"Overboard" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In his time in Hollywood, and not only there came a great many films that somehow raise the issue of amnesia and the fact that a young man, a girl or a man in years desperately trying to remember something, and who he was, well, or does not attempt to and simply enjoys what life has given him a second chance. But in any case the main "chip" of this kind was the movie that the viewer initially was not aware of a good or a bad man is a hero / picture character and that is why we have also conducted their own independent investigation in the hope of the first to know all the details, so proudly view say: "I have everything figured!" that's just to any rule there are exceptions, and sometimes there are movies that although compliance with all the laws of the genre, but at the same time bring something of their own, so that the stored permanently. And just this film was our guest today. So this is - "Overboard»
I will not engage in a transfusion from a sieve, as many of the people present here this film seen, I hope, and the same is to be someone I would not want to spoil the viewing experience. so pereskachu with a brief summary on the film itself. So, what do we have? Well for starters its name, which conveys the essence of the meaning and the whole plot entirely. Incredible, is not it? Yes, I think, well, and the film is unusual. So, here's the heroine of Goldie Hawn in the film is behind not only literally, but figuratively. It is behind its usual life and out of the comfort zone, which was set up on her private yacht. Joan Staton forced to face the real world with its many problems with people who will not jump on one of her fingers clicking. And it is a kind of second chance to re-learn life, to understand and to understand themselves and who knows, maybe finally be happy?
But is the heroine of Goldie Hawn was "overboard"? Perhaps not. Hero Kurt Russell, Dean Proffit just overboard, because he, in essence, is a big baby, for which his own children fall friends with whom you can have a good time and that will not be something to teach themselves all over learn. Most of his free time in the Dean's bar or bowling with your friend, and as soon as there is any problem that required a prompt decision, it ran. And the hero Kurt Russell as well as character and Goldie Hawn to him, was sure that now she lives and more and it is not necessary. But with the advent of his life, "Miss Proffit," something has changed. Hero Kurt Russell reviewing its priorities in life and become much more responsible and sensitive person, and the metamorphosis takes place so harmoniously that it feels as if Dean Proffit was always such a person. That's what a talented actor and a competent director.
And no, despite such changes and life troubles piled on the head of heroes Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in front of us did not drama. "Overboard" is a sweet romantic comedy with a touch of fairy tale and this becomes especially noticeable when Dean Proffit tells a legend about Katarino and Arturo, two loving hearts, that they could meet only in the bottom of the ocean. There will be strong emotional upheaval, well, except that the heroine of Goldie Hawn, who learns that before the amnesia she was hunched fat woman that night in the water looking for oysters and whose mother was a drunk, and his father - a criminal. That's be honest, it seems to me that the hero Kurt Russell overreacted raskazyvaya all these stories, and even heroine Goldie Hawn and does fit hysterics. There will be no evil-villain prezlye that will make every attempt to discredit happiness heroes. Yes, Staton Joan has a husband, arrogant and not very intelligent man, but as it is not very smart, and the danger as such is not, Rather, the hero Edward Herrmann is a generator of comical situations that pleases. And will miss Berberedzh - stereotypical teacher, he considers himself better than those whom she teaches and throw insulting words to his disciples just because they are something they can not. But it is not so much a problem as another piece of the mosaic that is the new life of the heroine Goldie Hawn.
result? A remarkable film that is able to leave behind the most pleasant experience. He is fascinating, it is not stupid and he's funny. Here starring great actors, each of which put the soul in the image of their heroes. Well, even the music for this film written by Alan Silvestri, the man who is known for his soundtracks for the trilogy "Back to the Future" and "Predator," and it says a lot, does not it? And based on all the above, I can safely recommend this film as the people at heart are romantics, and those who are not particularly fond of movies like zharnra, everyone will benefit in this movie something of their own.
9 of 10
PS And Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn still lovely couple that stage in life. And I hope that one day will be released another film in which these great actors play a duet.

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