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Major sports events comprise of a very vast process. It includes different dimension in it. The economic legacies of major sports events are critical to their sustainability as money is considered as the jack of all trades. The process involved in sports management are planning, organizing, controlling, managing etc. The whole system of the business of the world run through money and sports events are also held and organized to earn money by entertaining the people in the form of audience. Sports are a very good source of entertainment for people across the globe and it brings different people on the same platform to enjoy the event together. There are various types of sports all over the globe like football, cricket, hockey, tennis etc and the most followed sports is soccer. However, when we talk of the largest sports events, we come to the Olympics. The Olympics is the largest Sports event in the world and it has tremendous cultural, social and economic importance. As such, the host country and the event organizers are deeply related to the event in a major way.

The complexity and importance of designing and delivering major sports events in a sustainable manner

The main challenge of designing and delivering a major sports event such as the Olympics is faced when an organization or even the host country organizes it for the first time (Baker, & Esherick, 2013). The event has to be designed, fabricated, constructed but the main task is to operate the event. All the strategies and plans are done before hand before executing the events. The main problem lies in the complexity of the event as with vast event comes to a large amount of work and it becomes difficult to manage the workflow as it is quite difficult to choose which task should be executed foremost and it is very necessary to execute the work step by step as it makes the work systematic and keeps a record of each work which has been executed one after the other. The organizer who organizes a sports management follows a lot of program management process to delegate the task. The task includes building infrastructure like hotels for players, making playgrounds, providing transport facilities to foreign delegates, preparing different types of events for different sports in a case of Olympics and also managing food and water supply for the event (Bill, 2009). Also hiring event management companies to organize a program or function before starting the sports event. The security reason is also a very important aspect in organizing sports management and for that, a specific company is being hired to manage the security of players as the security company hires bouncers for the event. The other complexities include government permission in terms of police affirmation, municipal corporation confirmation, and fire brigade permission also but all in a limited and minimum amount of cost so that the event could sustain and give maximum profit to the organizers. The Olympics are of a huge scale and as a result, these things are seen to occur in a magnified manner in this case.

The impacts and implications on stakeholder groups and the importance of incorporating stakeholders in event planning processes

The stakeholders are very important in respect of organizing a sporting event in economic basis. The stakes in the Olympics are usually high and there are a lot of willing stakeholders in this case. The Olympics are such an event that the stakeholders would readily be a part of as they expect huge returns. They are the main source of providing or investing money in the project of sports event so they should be given the most importance while organizing a event and they should be updated with the information of the current situation of the event i.e. what is the status of the event, challenges of the event, financial crisis if occurs. If the managing procedure and achieving process are on a correct track then the stakeholders are in support of the organizers as they will get an assurance that their money invested in the event will provide profits which they aimed to earn while investing or else vice versa (Buehler, & Nufer, 2014). The interaction with the stakeholders should be handled with care in an effective manner and also in right manner this will aid in emergencies when there will be finance crisis then the stakeholders could provide more money by seeing the genuine work that’s why the impact of stakeholders are so high in organizing an event and also the stakeholders should be incorporated so that their identity is legal and the chance of fraud is eliminated (Funk, n.d.). The incorporation is also needed to maintain a record of the whole process as everything should be there in written document with the signature of the stakeholders on it and also of the organizers in respect to the norms and regulations made by the company’s law or government laws. The stakeholders should get due importance and care from the organizers as they are the main source of finance for the event. The stakeholders should be given the rights to exercise their decisions and also should have the right to an opinion in organizing and managing the sports event.

The value of major sports events to their host community

The Olympics are usually hosted by a host country that has a lot depending on the success of the event. To organize an event especially Olympics, the sense of key factors or terms should be kept in mind as the important or key factors play a major role in successful of the event. In organizing an event the hosting should be good i.e. the organizers should hire a good host who has good communication skills to interact with the crowd interestingly and should also possess clear and sound voice so that the people listening to their host understand and the language also be common for the crowd and organizing function like dance programmed to increase the interest of public in the event and also inviting celebrities so that the audience associate with the event by following their role models in form of celebrities (Girginov, 2014). If the correct evaluation of event is made in advance then the organizers could get good sponsorship and deals of marketing as this will increase the buzz of the event more. The success also depends on the systematic approach i.e. delegation of duties to different employees in accordance with their specialized skills i.e. an electrician should be given work to install electric items, an engineer should be given work of an engineer, an operational manager should be assigned for operations and a management person should be assigned with managing the event (Hoye, Smith, Nicholson, & Stewart, 2015). The communication medium should also be good to make aware to the people about the event through promoting and advertising in television, radio, social media, and newspaper to connect with the people. The development of legacy plays a vital role in sports event as it provides various benefit to the event. To develop a better sports event the officers of various heads should be prudent in evaluating the workflow. In tournaments or Olympic games various event have various specialized heads which make the event get executed well.The legacy aid in bringing the participation of local people into the games through awareness and also it leads to their inclusion in the sporting event as they develop the interest in the game (Javier, Alfonso, & Luis, 2015). The various bodies included in developing the sports event are the development agency, permission from government offices, Recreation trust association, corporation body, and skill development council. The objectives of the association are to build the active participation of adult people. The information about the background should be provided to the youngster so that they should get the entire knowledge of the event. The national governing body will aid young children to move from their school level sports to domestic level and from domestic level to state and international level as they will create awareness program in the school and colleges (Jordan, 2011). The development body also aims in providing different types of facilities to the players so that they could horn their skills and play more effectively in sports event by building good playgrounds for Olympic games, cricket ground, and football ground and also making badminton and tennis court and all this will require investment from the investors. Also, the involvement of local investors will aid the needy and poor people to play and pursue their dreams who are willing to play for their countries and with the help of local sports corporation, it will be easier to extract raw talents from remote areas. The development should also take place in school as school is the best platform to promote games (Karas, 2005). The school management should include sports in it so that various students could get motivated towards sports and they form inclination towards sports and participate in sports competition organized by sports federation. It also makes the student built their career in sports as sports are very interesting areas to built career and it also includes fame and money which makes a person highly successful in life (Westerbeek, 2006). Also, the quality of sports could get enhanced if the high quality of sports equipment provided to players and also the building of sports center in different part of the qualities will have a good check in the interest of the public in sports.

The ISO20121 is a standard for the sustainable management system for events like the sports event. It allows the enterprise to maximize the management process of events by taking into account the sustainable of the event (Thornton, Champion, & Ruddell, 2012). The standard is applicable to large events like football and cricket tournaments, Olympic Games which took place after every four years and it is the biggest event in the sports as it consists of various events in it and is a very vast process to manage (Local Development Benefits from Staging Global Events, 2008). The standard is also applicable to business conferences, product promotion event and also to social events. This standard helps in maintaining the economic reform of the event by having a check in waste management, reducing carbon pollution emission, crafting the stakeholder's programs, target oriented and optimizing the potential of a supply chain. The standard helps in improving the business standards and enhances sustainability with the limited budget.

The issues which are related to economic legacies of the major sports event are very much. Large events like football and cricket world cup or Olympic face a lot of barriers economically because it is difficult to estimate the economic benefit from the event as the evaluation of the profit are overstated (Masterman, 2014). To evaluate the advantage we should not only take into account the employment and production process which comes from building the infrastructure and the ticket sold to the viewers. The speculation about tourism is also not certain because it is difficult to guess how much people could turn into for the sports event and also the opportunity cost is also a matter i.e. whether the money should be spent for sports purpose or for another purpose the answer is difficult to make out.

The negative impacts of sports event are that the event that the city is hosting gets overcrowded due to tourism as foreign people visit the city for the sports event, it has an adverse effect on the local community as they get displaced, crime rate increases as different culture of people visit the city and some are loafer types, deforestation took place to build infrastructure for sports and also for roads and railways facilities, the air and noise pollution increase with increase in vehicles in the city by the tourist (Swayne, & Dodds, 2011).

The positive impact is that it increases economic impacts for the hosting city. There is also increase in GDP of the country as the demand for domestic goods increases, the tourist uses different hotels to stay and buys food from a restaurant and purchase commodities from shops this brings revenue into the economy (Parent, Parent, & Chappelet, 2015). The tangible impact is the building of infrastructure with beautiful hotels and intangible legacies are foreign investment and getting high sponsorship from big brands across the globe to the sports event and the significance of all these points are directly related to the economic structure as all these features include money factor in it and this all deliver a successful event and after the post-event it makes the event famous and also the sponsor gets benefited as their sales get increase and also the people develop more interest in the sports.

The issues which are raised in above text impact a lot in the sustainability of the major sports event as these issues decide the fate of the sustainability of the sports events (Staging international sporting events. Vol. 1., 2001). If the problems occur most and the solution is not figured out then it will lead to the failure of the sports events but if the strategy is prudent then it will make the event success.

Recommendations and conclusion

The problems with stakeholders could be best handled while producing the best outcomes for the stakeholders is to develop a good relationship with the stakeholders by the organizers. The interaction and communication should be sound and their queries and issues should be attended well with full attention (Supovitz, 2005). The participation of stakeholders is also important in sports event as they form the basis of the event and their needs and requirement should be assisted well by providing those best facilities. The financial stakeholders should be given assurance of the success of the event by showing them the plan and strategy for the entire sports event and they should be assured that their business should flourish after the event with the sponsorship they provide and their banners should be reflected well when the event took place.

The conclusion we could make out from the topic is that everything revolves around the money and this all activity took place to earn money to sustain in the world’s business and money makes money and also entertainment is also required for a happy life and sports event provides entertainment the best to its viewers as it contains a lot of enjoying activity. The key arguments are that the environment should not be exploited for organizing the sporting event and everyone should participate in the sports event as it is a vital part of our lives.


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