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Discuss about the Organizational Governance and Leadership Power and Influence.



The management team is the second eye of any company/ organization. In the ESCI (Emotional Intelligence) Situational Leadership Questionnaires the following questions were raised regarding management as key to running a successful company: What are the role of the management team? What are the key responsibilities of the management team towards employees? What are the essential duties of the management team in a company? And what are the importance of having a strong management team? This research was done with intentions to offer students, experienced executives, new managers and aspiring manager’s knowledge of how an effective management team can boost the performance of employees and increase success in production performance. A scenario was created where students formed groups to argue out the duties, functions and importance of the management team in a company/ organization. All the ideas in this essay were collected to quench the enthusiasms of students, to knowing the operational function of an effective management team in a company. In the research paper below, were are going to analyze a self-analysis reflection, a literature review of roles and functions of the management team and conduct a future study of skills needed by the management team to run a successful business.


On December 11th, 2016, my colleagues and I went to catch up at the Bridgeview Hotel for a business meeting. We had booked one week of accommodation in the hotel and paid for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to cater for our visit of one week. We enjoyed our visit to the Bridgeview Hotel. The staff team gave us high-quality services, and I would recommend anyone to visit that place to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere they offer to their guests. Everything well as we had planned, however, on the last day of our visit to the hotel, we developed issues with the administration block.

The room attendant woke me up with a notice that I had exhausted my accommodation for stay at the hotel. I explained to her that we had one more day to complete our stay vacation at Bridgeview Hotel, but she persisted that their records indicated that personally, I had exhausted the number of days issued for my accommodation in their system. I did not panic because I was pretty sure that our company had sponsored us for with one-week full accommodation in the hotel. I contacted my colleagues to ask them if they were facing the same problem as me, but most of them had not incurred that challenge yet. I communicated to the room attendant, to give me time to make a follow-up with the General Manager regarding that issue. I recorded her name in my notebook and went to the General Manager’s office to report that issue.

I knew well that since I was the first one to be affected by that issue, my colleagues were yet to be bugged with a similar issue. Since I was the team leader of our colleagues, I made that step to solving out that issue. Luckily, when I entered into the General Managers office, I found him on his desk. I explained to him my current situation, and he took a step to find out where the error occurred. I accompanied him to the finance department where they made investigations regarding payment they received from our company and related it to my issue. The manager found out that we had made all our payments, however, the clerk entered incorrect details in the company’s system. Instead of entering seven days of accommodation, he recorded six days. That’s where the error developed.

By that time, my team was at the coffee shop trying to get their breakfast, but they were declined to get access to food because the system of the company indicated that their accommodation in the hotel had expired. They called me when I was the manager at the reception and the manager told me to communicate to them and tell them to have a seat the issue was being sorted out. The manager instructed the receptionist to adjust our stay in the hotel with one extra day, and he apologized for that inconvenience. Ones the correction was made, the manager accompanied me to the coffee shop and communicated to the waiters to serve us with breakfast. The manager also communicated to the Chef in the Kitchen department to offer our team a buffet of lunch on his bill as compensation for that incident. Since it was our last day in Bridgeview Hotel and we had cleared all out meetings, we had fun all day in the place of interacting and enjoying the services the place had to offer us.

From the scenario above, we can see that the general manager has power and influence to command things and they happen in a company/ organization. The management team also organizes and ensure that all activities within a given workstation run smoothly. This fact is achieved by an initial step where the managers step out to recruit best employees who can handle specific tasks allocated to them by supervisors. The management team has the mandate to command things, and they happen within a company/ organization without asking anyone for help. The management team uses their power and authority to improve process and quality of production within a company by giving orders employees to meet consumer’s needs. The management team is expected to be in a position to solve all the problems that arise in a company/ organization professionally without involving a third party.

Literature Review

Some major functions of the management team that increases the success in productivity of a company/ organization are Managers; Set objectives/ goals at work, Organizes tasks, manage resources, establish a target, develop people, improve process and quality, offer self-development, Motivate and communicate effectively to employees.

It is the responsibility of the management team to set weekly, monthly and annual objectives for a company or institution. By setting objectives to employees, the management team has more chances to meet the company’s targets and goals. This strategy helps to improve the productivity of performance from employees. Setting organization objectives for employees gives them the direction of what to expect regarding production goals established by the managers.

Motivation and communication are another factors that the management team embraces with a lot of passion. This fact is the key role of the management team. Communication is the key towards running a successful company. “The manager excesses his power and influence by communicating to their team and directing them towards satisfying customer needs.” (My Top Business Ideas, 2013).

The ESCI (Emotional Intelligence) Situational Leadership Questionnaires also elaborates why the management team should deploy the right individuals at work. By choosing the right people to work in any department, the management team will spend little time and money in the training of potential employees. Choosing the right people to do a specific job at work not only increase the productivity within the company but also creates an opportunity for future development and innovation within a specific department at work. Individuals with the right skills to perform duties assigned to their job description are better off in identifying possible problems and solutions at their workstation.

A good management team knows how to manage the company/ organization's resources. Proper management of resources in any company/ organization enables the management and production team to cut the cost of buying excessive raw product/ services at work. This fact can be achieved through embracing good structural and organization planning. Proper resource management enables employers to ensure that employees do not waste resources or over spend the company’s infrastructure.

The management team in any business will ensure that all process operates smoothly without major breakdown at work. A good management team also ensures that planning and utilization of resources within the company/ organization is effective. An effective management team gives a business credibility and great cooperate reputation. Challenges arising within the company and organization are also handled professionally with the aid of a good management team. The management team can exercise their Power, Influence, Visibility, Credibility and Self-confidence when addressing the following issues within a company/ organization:

  • Raising Capital
  • Taking advantage of existing/ new opportunities
  • Strategic business advancement
  • Rapid growth and expansion
  • Leadership development
  • Business Leverage
  • Strategic inventive thinking
  • Analytical problem-solving

Raising capital

The management team knows all the operational procedures of a firm/ company. The managerial team thus knows all the requirements needed to enhance productivity within a given company/ firm. The management team works in hand with the finance department to plan for expenditure and cost of to run a business. The moment the managers have all details of what is expected from the administration to make production effective it is easier for the management team to exercise their power in raising funds to run production within a company/ organization. The administration department of any company relies on credibility/ visibility of the management team to get all details required to create success in their business. Ones they have data for operational costs, it is easier to address the chairman to raise capital for production cost in a company/ organization.

Taking advantage of existing/ new opportunities

The management team is the eye of any business. The management team exercises its power by coordinating with a team of directors within a company/ organization to know the available opportunities within every department. Ones the management team identifies business opportunities within the company/ organization, the management team exercises its power to empower its employees to work on any departmental innovations introduced in a company/ organization. In any instance when the management team discusses work progress by directors and realizes that there are challenges affecting growth and development within any department, it is the obligation for the management team to discuss a possible solution to solve problems incurred at work. If there is a loophole to create a new business opportunity to address any challenge faced at work, the management team has the power to create new work opportunity and deploy an extra casual or employee to tackle any challenge faced in any department.

Strategic business advancement

Strategic business advancement creates an opportunity for businesses to grow from inside. It also plays a prominent role to strengthen the bottom line of businesses. Strategic business adjustments can be achieved through embracing appropriate staff motivation schedule, employee performance, and operational excellence strategies. The management team is expected to use their visibility and intellectual ability to research and initiate strategic business ideas that will increase the productivity of employees at their workstations. Any success in business relies on adoption of effective strategic business innovation plan towards meeting organizational goal and target.

Rapid growth and expansion

According to (Haywards & Associates, 2011), “A good management team has its ears and eyes open towards any growth and expansion ideas.” By recruiting intelligent staffs in every department, the managerial team has better opportunities to getting innovative ideas from employees regarding growth and expansion towards increasing productivity of the company/ organization. Managers are expected to exercise their power to enable by enabling employees to contribute to seminars and discussions regarding any developmental ideas they feel that can be effective in their department to improve productivity and performance of employees. A good work environment enables employees to express their point of interest regarding the operational requirement toward achieving departmental goals and target. This idea projects a business towards achieving exponential growth and expansion of productivity of opportunities within the company/ organization.

Leadership development

“Leadership development can be practiced within or by recruiting new staff into a business” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016). The most effective leadership development goals can be achieved through appraisals of existing employees. Existing employees have high learning ability within a firm because they know all the operational procedures embraced within the system of the company. The managerial team should identify hard working/ intelligent employees who have high-performance abilities. One’s a future leader is identified in any department, it is the responsibility of the management team to work in hand with supervisors to nature and train them towards becoming a successor to another leader. A succession plan is a key strategic plan towards enabling longevity of any business.

Business Leverage

The key towards achieving the most out of business is to offer business leverages to employees. A good management team can filter out candidates applying for jobs in their firm/ organization and recruit the most intelligent potential employees to their system. Having a team of intelligent employees will enable the management team to be in a better position to manage their resources professionally. Business leverages within any department in a company/ organization projects the company to the improvement of production and adjustment in the quality of services at work.

Analytical problem-solving

Effective critical problem solving in a firm enables the company to survive the recession. When there is a drought in the market, analytical problem-solving strategies enables the company to survive the fierce market. Analytical strategic solving also have a significant influence towards solving issues arising from work. The managerial team plays a significant role in analyzing and coming up with problem-solving strategies at work. When the company/ firm is facing an internal/ external challenge that might affect the productivity of employees, the manager can use their power to enable employees brainstorm on possible solutions to addressing any problem they incur at work. This fact can be achieved when they organize meetings, find out challenges that employees face at work and address any issue raised professionally by exercising their power to solve queries.


From the discussion above, we have learned the role of the management team towards companies/ organizations, responsibilities of the management team towards addressing needs of employees, essential duties, and the importance of having a strong management team in any business or organization. A clear overview of managerial function in a company towards achieving goals and production targets have also been elaborated in details.

Thus, we can provide summaries that the management team is a key department that creates success within companies and organization. It is essential for new business/ small business owners to build a strong management team as their business is growing. Experience matters in creating success in a company/ firm. As a business is growing, it is important to nature intelligent employees with talent and train them to become better organization leaders. This simple fact helps to create a legacy regarding running a successful business for a long term. Some companies that are doing well as a result of having a good management team includes Nestle, Mc Donald’s holdings, Wal-Mar, Cadbury, etc. Lastly, we have also learned that creating a team of intelligent employees will improve the overall performance of productivity and utilization of the company’s resources. The managerial team should, therefore, exercise power in critical thinking while conducting interviews to recruit new staff in the company by only deploying competitive employees in the system.

A recommended action plan for students to undertake in the next six moths is visiting a well reputable company and study how the management team carries on their daily activity to create excellence in employee performance and productivity. Students can arrange with their lecturer for an outdoor learning service to witness how the points discussed above are implemented practically in well-established business. Other than the information discussed in the essay above, students are also expected to do their personal research about effective managerial activities embraced by managers who run the most successful business globally. More information regarding the topic of study can be retrieved from the school library, online and in journals. According to the research done on the ESCI (Emotional Intelligence) Situational Leadership Questionnaires, students came to a conclusion at the end of the study to find out that the main function of the management team is to make a company/organization productive.


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