Overview Of Accrual Intelligence Manuals India Private Limited Essay

Accrual Intelligence Manuals India Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 29 September, 2017 with the mission to become an organization that is knowledge centric and offers expert advice to their clients, headquarter in India their identity as the leading provider of professional wealth advisory in India and Abroad, AIM India delivers a one stop solution or service to achieve financial independence. The company category is company limited by shares and sub category is non- government company. Company’s directors are Himalaya Sethi and Kamlesh Sethi. Their principle is to deliver high returns to their clients through their network of government sector banks in India. Their comprehensive wealth management is a high level professional service that combines financial and investment advice in accounting, taxation services and retirement planning. Their wealth management is much more than just investment advice as they encompass all parts of an individual’s financial life. They coordinate all the services needed to manage client’s money and plan for their own and family’s current and future needs. They maintain and increase their wealth based on individual’s financial situation goals and comfort level with risk. Their team offers an ongoing support and advice when your investment is successfully done. We will keep you informed of changes in regulations that directly affect you and leaving you to focus on strategies that maximize profitability and productivity in investment.

The registered office of the company is at 90 Gagan Vihar EXTN, New Delhi, East Delhi. The total paid-up capital is INR 5.00 lac. The company has no reported secured loans.

AIM India believes in Dynamic Culture and it is there goal to help the Individual in dealing with the dynamism of environment whether it is related to their wealth or expansion of business. Aim India Group is the leading Advisory in India and Abroad. AIM India provides Training / Development programs in India and Abroad. They are having a team of exclusive corporate trainers. Their Principle is to deliver high rate of returns to their clients through their network of government sector banks in India. Keeping in mind the most critical needs in today’s context, they came up with wealth Advisory firm to provide a customer expertise advice to achieve financial Independence.

AIM India Pvt. Ltd. is the dynamic organization which thrives on smart working and also seeks to provide adequate opportunities for AIM people to relish while working. The company involves the activities like trips in India & Abroad, fun activities at work place and various social events and this is perceptible when you will join AIM India Group. All through the year, various events are arranged which includes awarding ceremony for best interns and employees. These events work as a motivation factor for the employees to work more enthusiastically. It also provides an opportunity to interact and socialize with the associates and other colleagues across India.

AIM India Pvt. Ltd. provides an employee friendly work culture by giving them opportunity to discuss new ideas, reward and recognitions for their performance, training in case of discrepancy. The support of Senior Managers is quite encouraging that they respect every individual’s idea and value their work by meeting them time to time. There is definitely a healthy work environment in terms of mental and physical heath. There are good practices and initiatives that provides the employees with no stress at work and no overburdening of work.

AIM India Pvt. Ltd. Treat their interns also as employees during the time of internship if any intern work properly throughout their internship time and makes more business to them or benefits for their company in return AIM India gives them a trips in India & Abroad basically they focus on abroad trips like Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong , Russia , Dubai and placements also in their company with good package. When intern or employee will get such environment in corporates they will give their best to the company. It is their ambition to make the work culture adaptable for their employees so that they can give us the maximum output while maintaining their work life balance.

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