Online Dog Training Business Program Essay


Discuss about the Online Dog Training Business.



The audience base for an online dog training business will include mainly the people who are associated with the pet in some way or the other. The dog owners of the country will look up the website to find suitable training program for their pets. The bare minimum age for the subscribers is 18 years; this is done because of the payment that has to be made for the subscriptions. The online website will pave way for greater audience to connect with the business and will increase its reach (Nanehkaran 2013). The audience will include those who have the wish to train their dogs for specific dog shows and competitions. The obedience level training and the training for the show dogs make for the most part of the audience in case of such a dog training program. It is often seen that dog owners take help from such training spots in order to get rid of any specific issue that their pet might be suffering from. Australian dog owners will look up the internet and compare the services with the competing organizations that offer the same training services.


For an online dog training program to succeed it is essential for it to make a connection with the consumer base. For this connection to happen it is essential for the business to use the proper channels and gain audience. The business can use the web 2.0 platform to gain the attention and drive in audience. The website needs to have a mobile app because the mobiles are popular for these days and people find it easy to access the domain through them (Hew et al. 2015). The business can be brought ahead with the use of E-books in the online sphere as people will get to know about them and the various issues related to dogs can be discussed in the e-books. The website can have a voice over that will guide the users into the business and provide them knowledge regarding dog training. Email subscriptions from the business to the consumers will make a greater impact on the audience as it will make them feel involved with them. The consumers are to be regularly updated about the business and any offers if initiated. Making use of the internet to the fullest will ensure the best growth for the dog training e-business.


The startup cost shall be high because all the materials that are needed to be generated for the public and to make them aware of the business. Further costs are enhanced as it will be an online business, the cost of the development of the webpage and also separate expense for the mobile app development has to be taken under consideration. The cost for web development can be anything around $5000-6000 (AUD). For the business to gain ground, it will be essential for it to make sure that it reaches out to the people it is targeted for. The advertising costs will be massive in the initial days. From posters and hoardings to social media campaigns and SEO, everything will cost for the company. The cost for advertising will be anything around $18000-20000 (AUD).The sales and marketing department of the business will need financial involvement in the initial days unless the required amount of sales is generated. For the business to take off, it is expected that a lot of money will go into it but once it take a start, the amount can be retrieved from the profits that will be made by the business (Poschke 2013). For the business, costs such as insurance, registration and the HR policies will need funds that will add up to the cost of the business. The total cost for expertise help for the business will be around $10000-12000 (AUD).


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