"Once, twenty years later" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Film Hope for single couples who are on the physiological parameters can not enjoy the joy of motherhood. Film-pride for large families, for them they say, because each such family is reflected in the history of Kruglov. Film memory for those who grew up in such comfort and warmth. Film insulting to followers of contraceptives, abortion, moderate fertility and hatred whether to children, whether such families, wondering how in such situations all you can enjoy anything. If you, my dear audience, I see the filth and abomination of desolation, children, ragged, quarrel, abuse and binge drinking - stomp to Zvyagintsev and enjoy his painting 'Dislike'
Script and tried not to idealize these families, show that. no matter how many children in your family does not appear, everyone will be happy, will not tolerate and will need to wait .. and what do they have to wait? ' Oh yes! wait for the child of another. This is a movie-love, which brings to mind the viewer, youth, school dreams, love, the first steps in a device family, the first baby crying, lit up a smile all around, the film is a reminder that all begins with love, in love, and the children were born and how everything is important is not only to preserve but also to carry through all the vicissitudes of the family.
history of painting to writer Arkady Yining began to read the letter, published in the pages of a newspaper. Mom ten children shared their pain: lack of understanding with which she faced and rude, and most importantly -that no one, not to the cinema, literature, cornfields, did not write the true story of a large family (in truth, and in our time, too). And I, by the nature of volunteer activities, helping provide clothing, footwear, goods of first necessity not only prisoners, terminally ill and disabled families but also large families, are not often heard that once we help mom ninth children ' then there such a mother '.
Inspired Yining idea to send the commission for large families and there he arranged a meeting with mothers-heroines to collect truthful report, and not to screen the film with such pink rosy-cheeked plump babies. In the role of the protagonist Nadenka Kruglova Yining saw only Gundareva, so a script written specifically for her. And in the role of the father as numerous family Yining I saw a good-natured tolstyachka years 40-. And when, after the approval of everyone saw Victor Proskurin, who just knocked 27, surprise there was no limit. And the fact that in six marriages for two had one child, could not but cause concern and torment doubts about credible and sincere games.
to remove 10 children had zadeystovat about 26 children of different ages in the actors, in the course went and children, grandchildren of the crew, who also created the class size, except for the leading roles, played Valentin Smirnitsky Igor Yasulovich, Evgeny Lazarev, Valentina Titova, Olga Gobzeva.
to me this film raises the heat of past years of childhood, youth, school time, issue, hoping dy, with whom I went to the capital, joy, despite the fact that our children (unfortunately only two of us), his beautiful parents under 30, our home still lit, thanks to the love that we give each other.
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