Overview Of Landscaping And Land Use Essay

The method of forming a garden more eye catching by changing the previous design, adding decoration qualities and growing trees and shrubs.

Landscaping is a best way of gardening in its structure and in formation of ponds .big scale projects include public gardens. Gardening includes these activities as insect control however landscaping in more associated with aesthetics, whereas more landscaping industries include gardening projects. “Landscaping is a wonderful place for walking for pleasure with great weather and beautiful landscaping and houses.” It is any activity that improves the qualities of a piece of land including:

  1. Living elements, such as plants and animals, the craft of growing plants with purpose of producing a beauty in the landscape.
  2. Natural elements such as landforms, elevation and water.
  3. Elements such as weather and lighting conditions.

Understanding the land production requires study and observation. Landscapping changes in order to different places. Understanding of the place is one of the important things for successful construction. Different qualities are necessarily are taken into account. In some cases region is suitable for landscaping. Reshaping of land is called grading. Removal of earth from the land is called Cutting. In some cases reshaping process may involve extraction of excessive waste, land and rocks so workers take in to account during planning stage.

Tools: Different pencils are useful to make graphics of picture .It has become more technological than natural .Various regions have different plants. New grass should ideally be growing in spring and fall season to increase their growth and decrease the spread of weeds. Fertilizers required good plants for growth. Mix gravels with rocks of different sizes is an interesting thing by few landscapers.

Elements of landscape design composition

  • Line
  • Form
  • Color
  • Texture

Line: Lines are horizontal, vertical and circular. These are used in landscape designs for different purposes. However a feeling of surprise will create by walkway. Lines can be actual or perceived.

Form: Forms are linked with three dimensional things. Round, upright and spreading are different forms of plants. A circular plant provides a natural feel. However formal feet are given by upright plant.

Color: Colors are mostly used by land scape formation. Colors like red, yellow and orange are mostly used, which are warm colures. For both plants and hardscape color is an important factor. Color produces a visual interest.

Texture: It is a surface feature that can be divided into three categories: coarse, medium and fine. Landscape plants and flowers provide a high range of attributes including leaf flower structure etc. If we understand these elements composition which play a foundation role in landscaping production then beautiful landscapes formed.

Principal of landscape design

Basic principal of landscape design are guidelines or tools, that workers use to create eye catching, pleasing and comfortable landscapes. The principals are Proportion, order, repetition and unity.

Gardening and landscaping both are home betterment process that center around plants and rocks to enhance the natural beauty .Gardening is a method of growing plants from one plant to complete garden with different kinds of plants. Landscaping is the method of creating a garden more eye catching by changing the previous desig.n, adding ornament qualities and growing trees and shrubs. Landscaping is a best way of gardening in its structure and in formation of ponds .big scale projects include open gardens.

Horticulture has been defined as thinking of plants for food, luxury and beauty. The farming, treating and sale of fruits, nutty, potatoes, attractive plants and plants as well as many supplementary services. It also include plant conservation, landscape repair, soil management landscape and garden design. Workers apply their knowledge, skills and techniques to grow plants for human food and nonfood uses and for social needs. Horticulture job refers to growing of plants in ground or garden. Their work involves many things which play a vital role in our environment.

Types of landscaping:

  1. Mountain landscapes.
  2. Coastal landscapes.
  3. Riverine landscapes.

These are natural landscapes, which are made up of variety of geographical features known as landforms such as hill, caves and valleys.

Landscapes created by people are called built landscapes.

Mountain landscape: Mountain landscapes appear on every continent on earth. Mountains are created by the movement of earth’s tectonic plates. A mountain is generally sharper than a mountain. Mountains are formed through tectonic forces .These forces can close by raise the surface of the earth.

Coastal landscape: It is a part of coastline that has a range of coastal features, some erosional, some depositional. It is different from nearby coastal landscapes by some characters. A coastal landscape will be an interaction between:

  • A nature and structure of the rock which form the coastline.
  • The weather component defines the range and strength of environmental procedures.
  • The sea processes working to produce characters of destruction and deposition.
  • Time play an important role to produce structures.
  • This type of landscape may represent:

  • A large amount of energy environment dominance by developing features of erosion
  • A minimum energy coastal environment dominated by relatively stable features of deposition
  • A dynamic energy coastal environment dominated by transfers of sediments.

Riverine landscape: Including plants and animals in and around the area of a river. It is defined as webs of rivers and nearby land. These are brilliant for agricultural uses such as agriculture because the land is rich and fruitful. Water of natural movement system such as river form the riverine coastline. These are very beneficial for growing foods.

Land use

Land use includes the planning and development of natural environment into built environment. Land use planning are used by government to improve the development of land. A unique plan provides a basic image for future facilities. This includes the formation of goods and services. Land use performs change around the world. Our earth is enclosed with many kinds of land. Humans use this land for variety of purposes. Land use is when an area is used for special aim. These aims meet the needs of people. Land can be used for aquatic purposes like swimming and boating.

There are many types of land use:

  • Recreational
  • Transport
  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Commercial.

Residential: This type is used for living purposes such as apartment house or any other type of home. It is useful to provide housing for people.

Agriculture: This type is used to produce food for people to eat such as vegetables fruit etc. It is necessary to increase the livestock which produce meat, egg and poultry.

Recreational: This type is necessary to provide land for relax and play. It includes climbing on mountains swimming in lakes and climbing on trees.

Transportation: Driving in a car, riding on a train and taking a ride on subway are all great ways which are to this type of land use. When people make tunnels, roads etc., they are using the land for carriage purposes.

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