"Overboard" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Symbiosis, as I recall from school - a mutually beneficial cooperation among the various species. Well, for example, forced to voluntarily cooperate ants and aphids. Catch ants and aphids ... let her ... no, not what you think ... let her 'milk'. Aphids gives them a sweet selection, and it does a thorough 'roof' of Kripen'ka ant strokes. Of course, the aphids to the ant itself is not, and ants in the aphids do not fall in love. And if you fall in love, there is nothing they will still not work - too different in their way of life: from the plebeians, ants, hard workers and simpletons, and pampered by aphids, which constantly need to be protected
Joanna Steyton - natural aphid.. Nor benefit from it no, no joy. She lives in inexcusable wealth, married to a rich and nasty 'descendant of an ancient family ", well, looks and behaves according to a condition, ie. E. Looks luxurious, model, and behaves arrogantly, defiantly, selfish in the extreme. Not earning in life or the dollar is not doing anything useful, rolling in clover, she misses and amuses constantly showering insults all around, believing that it all must have simply for the fact that she was such a beauty exists in the world . Confident in their limitless power, a rich, eccentric, bitchy tyrant of high society
Dean Proffit -. Natural ant. He lives somehow, never having learned the death of his wife to keep house. In his house a mess, his four children are reminiscent of Genghis Khan's cavalry, and he was a carpenter by day, to earn some money, and in the evenings, as an ordinary bachelor, fun with friends, sipping a beer at the bowling alley. He rarely changes clothes, prepares and leads the truck so shabby that it would not have sat down and Ethiopian prostitute.
They are from different worlds, from different societies. They would never meet and never would have found something to say to each other, because they despise each other. For her, it - potnyuchy carpenter who is not worthy to live longer because they do not know what shoe locker should be made of cedar, instead of oak. It is for him - a spoiled bitch who did not know life problems. And it so happened that our ant by chance had to shelter at the aphids, which, once in the labor re-education camps called 'family Proffit', quickly mastered survival skills 'leggings Bay'. Symbiosis has turned out not only mutually beneficial, but also developed into a true love.
Always a pleasure to review the good old movies, especially such as the 'Overboard'. First, everything is already known, and are not expecting anything special, devote more time to the actors, story, atmosphere. Second, this film is really 'Stay' and very simple, but positive, so you put the disc is already looking forward to a pleasant feeling of comfort, smiles and romance that will not leave the whole movie. And, thirdly, it is a movie I just love, it seems to me that in the United States this sweet comedy like much less than ours - although the 80's it was very popular everywhere
Garry Marshall -. A real expert on romantic comedies. One of the most famous bands of the genre - 'Pretty Woman' - also his handiwork. And, in general, all of his films are similar, but always good. This film is divided roughly into 3 equal parts: 1) Introduction, where we are introduced to the characters, and understand how these people are different, and are able to laugh at their continuous insults; 2) Re-where all that we have been shown in a purely negative form, receives the first comic delineation, and then completely disappears under the influence of different circumstances; 3) Idyll, where we will taste the delights of well-deserved happy ending and inject a little romance.
All three parts are great. I must say that Marshall was generally very precisely manages to select the ratio of the sitcom and melodrama with one another does not prevent. The film does not turn any series of gags, no stream of pink snot, remaining and sweet, and kind, and funny, and adults, and family. Even the usual 'family' morale at the end of the film and the moral message that "with sweet - a paradise and in a tent ', and' all is not gold that glitters', do not look here nor stupid nor alien. Filed easily and unobtrusively, it becomes something to take for granted - after so many adventures the characters are obliged to find happiness
idea to 're-education', of course, is not new!. In the case of the heroine Hawn we see something like 'A Christmas Carol', where Murray has gradually turned from potsa into a good person. But we have also shown the reverse process: overgrown child turns into a man, aware of its responsibility
But it would be just words, if not for the wonderful duo Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, whereby a film and then, and now looks great. . Amusing and contrast turned a couple.
Goldie Hawn plays a cool, always and everywhere. And it is especially delightful in the role of a bitch! And here from her bitch turned Incredible! This negative image, gradually turning into a positive one, was worthy of great talent Hawn. Since its first appearance in a luxurious socialite, to the conversion of a bewildered and not remembering aunt, before becoming a housewife, a caring mummy, 'provincial', and then completely in a gentle, loving husband - all played superbly. Indeed, Hawn - one of the best comedy actress. It alternately hate, adore it in this role.
Unlike his talented wife, Kurt Russell had never walked in my favorites. The talent he loses her much, but 'potnyuchego carpenter' played well. Charm, spontaneity, a childish enthusiasm, which were necessary for this role, in Russell fully present. And the fact that a couple of 'real', that is, in love with life, for some reason, the film and adds interest and pepper in this story believe unconditionally. The pair turned out awesome. Represent other actors in these roles just do not want.
I will not say that it is a masterpiece of the genre, but the 'survival' and 'competitiveness' of the old tape is very high. As much as it is banal sounds - now so do not take off and achieve a fine and pleasant blend of romantic melodrama and family comedies have failed to do in every film, even though the genre is very, very popular. To me, this film is just like a hell of a lot of years: he's cute, kind, funny, sentimental, warm, sincere, easy, nice, cozy. With a fine actor. For some reason, this film comes each time a sense of celebration. And it is difficult not to fall in love. Really worth the film I still put 10/10 because for so many years, every time he is able to cheer me up!
10 of 10

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