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I can not be objective. I sold the latter the cheap - for a woman who never reciprocate. Let this time she plays well. Brilliantly. But gathered in a fist remnants of common sense, I still try to look at the "other" through the prism of a tempting name Nicole Kidman.
There is a category of films throughout the timing, the mansion and the surrounding area, walks, as a rule, a woman or a child. Wanders herself, experiencing, shudders. Pours from the speakers disturbing music, and at the door, feels that something lurked. But it does not seem to scare jumping out from behind his back - the lot of amateurs. It is not fear, but a reflex. And, of course, the secret is stored in this horrible atmosphere. Which I do not always want to learn. It's better unsaid, rather than shock. Especially for those who like to see something before going to bed. And even if seen in the cinema in the middle of the day, the light then appears suspicious ... well, as you know the phrase "darkest before dawn?" Such films include, for example, "Shelter", which had a hand maestro Guillermo del Toro. These two works have much in common, since "Spanish roots" and ending with a final twist of varying degrees of severity. But art is art, and tear-stained face to frighten Nicole Kidman - this is too much, it's inhuman. Such women should be forced to shed tears! Yes, without such actresses in cinema he would have lost the lion's share of its charm. And now I will stop pretending that apart from my Nicole more than anything there is, and move on to the analysis.
To be honest, I do not know whether to call this decision a graceful or incredibly cheap. In children, Grace (Nicole goes any name, be it even Virginia Woolf), a rare disease: xeroderma - intolerance to sunlight. And there is no electricity, because the war and the Germans something there so shut off. As a consequence, most of the scenes take place immersed in semi-darkness, illuminated only melancholic fireplace or dim light. And yet, that children do not hurt themselves, there is a golden rule: "No door can not be opened until the close of the previous." The atmosphere is quaint and tension permeates every frame of the movie, like the threads Moir. Easy madness, in which sometimes breaks Grace, migraine and honoring the Bible, reinforced by the strange behavior of children, especially daughters, gives additional charm is happening. Under what is happening, I mean the film attempts to provide a heart attack. It is always nice to say: "But my heart attack on the conscience of most Nicole Kidman!". However, the heart that does not help.
The rest, like "Doubt", the other wonderful actress Meryl Streep, posing in front of our chamber, which is sufficient to four walls, a few people and many words ... words, leading, one way or another, a new look at the situation. Although, if the pole, which sticks out pumpkin, suddenly broke off, and she now contemplates her holes worms, can we say that it has changed the world? "So the same pumpkin" - is sure to declare someone. Of course, but people have their poles over with which they have no control.
describe further twists and turns does not make sense. Otherwise, come what Grace the whole movie goes from door to door, calling out to God, says about her husband, who had gone to the front, he tells the children that he loves them and more and more imbued with the enchanting magic of paranoia. Occasionally communicates with the servants, and always relying on the creator, trying to sound steel lady ... even armed with a shotgun. As if she already suspects about ...
While viewing may get the impression that you are - any stringed instrument. Let it be a harp, for romance. And someone's skillful, but anxious and tense fingers play a strange melody that like and want to listen, but that's somehow ... creepy. And suddenly the monster still jump? Or maybe this just want to believe? After all, this fear disappeared with his departure. Whatever it was, if you like the suspense you like - when careless rustle generated by its own foot, can contribute to the bitten lip - the film will take its rightful place in your memory directory under the heading "Suggest to friends comedy." And if not - will still look. In a world often does not have much joy to miss the glowing torch of humanity and a perfect game for at least a beautiful woman.
8 out of 10

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