"Once, twenty years later" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Before you are going to read the contents of this review, I want to note that I am not only against reproductive human life in its absolutized form, and I'm not in any way infringe upon the rights of the individual to choose one or the other way of life. Moreover, it is the ability to make informed choices and makes the human person in one form or another. However, everything that happens in this film, the main character in my life, not amenable to any logic or rational explanation, even from the point of view of cinema omissions. Everything here is so idiotically exaggerated, that at some point you start to doubt the adequacy of the creators of the movie, since they serve such "ideas" to the public in such a light. What exactly is wrong with this film
Let's start with the principal - the idea of ​​the film, which is touted as being "bright and beautiful", but in reality is a nightmare for just about any person. So, in the center of the plot we have a meeting of graduates, which, as always, and there are no such meetings, former classmates talk about their achievements during the past life, share experiences, just sweet talk about important issues with great interest listening to his former comrades. For obvious reasons, all the classmates are completely different stories and reasons to be proud: someone made a discovery, someone became chief, someone invented something, etc. People share their truly worthwhile, practical achievements that truly deserve a reason for pride. And so, at some point, the turn comes up to the main heroine - Hope Kruglov that, when the story of their success, "dipped" in the memories of their youth (and not only) until this reunion (it should be noted that this is a pretty good director's course). From the first it (HS) memories it becomes clear that the main thing in her life is children, which she very much loves and cares for them (and this is absolutely normal). Quite naturally, we continue to show the initial problems faced by parents with two or three children first, and then, as they are difficult to overcome them (and it is also all right things). But here on the creators brought
Seemingly simple question, what do you do if you, the parents. (Mother - uneducated, working only the father), there are two or three children, and you are experiencing the real (social and economic ) problems in raising children? It can focus on their own education and (or) further work to ensure normal children? No, we must continue to bear (produce) more and more offspring to live was even harder and harder to eventually all be reduced to dire consequences for children and for themselves - this is the response of the film. Well, almost gone. The fact that the story of this painting is developing in the sugar-sweet world where, "in spite of all the difficulties and hardships, you can overcome everything, the main thing is not money (mat. State), and children (their number, based on the content of this movie ). " No, of course, financial problems here are also shown quite substantially and objectively, but, sorry, if you consistently save on food, if you do not what to wear their young children if you yourself are constantly largely confined, it may need to stop having children (at least for a while) ?! Seriously, throughout the film, I would like to advise all the main characters (the parents) a good thing called "contraception", which they probably never heard of. In other words, why make yourself suffer, and children, continuing permanently multiplied?
Okay, let's say, such is the lot Kruglovs is their conscious (?) Choice, and only they have the right to choose. Just why this "uncontrolled" reproduction is applied in such a positive light? Why do the authors of this film seriously correlate achieve careerists (classmates), their real success with the "achievements" of Hope, in fact, the presence of reproductive functions of this woman? And this comparison is, as you have understood, in favor of the latter. Why this film is some kind of "light" drama with naive content that "all the difficulties can be overcome," in fact, nothing to do without doing, and even put it as some great accomplishment in life? Why is it not harsh social drama, which shows all the horrors of poverty and misery arising from uncontrolled fertility in average or poor family (if this has happened in a relatively wealthy family, the issues I had not)? Why at the end of the movie when the main character talks about his major achievements, she looks at its ten (or whatever it was?) Children, and her happy face, even though she lived far from an easy life? I understand that this is only a movie, but as happens in the movie, do not happen in real life. And the problem is that the creators say, "No, it happens, and so we encourage you to live like this." I'm not against family values ​​(what is more, I adhere to them), but after watching this film, and that the naive thought that would shove me into the creators of the head, I had a desire to review the motivating labor (mental) activity of "The Wolf of Wall Street "(or something like that) to really like something radically reorient its priorities. Because everything that happens in the film "Once, twenty years later," this trash, meet with whom I do not advise you.
Actually, why did I not been set below the estimate, it is because all the other attributes this movie is in order. And the acting, and the script and the presentation of the material, even music - all performed at a fairly good level. Claims I only to the content.
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