"Once, twenty years later" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Look at 'New Year program', the day of the 8th (last).
Classical Soviet motion picture, which are raised sufficiently serious life issues. The game's story is far from being the best young people who, for forty years. All of them had studied together in the same class. As a result, it was decided to hold a traditional reunion to talk after so many years with those who spent all his childhood. Nadia Kruglov - mother of many children, who have long been trying to understand yourself. And then the meeting must be answered immediately on two crucial questions: 'What are you over the years managed to achieve in life?' and 'What else expect from life? ' . Answers to these questions is not the main character. She looks at his old friends, classmates, and realizes that she is one of the few who have not managed to achieve career and financial success. And it is important, in fact? The film also has an excellent romantic line that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Now not many families who really love children, and mothers who experience the joy of motherhood can not give birth. This film and the road, that it shows the true feelings of parents with many children. This film special power: this bright, clean. And how sincerely and beautifully played by all actors, and even small children. Films now are not removed, about people, about human relations, about feelings and love is beautiful. Thank the director, thank the actors, thanks to the Soviet Union for the peace of the film. Nadia Kruglov is not only mother-heroine, she is amazing The wife and the woman , sensual, kind, bright. This film is one of the best Soviet films.
Mother's joy! What is it? The impressive answer to this question gave Nadia Kruglov by the brilliant Natalia Gundarevoj . This boundless and all-encompassing love of a mother, a state of permanent experiences, sleepless nights, and indescribable happiness. There is no more honorable mission in the world than to be a mother! Beautiful film about the simple human happiness, without hypocrisy, pathos and big words. About simple family happiness, which does not speak, but simply live in joy, love and harmony.
Some would say that the film is' empty of anything. " But I do not agree. This movie is imbued with profound meaning. to show not only the value of motherhood, but also the importance of a father, his role in the creation of the family, the birth of children, taking part in their education, in regard to his wife, not only as to the mother of his children, but also as a woman. It is now in the afternoon with fire you will not find in modern men, 90% of which career, money, and success in the first place, to the detriment of the family and family relationships. Certainly important and advances in science, medicine, economics, needs and builders, pilots, athletes and people of other professions, but the most valuable, is a strong, happy family in which the husband respects his wife, is an example for their children and teaches them good, love, respect . This is more than all the riches in the world. And Victor Proskurin excellently embodied on-screen image of the real father, in every sense of the word.
And you have to see eye Nadi < / i>, when she asked: 'What else do you expect from life?' , responds: - 'I'm waiting for the child' This! the most spectacular moment of the movie. And after the answer to this question, all the Nadine classmates who initially laughed at her and did not understand it, are beginning to rethink their lives. It's unbelievable. Each course their priorities in life, but not all of them are correct, unfortunately.
Good, sincere, touching film about family and family happiness. is highly recommended for viewing the whole family. A masterpiece of Soviet cinema.
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