast of yellow and white

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Especially since there is a great availability of cakes and mates. They are also tones that provide amplitude and luminosity. Therefore they can be advisable for small rooms. Otherwise in places with lack of natural light. The white the other that we can not leave out as regards paintings for the home. It also generates light and amplitude, especially if you focus on the furniture.Yellow with floral elements

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Highlight the elements on the walls as we will see in the images. If you have stickers or vinyl stickers the white is excellent. It acts as a background screen that will allow you to highlight many decorative elements. Blues and greens may also interest you for bedrooms. They have relaxing properties and there is a wide range of tones available.Highlighting color boxes

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Children's bedrooms or spaces destined to relax can be applied. The same thing happens with the range of roses for girls' rooms. In general for any room intended for rest. At the other end we can locate the red ones. For spaces that we intend to fill with energy. They can be the entrances of the house and as we saw previously they are not recommended for rooms.Natural accents with plants

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Also, using it in classrooms can be too stimulating. Although everything will depend on the use made of the space. This will also depend on the tone and colors that are selected. Here we leave some samples in different areas of the house. They may help you to make an appropriate selection.Solution with accent in orange

paintings cool houses ideas orange plants

Walls with light colors

paintings houses cool ideas solutions green


Room with ample light input

paintings houses cool yellow accents spheres

With white furniture

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Asian air variant

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Brown tones for bedroom

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yellow dining ideas white solutions

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Pink details decorated bedroom sheets

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