Organizational Change Management: Fragmented International Legal Environment Essay


Organizational Change Management: Fragmented International Legal Environment.



The Blue Marina is a family owned restaurant which is established in the heart of the city, at a shopping mall’s ground floor. It is an Italian restaurant which serves nice dishes against affordable prices. The restaurant attracts people because of its easy access to the customers, simple dishes which are not so much complicated by their names and for good approaches. The Blue Marina has the accommodation of hundred (100) people with the essence of fast-food and nicely decorated. The service of the organization is very fast as they serve the orders within fifteen (15) minutes even at the peak hours also, this thing helps the organization to fulfill the customer satisfaction as well as the sales target in a daily basis. There are forty (40) workers in the Blue Marina restaurant, twenty (20) of them are the permanent employee and rest of them are part time worker who presents at the busy weekends. From the last few months, the organization is facing a communication gap among the employee, customer and management. Kitchen staffs are being unable to serve the dishes within the allocated time, so the customers are repulsing the restaurant as they have to wait much time, and they find other options for their appetite. So there are some requirements of changing the management of the organization.

Required changes for the development of the organization

Now a day the Blue Marina restaurant is facing trouble in the service towards the customers(Allen and Wilburn). The organization has a good reputation among the people of the city, and the reputation is being reduced for the problems and issues it is facing (Senior and Fleming 2006). The profit margins are going downwards, and the customers of the new generation are refusing the restaurant as they are giving an idle service to them. Once the waiting time of the customers is fifteen (15) minutes now, it has come at the edge of one and a half hours. These things should be changed for the good wish of the organization. Until and unless the organization is changing its policy it has to face the above issues of lack of profit, reduction of business in the market and loss of the gained reputation. Now the manager has taken a decision of handing over the business to his son, Marcello. Right now Marcello wants the organization to change some of their policies in the market (Burrow and Kleindl 2012). And the way he wants to change the business management of the Blue Marina restaurant is the better and developed way to reach the customer satisfaction which is the main priority of the organization.

Internal and external analysis

Internal analysis

The organization has to improve its internal communication among them which is like the employees who are providing the dishes and the kitchen staffs who are preparing the food; an internal understanding between them is much needed for the satisfaction of the customer. The understanding between the management and the employee who are working is also very much important (Smith and Mounter 2005). The management has to appoint more workers for providing the service to the customers.

External analysis

The external analysis is included with the economic condition of the organization. The organization has a well-known reputation among the people of the city, and the profit level has a high reach. But now a day the organization is falling from the economic side and for the first times, it is facing the loss in the market which is not acceptable for the management of the organization, the Blue Marina (Cadle et al. 2014). The external communication is also very important for the organization as the understanding between the employee, and the customer has to be very smooth, and the service to the customer should be very fast.

PEST analysis

Pest analysis is the political, economic condition, social impact and technological analysis of the organization. This kind of analysis is very important for the external analysis of the organization.

SWOT analysis

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats are combined in the SWOT analysis. In this section, those above mentioned points are analyzed on the aspect of the organization.

Analysis of the change of the organization

The Blue Marina restaurant needs a huge change in their organization. After all the mess up in the economic section, Blue Marina has decided to make some changes in the restaurant. Their primary objective is to make a change in the system. They are just planning it to make a chain restaurant. A radius of 5 miles has been selected on the north side of the city to extend the market of the restaurant as well as a fair amount of money will be spent to reconstruct the existing one (Steele 2008). Also, they have the idea in their mind that the new branches will serve a different menu including the facility of the bar which will attract a fair number of people who have different taste. In the field of employment, they are planning to include 60 more employees in a proper way (England 2007). They want to go through every single part of interviews and after everything; they will recruit the most deserving person as their employee. The communication, in this case, will also be a fact to be taken care of. The communication among the employees as well as the communication among the supplier and the authorities is there to be watched for (Bove?Ѓe and Thill 2000). Last but not the least Blue Marina will seek opportunities to make potential partners to join promotional alliances (Dogan 2010). They also have the social facts in their mind where they are planning to contribute to the community project to turn the name of the restaurant into a brand.

Critical examination of the employee reaction towards the development

Before taking any decision regarding any organization, one has to be alert all the time about the employees and their decisions should also get the priority accordingly (Noe 2008). There are different kinds of employees in any organization who live their life depending on the remuneration given to them. So the higher authority may have the power to change the environment of any organization but the fact of the employees’ condition must be in their head all the time (Williams and Williams 2007). Making organizational profit and satisfying the employees in the same time, should be the main objective of every organization.

Here in this case the employees of the restaurant have given some positive feedback as well as some negative feedbacks is there to be seen. One-half of the employees have shown their interest for the idea Of Marcello. They have mentioned it as one of the most effective business strategies in the history of Blue Marina. They have thought it in this way because it is clear to them that this strategy will lead the restaurant to the profit of near about 15% in the next five years. This overwhelming response of the owners of Blue Marina has encouraged Marcello big time whereas the others have expressed their point of view in a different way.

Evaluation of reaction

This has become the matter of concern for Marcello where he has found himself in a very weird situation. He still doesn’t know the exact way to make all the changes without taking any risk. The employees, who have faith in the market condition and also upon Marcello’s strategy, will give their vote for Marcello’s strategy (Peter Kuchinke 2012). But the other employees are yet to be familiar with the market condition as they are just the waiters or the other staffs. They don’t have a single idea about strategies and plans; they are just here to work in the internal environment of the restaurant (Althunayan,2009). Their job is to serve the people in the best polite manner. Blue Marina is a restaurant who has been giving the service for quite a long time. In this long time, many employees have worked for the restaurant. All of them have different point of views towards the marketing environment. Therefore they have different criteria where the matter of a huge change in the restaurant occurs. Thus it is quite clear that the examination of the employee reactions is as much important as any other aspects. thus companies like Blue Marina should always follow these mentioned factors for the betterment of the organization as a whole.

Recommendation and implementation

Being one of the most renowned and well-settled organization, the Blue Marina is enough concerned with their business policies and strategies. Although they also have some problems and drawbacks as any other organizations which they need to modify or change for the ultimate betterment of their organization. For example, they have to look after their human resource management as well the recruitment procedure of the organization. The management of the company must appoint a better human resource manager who has appropriate knowledge on the job as well as a great selection capability (Noe 2006). After the recruitment process, they have to be more concerned with their training procedures. They have to provide an efficient and dedicated trainer to train the new candidates. If there is any issue with the training process the organization, here, the Blue Marina restaurant would never be able to increase their profit. Being a well-settled restaurant, the Blue Marina has to maintain a very nice and pleasant communication with their customers. That means this is another point in which they have to pay more attention. If the communication between the employees and the customers are not good, the company would not be able to satisfy their customers who will be harmful to them (Jung and Yoo 2016). All these mentioned issues and their preventions go for the internal aspect of the specified organization which is the Blue Marina restaurant. Instead of these aspects, there are also some other external aspects that also need some modifications and change such as a better environment as well as potential competitor analysis. The Blue Marina restaurant has to perform a better and comparatively more strong and reliable SWOT and PEST analysis. These procedures will help them to identify the strengths, weaknesses and other important aspects of the development of the organization. Other than there are also some internal aspects that the chosen company should be concerned of. The management of the company has to be more attentive in appointing new employees; similarly they have to pay attention to all the basic requirements of the employees of the company. If the employee of the organization is not satisfied with the provided facilities by the management, it will cause disobedience among them which will obviously harm the organization as a whole. Thus to remove these kinds of issues the management must have better HR managers, who have more knowledge on the type of the work. This will help the company to increase their amount of profit (Burbano 2014). These are the main factors that the chosen company must look after and should maintain their business strategies as mentioned above in order to make their organization more successful and profitable. The company needs to improve its communication system among the authority, management, employee and customer (Change management 2007). The communication between management and authority should be smooth and polite, as the management also can give that same look like behavior to the employee.


To conclude the essay it must be admitted that the Blue Marina restaurant is one of the most maintained and strong restaurants and that is obviously for a reason. As mentioned above in the report they have successfully maintained all the key aspects which are the soul of any business such as the external analysis, SWOT analysis, environmental analysis and also the internal factors like the production process, employee performance, performance of the management of the organization and many others. Other than these they have also performed a successful rival organization analysis. All these processes have been beneficial for them in the process of making the organization developed and more successful. One of the key facilities which they are providing to their customers is the pricing of their food items. They offer food to their customers with a very affordable price, which leads to more profit for the organization as a whole. The main purpose of any organization is to attract as much customer are possible, and the Blue Marina is doing this with such ease since few decades. Thus to end the report it is clear from the above-mentioned issues, their solution and other aspects that the Blue Marina company has managed to run their organization as well as their business by following all the key rules and regulations of marketing and business.


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