"Overboard" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

We did not think so himself, in an empty room, but did not want there to swim away somewhere for a hundred seas, nor without whom, by yacht, even donated or left as a legacy? It would not be a voyage of protest or solitary action in defense of the social level of the population or the environment. Easy journey without time duration, without the final destination of your stay, with a small supply of food, or without any technical and plastic trinkets, with the universal wardrobe. You would not have to exercise restraint, you were ready to go to great lengths just to anything drastically changed. Dry, windless weather and beige sky overhead, where you are about? How starved Robinson in the early days, you look out for the next swinging objects that you could, if anything, to call for help. But there are none, then you are already very far away, and not rely on other people's interference in your plans. Fiddling with nodes near a rusty mast, find the photo, it is not clear how to declare here. Inspect it and find the image of strangers in their jackets, in the center between them sits a sad lady with a gold ring on the ring finger. In contrast to the surrounding major gentlemen with overfed bellies, this lady with her slim figure, it seems, does not want to fit into their circle of honor, and if turned away from them with a sense of personal contempt. You remember that somewhere already seen such a mistress, maybe even, it's one of your nearest relatives. .. Yes, no, nothing, overlooked photos in the ship, left, can, by the former owners. And saddened even more than this woman, throw the card into an open expanse of water, and she does not sink, all gazes at you with annoyance.
'Who am I?' - you think. 'What is it I am to all; I guess I therefore set out, that's all. .. all are not satisfied, and mad with ease. And that, with such a prospect I can become carrion for the wild animals, and will rot in the depths of the sea, never having tasted of the last aircraft gifts. I have no family and I with anybody do not already know, I was fired from my job, I'm bankrupt - and what I dive into this fascinating journey? It would be better overboard without a life buoy! I will not scream, he'll go, I'll be myself. Overboard!' But changed his mind and continued to oversee the direction of the floating boats.
Sure to choose between the material and the spiritual, it is necessary to know that it will not have a great price. Of course, to establish valuable personal life, it is generally the initial goal of every mature person. With a simple point of view, the matter is referred director Garry Marshall comedy melodrama, though much more clearly showing that might entail neglect of the first interpreters of the rules of family education. In home furnishing atmosphere cohesive played youthful excitement and active Occupation substantially passive audio falsehood, no fettering a word, ill-conceived audio items, but a significant percentage yumornoy reaction progressing semantic notes and romantic modulations intrudes place all negative factors. I saw this picture twice, and received a positive share of fun. While this is the best film of Garry Marshall, and, I believe, is the sign for him.
single father, cheerful plumber with inflated body inimitable Kurt Russell undergoes various changes, leaving the native children in the care of nurses, earning repair and corrective work . His officers mood never fails him, and in this situation he was rescued at any acute saying, thrown by someone from the outside, at any tempting idea, voiced this morning on TV, in any view, facing it. This is an example of the persistent Pope, a husband and a good friend in combination - keep it up, old man, Kurt! Bogachka with arrogance and rude text bosom, fashionable Goldie Hawn is reconciled with his unusual position and struggling with aggression, which still prevails. Her new hull forced to abandon any whim, to play the role even more difficult - to become necessary for someone to man, with what she copes very quickly. What is not supported her greedy and lazy husband Edward Herrmann, who often carries with these roles, something for which condemned the mother that loved one group suddenly become repugnant to another. This new phase of life on the other side of the smart deck, jump into a new future, that it was difficult to imagine. And it brilliantly combined the screen (and real) husband and wife together - blonde Goldie and Kurt athlete. Immensely impressed butler Andrew his resourceful episodic comicality.
Everything here is simple, clear and brilliant in every detail, wonderful script, music, scenery, costumes, direction itself. Not just a classic 80s, but also a joyful hymn of fun and spiritual well-being, which is now very short of people living today.
changed his mind even slightly, you decide to go back, but as soon as he turned his head and falls in love to notice a torn sailor suit, which looks at you in the face. You scream it: "Who are you? '. She answered, 'The one whom you despised. " You think to yourself, 'Oh, skuperdyayka, where have you been for so long, which sailed for so long?'. And you know who was looking for all my life actually ...
9 out of 10

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