Overview Of Guatemala – The Land Of The Trees Essay

Guatemala others known as the “Land of the Trees” is one of the best countries outside of the United States. They have everything from old historic pyramids, volcanoes and it is located in a formal region. They have interesting ways of adapting to their environment. They also are known for their coffee which they trade with the United States.


Absolute Location is a place’s exact location using Longitude and Latitude. Guatemala’s Absolute location is located at 15.7835° N Longitude, 90.2308° W Latitude. Relative Location is what is around the place like oceans, states, countries, landmarks. The country’s Relative location is surrounded by Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, the Gulf of Honduras, Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.


Guatemala is full of many different human and physical characteristics. A human characteristic is what we humans have built like buildings and cars. Guatemala’s human characteristics include cool building like the National palace which used to be where the president of Guatemala headquarters was. An interesting human characteristic that can only be found in Guatemala is that they have pyramids that were made by the old civilization called the Mayans. People themselves are also considered human characteristics. There is 16.58 million people in Guatemala as of 2016.A physical characteristic is something that is made by Mother Nature. Guatemala’s physical characteristic consists of Volcanoes, Rainforests, and many more. The tallest volcano is named Vulcan Tajumulco and it is 13,845 Ft. above the ground. Guatemala’s rainforests are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Many tourists have gone to Guatemala just to see how great their rainforest really are. The Petén forest is one special rainforest because that is where the great pyramids are located.

Human Environmental Interactions

Human Environmental Interactions are Interactions between us and Mother Nature. Humans can adapt to the environment or we can change the environment to our preference. In Guatemala, They have a river named the Dulce River. They put wooden legs so that their houses can go over the water. Guatemala has lost 50% of its forest due to deforestation. This is our preferences. They have cut down trees to be replaced by buildings, farms, or new houses. People in Guatemala depend on Mother Nature for things they grow so that they can trade with the United States.


Guatemala is one of the many countries that the United States trades with. Guatemala trades many valuable things, some we use in our everyday lives. The trade us Bananas, Melons, Gold, Petroleum Products, Vegetables, Sugar, and most importantly Coffee. Guatemala is most known for their rich and flavorful coffee. It is not the greatest in the world but compared to the countries they are surrounded by it is pretty good. Most of Guatemala’s workers work on their agriculture. Approximately 50% percent of workers are in the agriculture sector. 13% of Guatemala’s land is farmed. Guatemala has one of the highest poverty levels worldwide. This is due to Guatemala’s Economic, Social, and Land Inequality. In 1989, 93 percent of Guatemala’s population was living in poverty.

Interesting Fact about Guatemala

Did you know that there was a Guatemalan Lieutenant colonel that was also the 28thpresident of Guatemala? His name was Carlos Castillo Armas. He was born November 4, 1914. He was trained at Guatemala’s military training camp. With his apprentice Colonel Francisco Javier Arana, they threw over the dictator of Guatemala (President Federico Ponce Vaides).This Historic part of Guatemalan history was known as the Guatemalan Revolution also known as the “Ten years of spring”. After successfully taking Vaides down he was promoted to Lieutenant colonel and began working at the academy he was once trained at. After Guatemala got its first democratically elected president. Carlos and his apprentice Francisco disagreed with the election. Then began Arana’s 1949 coup d’état. A coup is an illegal seizure of power from a government. His coup failed and he was forced to leave so he went to Honduras. He then went on to find the C.I.A or Central Intelligence Agency. After joining the C.I.A he led a coup to over throw a leftist successor in 1954. Carlos’ coup had won within 27 days. On July 7thCarlos became President of Guatemala. Tragically he was killed on July 26, 1957 by a leftist rebel. This started the Guatemala civil war.


Guatemala is a place of mystery where you will find something remarkable around every corner. Ether that’s the pyramids, the beautiful rainforests, Steaming hot volcanoes, or even their coffee.

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