"Once, twenty years later" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The reunion famous people gathered. So well-known that Soviet television making a documentary about the event. It's amazing such a concentration of successful career development people who have not attained the age of forty. Scientist whose school reduce problem books with kids crazy, avant-garde architect, military sailor, broadcaster, musician, astronomer and, at worst, simply superior. But all of them in unison applaud modest housewife, mother Nadezhda Kruglova tenfold.
Like all artistic painting Land of the Soviets, 'One day, twenty years later' was filmed under the state order. Simple message of the film - no matter what you have achieved in his intense life, the main thing - the creation of a large and friendly cell socialist society - the family. Therefore, numerous Kruglov shown with perfect side. Mother constantly caring for children - cooking, embroidering, discipline goes to parent-teacher conferences. Father - of all trades, never raise the tone to his numerous offspring. And the children one of the other beautiful and intelligent. Even the shuhernoy roughneck among them simply out of kindness takes the peer sins
And the most important obstacle in the family -. It is not the material life (multi-roomed house, the benefits - the state, the rest - with their hands), not domestic and psychological conflicts which are solved with a constant smile. And the attitude of others, to show the truth, in a little exaggerated, form. The store manager is running for a sergeant screeched to confiscate bought Nadia loaves and sneakers, the peers philosophize about the right to walk the dog with a bow instead of kids, the moderator quickly turns shooting a close-up as soon as he realizes that the former mayor is not going to storm the cosmos, .
And so - all right, all the memories - just about the best. Large families have always existed, before more now - less. But whether they did well and safely. Most of the main object in life was considered a bottle breaks without forgetting to get different kinds of benefits, humanitarian assistance and other good - from cars to cubic meters of wood, issued by the services of village councils and executive committees. Under the status. And where there is a green serpent slain parents were not there muzzled endless washing and rocking the next baby's mother was not up to school diaries. Children brought up themselves: senior - middle, middle - junior. And they are not always designed model or played war games.
Society, of course, not struggling with large families. Even supported them, often in words, sometimes - financially. But the majority of the individuals referred to this phenomenon rather negatively. Here you can add and household envy. Why is it with ten children were given five-room house, and I was with my two - bedroom apartment to give no one is going. For summer camps and other resorts mother of many children do not pay anything, the others were getting purses. The French delegation to the mother, who lives in the exhausting circuit work-home-work, are not going to go. Etc., etc., until the seats in the students hostel which one boy received iron in the first place, and the second - not always. Because the number of siblings they have very different.
about all this during the film seems not. Painfully naturally came images of the Madonna of the domestic Natalia Gundarevoj and caring family man, Viktor Proskurin. And the children in the film provoked only good emotions, funny mushrooms. A good and a human picture of silly criticism, especially among the crashing pomoechnye deposits of modern cinema.
only creators promise was destined not to reach the audience. Even the ending, in which the hopes showered with enthusiastic applause, and was even touching but naive. For academics and heads, which became Nadine classmates, she became the heroine of the day. But the day will pass and everything will return back. About Moms profession will speak with an indulgent pride, boy, they say, we Nadya. During the period of melancholy, a couple of times childless counterparts, maybe even cry. But even turn the clock back, no one on this path does not go
Cinema -. It is an illusion. Look for the main characters. Ideal family, but within the screen. And in the life of Natalya Gundarevoj and Viktor Proskurin for two was six legitimate spouses and ... one child. Even those who are the very nature of motherhood Others choose not even a career, whether the stars had little children, not losing in a blaze. Choose childlessness.

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