"Overboard" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I believe that the real masterpieces, are the test of time. If after ten years and tens, or even hundreds of views, the film is still enjoyable and you are ready to watch it, as opposed to other films, then it is truly a masterpiece. This film, I can safely attributed precisely to this category of films. For the first time, 10 years old commercials (and maybe more) back, watching the film, he became one of the most beloved comedies of me. And most importantly, for all these years 10I (or even more), I watched these things tape numerous times, but still get great pleasure from this picture. That's why I prefer the good old films 80s and 90s, modern disposable pictures. The film is removed, a pioneer of the genre of romantic comedies and melodramas Garry Marshall . The man who gave the world, a huge number of "masterpieces" This genre, including the legendary "Pretty Woman." But we can safely say that his first success, he bought right after this picture. Because the film became a hit and over the 13th years, holds the title of classic and legendary paintings. Harry almost all his paintings, tells the story of "Cinderella." And the most amazing thing in this project is that Harry is out of the picture, I made a "Cinderella" on the contrary . So to say "of the princes in the mud." The film is entirely impregnated with romanticism that makes these things a tape of one of the most beautiful stories about love. Mixed in with this, the picture is just a killer comedy. How not to look ridiculous, and sometimes even to tears. One scene in which the heroine Hawn doing household chores is worth. How it "goes" the washing machine, and it is protected with an ax just killer. A scene with a chainsaw so at all, laughter and only. And most importantly, on the face of a great product for relaxation and acquisition of positive and good mood. And it is worth a lot.
plot is very interesting. First of all the fact that so many filmmakers tell the story of "Cinderella" in the standard treatment. That is how, through suffering and insults, she finds happiness. In this same picture, the heroine of the elegant and rich world, immersed in the middle-class world, where it says in the film "My Life - hell. Children - a fiend. And my husband - Satan himself. " And to observe the process, "hard" re very, very interesting. Because in addition to the moral education pattern, the film is a lot of fun and funny moments that keep exclusively on the action but also in the slaughter of verbal jokes as well. Perhaps these things tape, perfect product re cynics and snobs balabolov;) Romance paintings also disclosed very romantic, beautiful and interesting. In this case, the creators of the states that love can arise suddenly, and it does not matter what the people, the conditions in which it originated and what was the "incubation period" of love, head start and the end of the main. Finals just gorgeous.
Harry has always been able to choose the perfect actor duos and couples. A classic pair of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman" is worth. In this same picture as for me was born one of the most perfect, beautiful and organic vapor in the history of cinema, which later evolved to marriage Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell . Goldie to call a decent actress difficult. But her gorgeous work out images or flighty ladies or sweet, innocent and simple beauties. And in this film, the creators managed to combine these two types and appeared on the screen the image of Joan Stayton, which is ideally played by Goldie Hawn. Kurt Russell is in general, not only gorgeous actor, but also a very charismatic man. In this connection, they played people, always bright, interesting and captivating. Played in the film, just great. Already there are no words.
music is just magic. It's amazing how hard enough and "zamudronny" composer Alan Silvestri, was able to create such a beautiful, romantic and cheerful music. Abandoning its standard set of orchestral instruments, Alan decided to try something new and this new he won significantly. Keyboards, saxophone, a little electric guitar, wind instruments ... mmm .... Beauty and yummy. Main Title One picture is worth. It is a pleasure to listen to.
10 of 10
Chic film perfectly passed the test of time. It looked adoringly, his look with adoration and it will look adoringly. For these pictures are rare. One of the best paintings of the genre, providing a huge positive charge, relaxation, fun and other things. By viewing not only recommended, but also required ...

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