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Foreskin. Towels. Centipede. Lights in the shape of the ears.
It was only a dream. Just a nightmare - I comforted myself, even though he knew it was in vain. This dream is no ordinary nightmare, and a harbinger of something more, unidentified. I have several years of nightmares with similar stories. Ever since I moved with my family in this accursed house, I lost my mind. Still, it was necessary to listen to Madeleine, and not to settle near the cemetery.
I looked at the clock. Sixth floor. This means that I slept for 3 hours. Apparently, I was very tired, just so long razlozhivalsya in bed. But today is a very important thing - a director comes to pick up nature for her new film. His name is like Alejandro Amnebar and he became interested in our old gloomy mansion. But my heart feels wrong.
first thing I went to check on his wife and children there. Madeline and Alice, too, got up early and have preened for the arrival of guests. To my question, "Where I am Damien?" His wife answered the question "What is Damien?" She's a little crazy, does not even notice his own son. Daughter went to her mother. Also he does not recognize his brother and also silent birth. And she already
7. Finally came the long-awaited doorbell. It will be opened it, I reached out guest and stretch a smile said, "Henry Blake, very happy", and received the answer "by Alejandro Amenabar, mutually" I just wanted to say that are already familiar, since he contacted me via ... But how I learned of his arrival, I forgot. We have no phone, no address, nearest town 2 hours drive through the marshes. In the meditations I spent new acquaintance to the living. . This strange type Amnebar
«I'm going to shoot a film about ghosts - he started right off the bat - and looking for that perfect house, fully conveys the feeling of horror, darkness and hopelessness. What I have seen, I think the best one, but I would like to see all the rooms. It is desirable that you have shown me together with my family. You have such a beautiful wife and a daughter. »He did not mention
about Damien. From this we can conclude that either he does not consider it a great or too does not notice. In any case, I found it strange that for the house tour, he wanted to bring the whole family. I knew that he could not give what he wants. Therefore, it would not be detrimental to pull more time, asking, for example, the essence of the film. Here Amnebar, began to mumble something, not knowing what to say. He said reluctantly, wary drawl, but still was able to compose something acceptable. It was clear that he was lying, but lying so skillfully that it is impossible to accuse him of.
I knew that the boy is not who he claims to be, I realized that Amnebar here with a single purpose, and that purpose not to make a film. What then? I promised myself to get to the truth. We were to a long talk and tough game in intellectual chess.
All of my questions, he was evasive and absurd. Any nonsense excuses universal phrase "It's a movie," But to each his replica, where almost every second was a lie, it becomes clear who he really is. After a long conversation, when all was ready, in order to fake the director was not mate, but at least check, I was suddenly interrupted by Damien whispering voice, "Dad, I see dead people." Amnebar, for nearly two hours of conversation already drooped suddenly perked up. "We have been talking for a long time. Why do not we find out that so frightened of your son and do not walk around the house "because I was so close to victory.
three of us went upstairs, where we waited for Madeleine. She said that Alice soon will do. Then it will be possible to show the guest house. That bastard is clearly up to something. I could not allow him to carry out his plan, therefore, decided on a knight's move. "As long as my daughter is not reached, can you put here in live time the scene of your movie. For example, the interchange with the gun? "He did not expect this. It was evident he was ready to flare drop his mask, but again, not in time came a daughter. Villain, when he saw that all the assembly showed its true face, but I lost it
«Great. All my wealth and glory in all three of you, my dear. For several years I worked in the same office, which chases hapless human souls. I've already written a thesis, but only recently has opened my eyes to how you need to work. I, you see, there is a theory, and you have to say it helped me to confirm. The fact that all people are the same, are ready to believe any lie, if you tell them that it's good. To convince them of the correctness of my just enough of something memorable, but only slightly. Talk to people monosyllabic sentences and then washed down the steep ending. And when they are at the mercy of lies and mismanagement of pretense, it is possible to apply to them anything. They will no longer subject myself, but I'm taking possession of them. You do not know what I'm talking about, but it is not so important. Mr. Blake, your wife and daughter - only the fruit of your imagination, the image saved from the time they both died. And my son Damien was a spy. I must bring criminals to the afterlife. These are the rules »
I could not believe it. I navol gun that clutched at the moment in the hands on Amnebara. He laughed and said that I am against it still powerless. Quite arbitrarily hand with a revolver turned towards Madeleine. If she is a ghost, you should not feel pain, but the image of a lifeless kept saying "it is not necessary." Bach. Red blood ran down her white velvet clothes. I stood and watched as the pale Madeleine's body falls to the floor. Can not be. I turned again to the gun Amnebaru. Now he was scared to death, and waving his arms. Bach. Blood. Damien. Bach. Blood. "Who is the ghost?" - like a herd of horses escaped from my lungs. With these words, I brought his gun to his temple. Bach. Where is the blood? Maybe it was a flash in the pan, but why do I feel so bad. I am weak. I'm dying. Alice bent over my nearly lifeless body and said, "Do not worry, Dad, I'll always be with you." In me there are still the strength to utter a tear and whisper loudly:
«I do not believe you, damn Amenábar"

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