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delivering a certain kind of products or services to the clients. When described in its simplest form hen a business process could also be thought as a set of activities and tasks that once completed will achieve all sorts of organizational goals defined for a firm.

Process Analysis is described as a step by step breakdown of the phases of the process. This element is used to convey the inputs, outputs, and operations that take place during each phase. A firm can use each of its process analysis to have a good understanding of how the process operates and to specifically determine the loopholes that could be rectified in order to improve the efficiency of the process. If a firm has developed a number of tools through which it can effectively analyze that whether its processes are being executed in a planned manner, then it automatically possess a capability to predict its future success rates and the strategies that are to be adopted to achieve them.

Overview of the Organization

The organization that has been chosen here is Harvey’s. It is a fast food restaurant chain that operates in Canada. The chain serves a number of food items like hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, onion rings and other traditional fast foods. According to the researchers, it is the second largest Canadian-established restaurant chain in Canada after Tim Hortons. Since February 2015, the firm has entered into a partnership with Scene. For over 50 years, the Harvey’s has been owned and administered by the Canadians and the firm has adopted a number of strategies to satiate the taste buds of millions of people in Canada and even across the globe (Harvey, 2016).

Introduction to the process

To reach out for a maximum of the customers, any leading food chain has to establish a number of promotional strategies that are unique and are able to capture the minds of the food lovers. As the competition in the food industry is increasing at a great speed, hence, the varying promotional strategies can only give an edge over the others in the market. The promotional strategies vary from company to company and is basically designed keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the target audience with the firm. Harvey’s has always believed to amalgamate innovation with its promotion strategies and has always succeeded in targeting the right consumers with right schemes.

The process map

A process map for promotion of different food items of the restaurant contains a number of nodes or steps. Proper application of resources and orderly execution of each step is quite necessary for the success of the processes undertaken to achieve various goals of the firm (Weebly, 2016). A process map is basically a visual diagram of the process that involves a number of steps and is able to convey the exact idea of the process to the viewers. Such maps basically aid the managers with a comprehensive overview of a process so that the drawbacks and loopholes are identified at an earlier stage. These maps could also be used by the executives of the firms to communicate the basic idea of the process to the subordinates and even identify the strong points of the process that could be used as a competitive advantage against the organizations of the same genre competing in the markets (Hose, 2016).

Below is the step by step process map of the promotion process of the organization taken under consideration:

(Sonnenshein, 2015)

Sign Up for Success: This step calls for the generation of a number of outdoor and in-house signs, menu boards and in-house advertising. The firm could also print out a number of menus for its takeaway customers to make them aware of the inclusion of new recipes in the menu and even about the upcoming discounts. This step can generate an astonishing amount of profits for the firm and even will connect more and more customers to the restaurant (Brunico Communications Ltd., 2014).

Getting the Website Ready: In order to reach customers present in the remote markets, the firm can also establish its own website. This step should be made as the first priority of the firm because almost all the best marketing ideas depend upon the presence of a good website that could provide a good anchor to these ideas.

Defining and prioritizing the goals: If a firm succeeds in establishing, prioritizing and communicating the exact goals of the firm as well as of the process being taken into consideration, then it becomes easy for it to achieve them in a given time frame. Before deciding its promotion strategies, the firm should be aware of its target consumers and in what ways will it reach them. The identification of the ideal customers also helps the firm to align its promotional strategies with its current functional strategies.

Optimization of the firm’s online presence: The firm could also strengthen its existence by claiming its listings in local directories and restaurant review sites. The firm could get its menu online through its own website or through a third-party provider. Apart from websites, the firm could also launch its app for a number of Smartphone users (Ingram, 2016).

Use of Multiple Advertising and Promotional Channels: There has to be a presence of an effective action plan to market successfully. The current marketing channels could be tested and if suited then can be applied accordingly. A huge proportion of the budget could be allocated to internet promotion while the remaining could be employed to traditional advertising channels like newspapers, directory, radio, television, billboard ads, etc.

Use of Social Media Platforms: The firm could join a number of social media platforms to incorporate a number of reformations in its current cuisine. Through these platforms, the firm could also analyze the changing demands and tastes of the target markets and then adopt reformations in its menu accordingly. The social sites like Twitter and Facebook could also be used to attract consumers towards the prevailing scheme of the restaurants.

Communication, Interaction and Engagement: Direct Communication is yet another tool which could be effectively used to communicate with the current consumers and the potential ones. The company could hire a number of people who are simply appointed to hear and redress the complaints of the customers and provide them the best possible solutions for the same. Apart from this, the firm could also organize a number of events and contests to engage with its customers and build a strong relation with them (Sonnenshein, 2015).

Monitoring the web: If the firm is promoting its goods and service on an online platform, then it becomes crucially important to monitor the company’s progress online. There are a number of instances when the competitors damage the reputation of the firm on an online platform. In such a case, the firm executives and the employees should be mentally and strategically prepared to handle the pressure. Monitoring the web is the best way to prevent surprises and capitalize on marketing opportunities.

Differentiating the Restaurant: The firm could include a number of unique ingredients in its recipe so that it can be differentiated from the other in the same race. Apart from having different ingredients the firm could also alter the point-of-view of its customers towards its recipes.

Sharing the Process: The success stories of the firm could be shared with the customers so that they feel more attached to the restaurant. Not only the stories, but the cooking and baking process could also be shared so that the customers have no doubt in the cooking abilities of the chefs of the restaurants. Behind the scene stories and photos are the best way to reveal the restaurant’s internal processes without disclosing the actual unique strategies of the firm.

Promoting the Brand: The brand name and its promotion contain the concept of the firm, its mission statement, its goals, seasonal menus, differing cuisines, social involvement of the firm, etc. The restaurant business is not only about the food but also the way in which it is served. Hence, the firm could look out for a number of online and traditional platforms to promote its brand. In order to deliver a consistent message to its customers, the firm could effectively use its specific logos and colors, audience-appropriate words and advertising platforms to promote the brand name.

Evaluation of the current performance of the process

To analyze the current performance of the promotion process, there are five performance objectives which form an enhance basis of this analysis. These objectives are as follows:

  • Cost: The costs of formation and application of a number of promotion strategies range from medium to high depending upon the types of communication tools the firm uses to target its consumers. As already mentioned, for effective results, 80% of the allotted budget is to be employed in internet promotion while the other in traditional ones. The executives can adopt a number of ways to cut the costs in times of economic turmoil. Hence, if the promotion process requires a good amount then it also promises to return a huge profit to the firm by acquiring a huge customer basis (Clarke, 2014).
  • Quality: The good quality of the promotion strategies could be judged by a fact that Harvey’s stands in the second position among all the leading food brands in Canada. The people are quite satisfied with its services and more and more people are becoming its part every day. This is all because of the effective promotion strategies adopted by the firm.
  • Speed: The Company introduces a number of reformations in its promotion strategies and takes all its related decisions in a quick time. This helps the firm to save the time for other important activities. The speed of formation and execution of new promotion strategies is quite high and acts as a good competitive advantage for the firm over the others in the same race.
  • Dependability: As promotion forms a crucial element of any leading firm, hence the firm is highly dependent on this process. If the company fails to deliver the best services in this promotion area, then there are chances that it may lag behind in the race (Martin, 2013).
  • Flexibility: The success of any process is determined by how it gets adapted to the changing environment. The promotion process changes according to the needs of the people and the target market kept under consideration.

Use of Process design and analysis tools to evaluate the process




The volume-variety ratio is neither high nor low because the firm is providing a variety of new promotional strategies and in an equal volume, i.e. all the strategies are given equal importance and at the same time all types of strategies are able to capture a good customer base

Process Layout

The locations being targeted while implementing these processes are the exclusive stores of Harvey’s as major of the food services are delivered through them.

Process Technology

The process technology is quite new as it involves the incorporation of the online platforms (Ukessays Team, 2015). Although a huge portion of the budget is to be invested in this, yet it may bring out a good profit for the firm.

Job Design

As the Volume-variety ratio is quite balanced, hence the process does not demand a lot of the people. The job design suits the process in a good manner.


After the analysis of all the five performance factors and other process design and analysis tools there are a number of recommendations for the promotion process of Harvey’s:

  • As the firm has kept aside 80% of the proposed budget for promotional activities for online promotion it might prove risky in times of economic turmoil. Hence, the firm could lower this percent and could focus on other channels of communication too.
  • To meet the changing demands of the customers the firm has to evaluate the technologies involved in the process timely and adopt a number of reformations wherever possible.
  • As promotion process is a pivotal element that determines the success rates of the firm, hence the firm needs to evaluate this process on a regular basis and include innovative ideas to be in compliance with the needs of the customers.
  • The promotion process is designed to target a wide range of target markets. In order to reach other remote customers, Harvey’s will have to give more preference to the traditional channels of communication over the online platforms of communications. However, this trend can be vice versa when it comes to target the ones that are well versed with the internet culture.
  • As the cost of implementing the promotion process is quite high, hence the firm could direct the flow of resources and profits towards this area as if the products and services are promoted in a better manner then there are sure chances of increment in the revenues and profits of the firm.
  • The analysis of the process is quite necessary. This gives the firm an opportunity to find out new possible options that could be incorporated in the process so that at the end of the process a certain kind of favorable results are obtained.


The business process is crucial and needs to be analyzed at every step. The analysis of the process allows the executives to evaluate the flaws occurring within the process and adopt the best solutions to resolve them. There are a number of factors that influences the formation and execution of the process in a firm. The firm could also look for various tools and performance objectives to analyze the process and evaluate it whether it is being directed in the right direction or not. Promotion is the perfect process to invest and if the firm is able to arrange for all possible resources to accelerate the formation and execution of a number of new and innovative promotion strategies then the initiation of such process should not much time. Moreover, it is the responsibility of both the executives and subordinates to reach out for a maximum of the customers through promotion strategies.


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