Organizational Design And Change: Business Environment Essay


Discuss about the Organizational Design and Change for Business Environment.


Description of an Optimistic View for the Business Environment

Scaling up and promotion of new business is considered as the optimistic view of the business environment. This is because the top executives cannot treat the two organizations equally although the organization A will try its best to remain in stable of profitability. This disruptive business is considered as one of the main source of future growth (Babatunde and Adebisi 2012). If everything goes in the way, they are planned then the organization B must also receive an enhanced amount of corporate share as well as attention from different executives. This type of transformation is quite hard to pull off so the management of the organization tries its best for putting up a new business stage while talking about the mission and vision of other companies. These entire factors are very much helpful for flourishing a business and Desert News is in a stronger position today (Gilbert, Eyring and Foster 2012). All this aspect would help the company in turning itself as a national resource for the audience that is targeted.

Deseret News in Five Years Time

The future of Dessert News is fully dependent on its operation. The organization is led by print executive who have the knowledge about the print. The company wants another executive who believes that print is dead and the organization needs digital support for its development. Presently the organization is in stronger position. It needs digital commitments for publishing the various viable long-term position of the Deseret News (Gilbert, Eyring and Foster 2012). Print products are subscribed by 150,000 people but the number of people who visited each month is around 3 million. The company flourished itself and in the coming future it will turn itself into a national resource for the audience that are targeted.

Description of Pessimistic View of the Business Environment

Establishment of leadership is considered as one of the pessimistic view of business environment. This is because it is one of the steps, which is very much open to abuse. Many executives as well as senior experts complete the assignment on a part-time basis (Welford 2013). Authority from the highest level is required as the capabilities of exchange helps in allocating resources. This means that the business is led by just few people of the organization, which includes the CEO, who is considered as the leader of core transformation as well as the leader of disruptive business. For example, the exchange of Deseret News is managed by the Gilbert and lee. Leadership is considered as a disadvantage for the business as it is not a productive activity (LiPuma Newbert and Doh, 2013). It is very much necessary to make sure what the employees are dog along with spending time leading and instructing workers. It is analyzed that leading and instructing employees is not much beneficial for flourishing the business of the organization.


The article discusses the creation of exchange team, which will be helpful in flourishing the business. Traditionally, everyone thinks about the way the resources were shared but in the capabilities, exchanges the responsibilities are divided into various teams (Botha Kourie and Snyman 2014).The leader of the teams assigns work for each member of the tem so that the resources are located very easily. The Deseret team consists of various features of print editor various search engine optimization manager and many more.

This feature is very much useful as groups can be formed or dissolved at any time with minimal impact on various operations. The lines of authority help in ensuring that the resources are really found when they are required.


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