Our planet has a memory Essay

Our planet has a memory and if it could describe how it felt it would read something like this….

A beautiful, complex woman with a mixture of feelings and emotions. She is sometimes happy or sad. Tends to be so worried about her health. She is the provider of life, however the people that are in her life do not take care of her. World War Two is an example of her facing bad memories. The democracy is one of her good memories.

She was so traumatized by the damage that had been caused. So many of her people were dying. Her tears were all over the place. It was like the flow of a river. When the plates the earth cause an earthquake, it makes her very angry. The terrible bombs are killing her people, plants and animals. At that time",she felt as if the world was coming to an end. She still has some of her scars from most of her previous wars that she has experienced.

World War Two did not affect her at all. There was rain pouring down from the sky.The grass was back to the way it was at first.The stars were brighter than ever before. The flowers were so colorful, it showed a sign of happiness. Her people were all free. Apartheid was not a problem in her life anymore. Her earthquakes stopped erupting with uncontrollable anger. The whole world was finally at peace. Before the South African democracy, people of the other races were treated badly. Whites were like royalty until the day when Nelson Mandela decided that all people should be treated fairly and equally. He went to jail and fought for our rights. He did not regret bringing happiness to the country.

Earth has her own natural features that make her so beautiful, the plants and animals around her. She is the only planet in our solar system that has a large amount of liquid water. She is known as the “blue planet” because of all the water inside her. But unfortunately she is made sad by the people around her as they are not taking good care of her while she’s providing them with resources necessary for life.These resources include water, air, minerals etc.

She keeps on wondering why people would fight and kill each other in massive wars, especially during World War Two.. She does not appreciate it when we pollute on her. She only has one dream which is to see people living together in harmony and at the same time, celebrating their diversity. She is the provider of life.Her only dream is to see people living together in harmony and at the same time, celebrating their diversity. She only shows her happiness when she sees that the people living in her life are loving one another and taking care of each other.She is the provider of life.

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