Overview Of Pakistan For First-Time Visitors Essay

Being rated in one of the most dangerous places to live in because of terrorist attacks and sectarian violence, you can see why many people aren’t prone to getting a little R&R in Pakistan. Although, if you’re interested in taking some risks and going out for an adventure, this underestimated country with exceptional infrastructure could be one of the places that will surprise you with its breathtaking beauty.

Interested in this adventure? Well here’s a guide to one of the most underrated in refinement and overly exaggerated in danger countries of Asia.

River trips

Pakistan is the home of the largest lake in Southern Asia which is an area of a 100 square miles. There you can find many natural and manmade lakes and reservoirs one of which is Rawal Lake at the Lake View Park. Lake View Park is one of the most famous picnic spots for families and it is located alongside Rawani Lake where you can enjoy boating, kayaking, water-skiing, and diving. Kids can also take part in water sports such as riding scooter boats and speed boats while the parents enjoy the BBQ facilities, rock climbing, gym motorsports at the Park. If you’re looking to learn about motor boating and Jet Skiing, Lahore Marina Boat Club will welcome you with open arms. In this club, they will not only teach you these water sports for the hell of it, but they will also educate you in rescuing. Spend some time with the Lahore Marina Boat club- and you’ll go back home as a qualified lifeguard!

Bird-Watching a Chukar

The Bahwalpur Zoo is the fourth largest zoo in all of Pakistan made up of 25 acres of a zoological garden and located in the Punjab Province. This zoo is responsible for the procreation of the Bengal tiger, dapple tiger and black bear for the first time in Pakistan. The purpose of this zoo is not only for enjoyment, but also for research about wild life. So if you got a paper due about wild life, this is one of the places to go for research. Adding on, this zoo is host to 870 animals, 600 birds and 180 mammals. One of the birds inhabiting this zoo is the Chukar Partridge which is the national bird of Pakistan. In Pakistani culture, the Chukar birds are believed to symbolize profound and unrequited love. The bird is said to be in love with the moon and is always watching it. So if you’re a hopeless romantic, take a road trip from Islamabad and reminisce about love with the Chukars. Or you can also find Chaukars nearby the city at Lake View Park but for a true adventure, take a four hour car ride Punjab Province. While you are there you can visit some well-known sites like the Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens.


Pakistan is the home to some of the most intriguing and beautiful museums two of which are the Pakistan Monument and the Lok Virsa Museum. The Pakistan Monument is very well known for its blooming flower petal shaped structure which represents the unity of Pakistani people. In this facility there is a reference library, audio-visual archive, conference hall and an auditorium known as the Panorama hall. You can also brush up on your facts about the Pakistan Movement by checking out the wax museum that portrays what led to the movement. Another interesting museum you might want to go to is the Lok Virsa Museum. Captivatingly, this museum presents Pakistani history and living culture. The purpose of it is to educate present and future generations of Pakistan while also creating a treasure house dedicated to the nation. Excited to be real savvy about Pakistan? Go to these museums and learn something new!

Hiking in the large hills of Pakistan

This country definitely has its fair share of mountains since it is home to the second-highest peak on earth. This mountain is the Karakoram and it would take about 9 weeks to climb with a 10% risk of kicking the bucket. For those of you who are dauntless and risk takers, who have the permits and paper-works and who have a couple of thousand dollars laying around, this is the perfect hiking trip for you. If not, there is an equally fulfilling mountain for you to climb in the city. The Margalla Hills would be less intense, expensive and would take up a lot less of time. An extra contributing factor is that there is no risk of death going up this mountain. This mountain has been called “small heaven on earth” so you wouldn’t need to climb the second largest mountain in the world for a sense of accomplishment.

Top 2 Landmarks

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Atheist or whatever, you have to visit this landmark in the land full of landmarks called The Faisal Mosque. This is an astonishing and creatively built Mosque which also reflects on the tradition and ultra-modernism with its design style – is one of Asia’s largest Mosques and 6th largest in the world. Anyone of any religion is welcome except they should avoid to come on Fridays and prayer times. Another exciting sight to see is the Saidpur Village – that resides high-end restaurants and attracts tourists and natives alike – and it was founded in 1530 AD. This modern village allows you to take a walk in the rural life of Pakistan. And who wouldn’t want to see something old fashioned and contemporary mixed together in an elegant fashion? It’s like a payphone with the features of an iPhone. Who wouldn’t want those?

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