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In a project management, it is crucial to evaluate the opportunities, challenges as well as limitations for predicting the outcome of the particular project. Development of information and communication technology, application of internetworking helps to provide additional benefits to the organization. The study describes scopes, challenges and limitations involved in the project. In addition, in order to implement the project in hospitality industry, hardware requirements along with network design has been proposed in the present study.

Scopes of the Project

It is important to analyze scopes involved in the project. Advancement of internetworking technologies allows getting competitive advantages in the business. Implementation of Cisco solution can be helpful for the staffs and customers of the organization. The solution enables the customers to be responsive to the customers. Moreover, adoption as well as implementation of the technology can create application on premises and advanced service as well as promotes the employees of the organization [1]. It is required to capture and digitize in the hospitality industry that can be achieved with the help of this project. Moreover, the solutions can be helpful to advise guests in effective way. The e associates can develop virtual experts to give face-to-face concierge services on mobile devices. It assists the staffs answering questions of the customers regarding local environment, site-seeing and shopping as well as other excursions.

Challenges in the Project

It is crucial to identify the challenges for identifying the challenges in the organization. The Cisco solution is based on internet. Hence, disruption over the online service may break down the entire process. In addition, it is required to maintain balance in the work operation that has a chance for hampering in the project. Implementation of the project requires knowledge on the information technology [2]. Therefore, the services require training on the matter. The company needs to bear additional costs to use the project. These are the challenges may faced by the organization in order to implement the project in the organization.

Requirements for the Project

Implementation of the project requires hardware that has some specifications. Hardware required for the project is servers, computers, cables, modem, network router, cables as well as mobile devices. The personal computer needs to have Windows 7/8/10 operating system specification, 500 GB hard drive memory and mobile devices [3]. Database server as well as web server is required for the project. In addition, twisted pair cable of CAT5E series, manufactured by Prysmian Australia Pty Ltd are required for the project. M27500-20TET14 model number is required for the project. The cable has capability of 100 MBPS TPDDI and 155 Mbps ATM. Port used for connection is 23. In the project, unshielded twisted cables are used.

Network Design in Netsim

Figure 1: Diagram of network in the organization

(Source: Created by Author)

From the above diagram, it can be stated that there are two routers in the organization. Two switches are connected with the routers. From the switch 1, PCs of staffs are connected along with phone. On the other router, Router 4, phone and PCs are connected.

Advantages of Proposed Design

It is important to analyze benefits of the design that are implemented in the present project. The project enables the staffs helping the consumers in pro active way with the help of mobile devices. It can enhance the responsiveness with on-site Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, speed on-boarding training can be achieved with the help of the technology [4]. Implementation of the technology optimizes the staffing based on the traffic patterns as well as analytics.

Limitations of the Project

The major limitations of the project are disruption of online connection. As the entire project is based on online services, any issues in the online system can break down the system [5]. In addition, the hospitality industry is 24*7 hours service; any problems in the operation can disrupt the process.


From the above discussion, it can be said that analyzing scopes, limitation as well as challenges for the project. In addition, description of the needs is useful to implement the project in successful way. Analyzing limitation can allows finding out the issues and generating solution in order to overcome the issues involved in the project.


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