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As the growing anxiety the night!
Quiet, cold and dark.
conscience torments, life is busy.
on the moon look no urine Through the frosty window
Alexander Blok
nightfall secluded mansion transformed. Annoying creaking floorboards, heard noises and moaning, howling wind in the windows themselves open the door, extinguished the oil lamps. White lips whisper a prayer, but tsepeneyuschee consciousness feels that God does not help here ... Sound familiar, right? Haunted houses alike. Especially the feeling of helplessness when confronted with the enemy, passing through doors and windows. The representations (mostly, of course ridiculous) about disembodied spirits and poltergeists through folklore so ingrained that they confidently tells the little girl. With a mocking grin. If they do, they say, not in white sheets and rattling chains, then it will not ghosts, and nothing to be afraid of them. Common fantasies of a young inhabitant of the manor, who lives with his mother, a devout Catholic and always frightened younger brother, nodded knowingly to many. But certainly not a director who has made a name in the stories shocking insight to the loss of the usual "I". According to Alejandro Amenabar living are feared dead, in the same way as those -. Living
Runaround withered leaves circling the lawn. Early morning silent gulls descended from heaven fog, and time slowed progress. The past has ceased to be something distant and forever lost. Old photo album with terrible cards depicting dead in serene poses, as if trying to communicate something the hostess, but she does not hear. She had just passed in the service of the mysterious trio, whose views would be amiss to medieval engravings "terrible news." The owner of the estate, whose husband disappeared at the front, and the children suffer from photophobia rare, dare to think not, that her feelings are now misleading, as a silhouette in the thick gloom. Cut off from the outside world people turn into creatures with bare reflectors receptors, allowing Amenabar start confusing game. Taking gothic basis, it adjusts the sound to her grief - becoming more and more searing by the minute. "Other" - reel of film with surprisingly fragile line between familiar world and the kingdom of shadows. Lighthouses Spanish director uses like usual (sprinkled with foliage graves near the house), but the culmination of a dizzying worthy Kubrick connected with Shyamalan, and her unique film.
bounds. "Others" are not entirely the author's project. The picture is not as experimental and puffy as the same "Saint Ange" Pascal Laugier. Amenabar works in line with the modern horror, but does so in an amicable way pretentious, cutting off long-standing dogma and claiming its own genre. The plot of the film is characteristic of the horror of the sixties, but the ending makes rethink all the tape and take it to the mystique. To talk about the film without revealing the main intrigue is difficult, but the merit of the director and a splash of emotions, situational becoming allies or enemies of the heroine Kidman. Description Nicole balances of the "last survivor" to a hidden maniac with half a dozen skeletons in the closet. The noble posture Australian actress gave convexity in a complicated way, which concentrates all the doers of hell, even though the environment has made a contribution. Mature maid mannerisms and hidden treachery similar to the servant of Satan Mrs. Baylock of "Omen", and as part of their dismal group pumps alarm pohlesche natural vagaries and interventions of unknown forces frustrate curtains. Ragged story with such artists begins to seem necessary datum.
During the main part of the timing in the film there is no music, but when silence is broken piercing writing symphonies of Amenabar, eerie charm hard to resist. And whether it is necessary? "Others" a breath of life-giving nectar in the genre for a long time going through a difficult times. Rather primitive pugalok director deftly plays strained nerves, awakens interest in the afterlife, and makes one believe in the existence of an immortal soul, do not leave the body shell. Literally five minutes in the film appears a father and leaves a lasting impression. He mentions the war - more significant than long standoff allied with Nazi Germany. It's the age-old argument of skepticism and merciless reality, to understand that sooner or later all. Man dole notices that his duty, thus emphasizing the relativity of all of the traditional life.
What is life if not a reflection of myself in someone and someone else's memories? And it is important to know, how the observed memory? Post-mortem photos, veil for the first communion, crooked gravestones - symbols can be arbitrary. The dead are only afraid of one thing - that they forget about the living, and a reminder about the incorrectness of this is devoted to painting. Pessimistic in establishing the truth - not an assistant, convinced Amenabar. As with the Christian faith, it is no accident so many in the film blasphemous remarks. But there is another mainstay besides religion. She - in proclaiming the mutual affection with those who once lit a candle in the center. Grave does not stop anything, but only displays the relationship to another level. The denial of this necessity leads to loss of self in the mist, and the recognition - to the redemptive tears and the attainment of the long-awaited peace. He really beautiful.

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