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Fact Sheet:

Quick Facts Sheet 1:

  • Hate Crime and Extremism Investigative Team Founded in 2003 (4)


To offer expertized assistance to the significant police departments regarding the subjects correlated to terrorism, hatred crime and criminal radicalism.


  • Increase consciousness and responsiveness regarding hate crimes among the community in Waterloo.
  • To report them with the help of a campaign engaging the public relations, social and digital media.


  • Fifteen diverse police services
  • One civilian analyst to assist

Work Procedure:

  • Collecting data from online sources relate to hatred, radicalism and terrorism among Ontario and also globally.
  • Analyzing and monitoring the data accordingly.


Fund for Hate, Crime and Extremism gets generated by Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Highlighted Issue:

According to the report of 2016, Waterloo Region was being acknowledged as the fifth maximum in Ontario when the hate crime takes an account. This is to be mentioned that ratings of reported hate crimes decreased in comparison with the report of 2015. However it is still not clear if the crime rate has been decreased or there is a reduction of hate crimes in the report.


The race, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity significantly are being significantly found as the motivators of hate and crime in multiple number of cases (8).


HCEI is targeting the pupils of secondary school students in the initial stage (5). You may agree that the young people of this age has a spontaneous tendency to go to significant extend in order to satisfy their quests. However they are not enough mature to analyze particular information. They just quickly absorb the information they are getting in the first hand. They do not feel the urgency to cross check the information or to consider the other information. Therefore HCEI have found it important to create a consciousness and responsiveness among the particular age of people.

Fact Sheet-2:

The IMC Plan:

This IMC plan comprises multiple methods of the investigation and analysis regarding Hate Crime and Extremism for the benefit of both the community and the global world. The dedicated officials of HCEI aims to create a global based domain over social and digital media in order to collect related to Hate , Crime and Extremism. You may admit the significance of the crimes to get reported in order to examine, evaluate and take steps accordingly to prevent the crimes.

Objective of IMC Plan:

  • Aims to develop trust between the Waterloo community and the Waterloo Regional Police (1).
  • Encourages development and advancement of the collaboration between the communities (7)
  • Engagement utilizing the planned approaches.

Focus of IMC Plan:

  • Initially targeting adolescents and young grownups
  • Reaching the elder population also

Budget Requirement

This campaign will require $1664.02 among the allotted budget of significant $7500. The balance of the specific budget ($6576.98) will be kept for unpredicted charges and the other additional and extensional charges in the significant campaign.

Benefit and Value

This significant campaign is having an important contribution to entire awareness of hate crime in the region during the introduction of original methods to report the number of crimes and train the common people (3).

Inspiring the people to take part in campaign:

HCEI will offer discounts and incentive prizes in order to encourage the number of people to active part in digital campaign. The gifts are comprising 3 premium gift card giveaways to the specific store of the candidates’ choice. Three significant prize card champions will be pronounced each Friday of the 5 specific week prolonged campaign on every social media stations. HCEI will choose Winners randomly from significant platforms (2).

Places to Distribute News Release:

  • CTV Kitchener News
  • CBC News Kitchener-Waterloo
  • The Record
  • 570 News

Media Release:

Canada, April 20, 2018: It is our pleasure to inform you that Waterloo Regional Police and the Hate Crime and Extremism Investigative Team is introducing a campaign #HATELESSKW. This campaign will include the presentations in number of high schools and online digital campaigns. You are cordially invited to cover the series of presentations which will take place from September 5, 2018. This will be a 5 weeks of campaign. HCEI is taking this initiative in order to spread the knowledge regarding the hate and crime among the community. It is to make the people of this community aware of these incidents of hate, crime and extremism and educate them on how to report these sort criminal activities. The presentations will include videos to offer the examples of different sort of hate crime incidents among the community in order to make people familiar with the type of crime within the span of 5 weeks campaign.

The 5 weeks of campaign will focus on:

  • 1st week- incident of crime triggered because of race,
  • 2nd week- incident of crime triggered because sexual orientation
  • 3rd week- incident of crime triggered because of religion and the consequences
  • 4th week- incident of crime triggered because of disability of education
  • 5th week- incident of crime triggered because of age

This videos of crimes will be shown in the five weeks campaign and analysis the incidents, state the local significance and circumstances, analysis the reasons and effects and promote significant social activities in order to prevent such crimes.

An official website of HCEI is available through the WordPress (6). You get significant resources to the incidents related to hatred and crime. This official website is also offering the common people of this community and the international people the facility of anonymous submission of mail or phone number to report the crime incidents. This is a significant effort from HCEI in order to create a crime and hatred free community.

HCEI is a dedicated core team of six people. Among the six there are five police service person and one data analyst. They are dedicated in collecting, monitoring and analyzing data related to hate crime and extremism.

Media Pitch:

To the Editor-in-chief

CTV Kitchener News

Madam/ Sir,

HCEI is taking an initiative to create a safe and non-violent zone by preventing the circumstances and incidents of crime, hatred and extremism. HCEI. I’m often worried by the lack of consciousness regarding crime, hatred and extremism in the contemporary Canadian and International scenario. It is kind request to you to consider this media pitch seriously and help HCEI us to spread the hatred free message all over the world for the welfare of the entire human race.

I would like to write an opinion piece on the collecting, analyzing and executing methods of HCEI in this matter. I’ll argue on why it is necessary to target the teenage people and college goers’ student. I’ll emphasize on the need of social and digital media to spread the message in order to avoid the crime and hatred. It’s no surprise that the teenage people lack rationality. This is why they do not consider but trust the information at the first attempt. However, I would mention why this plan should reach to the adult people also.

I would also mention significant number of real incidents of crime and hate where you find race, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity as the circumstantial motivators of the incidents. I would also attach number of significant prove where the crime incidents have not yet been reported. The eyewitnesses do not take initiatives to report the crime immediately as they have a fear to be attacked or victimized. Therefore, the HCEI has updated their website and helplines with the anonymous submission of email and phone call in order to report the crime.

I’ll also write the report by emphasizing on the defense mechanism on the crime, hate and extremism. It will also be highlighted why this effort of HCEI is important to develop the relation between Waterloo Regional Police and the Waterloo Community.

If my pitch is accepted, I can submit a draft by the end of this month.


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