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- Where have you been all these years
-? There. I searched his house.
Finally I turned up a film that wants to be called a masterpiece in the genre of mystery! . «Other» - this is a real gem among Gothic films about haunted houses Nothing similar can not remember the first time I see a movie about the other world, captured with this point of view. This film director, screenwriter and composer Alejandro Amenábar deserve my unconditional respect, and now you can safely take on browsing the rest of his work!
Probably, it is very difficult to bring something new to the genre, which is operated with From time immemorial, but Amenabar succeeded. Very good, well thought out script, in which nothing is superfluous and every phrase contains a hint of a clue what is happening. Happens in the movie is not so much the events, but to call them common language does not turn. The mystery seems, lies in the fact that someone from the old mansion's inhabitants had died long ago, but the question of who will torture you until the end of the movie.
director does not even attempt to hide from us that the house and its inhabitants something is not right. Children are afraid of the world and believe that their mother lost her mind, her mother called the children dreamers, but she is afraid of something, the trio gardener nurse-maid look quite ordinary in the background of its pull is enough mistress, but when left alone, begin with one another lead a very strange dialogue. Suddenly, her husband returned from the war quite different from the inhabitants of our world, and talk about the day, make it clear that the house was something terrible. In addition to all the house ghosts roam: they play the piano, moved furniture, open locked doors and pushing the curtains to let light into the house
In the film there is no scene that can sicken ., there are used methods based on the effect of surprise, we did not show any corpses or skeletons buried in the basement, no bloody ghosts popping out of the corner. The film was made without the use of any special effects, and voltage is injected only at the expense to create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense : the fog enveloping the house, twilight, prevails in the rooms, the very atmosphere of the old mansion, with its locked doors, curtained windows and an empty room. Here Grace rises to the pantry to find, finally, one who wanders through her house and prevent its inhabitants live in peace ... But what she finds there? Only sheets covered with a furniture. However, with what skill shot this scene! So did not seem directed by a superb camera work and intense music manages to catch the viewer so much fear, many will not cause any clogged with corpses basement. Hitchcock would have been pleased, bravo Amenabar! Perhaps the worst thing that is in the house - this is the book of the dead, but it quickly burned
film is definitely worth seeing all lovers of good suspense.. This is not horror, as stated in the description of the film, it's a quality shot at a very high level of mystical thriller. Next to him even «The Sixth Sense" Shyamalan and "The Shining" Kubrick (for me personally) look Hollywood crafts, shot only to scare the viewer. No corpses swinging on ropes and waves of blood, fill the corridors, can not be compared to me with a scratch rotten steps, howling wind in the downpipes, the strange play of light and shadow and shrouded in a mysterious mansion mist.
However, in action lovers entertainment, the film is likely to cause boredom and regret the time spent. I watched the "Others" in the company of her husband, who always ran to the kitchen for pies and notoriously missed the entire movie, badly tarnished my viewing pleasure. So that the film is "Other" still is not for everyone and watch it better alone.
About the acting game. Nicole Kidman (Grace) first appears in the film a little out of place, at the same time it is very spoils the Russian dubbed translation (which is awful), so the film is best viewed from the original voice acting. Gradually get used to the heroine Kidman, and against the background of the events in the house of her game ceases to seem unnatural, and it created the image of Grace - too eccentric. Probably, the main role in the film, she got no chance, because it is produced by Tom Cruise, her now ex-husband. By the way, along with the "other» Tom Cruise also produced (and starred in the title role in the film) «Vanilla Sky" - a remake of the film Amenebara "Open eyes » . Moreover, and "Others" and "Vanilla Sky" were released in the same year.
rest of the actors involved in the film, little known (the fans will be able to learn except that Christopher Eccleston , but the role he's got a very small). However, their roles, they coped well (especially want to highlight the Alakina Mann , which played Grace's daughter), however, in order to better assess their game film you need to look all the same in the original (without dubbing).
in my opinion, "other" is in vain compared with "the Sixth sense" and Amenabar accused of plagiarism. these films are very different, and overall they have very little . At the time, "The Sixth Sense" has made me very sluggish impression reconsider his desire does not arise, and when there was still a decade later, the viewing experience is not much changed. "The Sixth Sense" - pure Hollywood hack, with Hollywood actors, Hollywood-level games and Hollywood productions, filmed the director of Indian origin, who, judging by the comments, after the "Sixth Sense" is nothing new to the cinema not privnos, and each of his follow-up project turned out to be a failure previous. «Other» is - is a purely European cinema (Nicole Kidman does not count), captured by a very talented director who writes not only scripts but also music to their films. ghost World, he was able to show the way it still has not been demonstrated, as the ending of the film for a long time will knock you off track and is likely to cause the desire to revise it again.
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